Oh my gosh I just made this and am literally rolling on the floor because it was seriously the best thing I have ever tasted. The mashed potatoes rocked my world. The homemade gravy was just insane. AND THE FREAKING MEAT. HOLY MOTHER ALMIGHTY. Sam even said it was really good. That’s saying something. Do yourself a favor and make this ASAP. You will be so thrilled.

I can’t believe Sunday night is already upon us. I just put Harry to bed after we read 2 books and am now sitting on the couch eating chocolate chip muffins. I get so sad on Sunday’s because it means the weekend and family time is over.

2019-01-13 03.16.47 1.jpg

I wish I had his lashes

This weekend my mom and I drove to my sister’s in Duluth to wedding plan/dress shop as she is newly engaged (YAY!!!!!). I love going to Duluth-it’s such a fun place to visit and I love spending time with my mom and sister.

One of my obsessions is the Lake Superior Bakehouse. I make a point to stop there every time I’m in Duluth now because they have the most INSANE pastries and lattes. They open at 8 AM on Saturdays and I make sure I get there right at 8 so I have the first pick of all the treats. This time, after staring at the case of sugary snacks I selected a white chocolate raspberry scone, a caramel pecan roll, and my fave of the bunch, the blueberry cream cheese roll. UGH. I would love to eat these every day. They also satisfied my sweet tooth for the day. For my beverage I chose the smore’s mocha as it was the seasonal special. LOVE.

Seeing these pictures seriously makes my mouth water. I mean look at the frosting on that roll. GOOD lord. Help me.

Our weekend was spent at the wedding show, dress shopping (She said YES!), and playing games. Oh, we also watched the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and I’m obsessed. Oh and Pillow Talk. So good.  My mom and I left this morning after breakfast so I could get home to the fam bam jam. Also, traveling always throws off my bowel movements so I can’t wait to wake up, drink coffee, and poo.

I also got in a nice workout this afternoon. I finally got my push jerk in the 100’s and almost pee’d myself from excitement. I got 3 sets of 3 at 105 and couldn’t have been more joyous. Hard work pays off peeps. My workout was fast but fun. Here ya go:

For time:

27-21-15 reps of:

Burpees, Swings, Snatches (alternating arms), and Air Squats

Then…5-5-5-3-3-3 Push Jerk

5×12 lunges with barbell on back.


2019-01-13 03.16.44 1.jpg


PS I got bangs. Yeah. Now I really feel like a mom 🙂

That is all for now as I have to get my shit ready for tomorrow. Fresh week. Big stuff ahead. Get focused, carry on.

Have a sweet Sunday night and eat dessert (get it?).






Goooooood Morning! I think I’ve been up on and off since like 1:30 am. Just couldn’t sleep ya know. Looks like today might be a good day for a little nap.

Another week of being preggo has come and gone and I’m still feeling pretty good…for the most part. I am starting to slow down a bit and feel more tired. My back has been real sore (I asked Sam for a massage but haven’t received that yet) and my pelvis feels like it’s splitting apart…maybe it is? I guess in 4ish weeks I’ll be pushing a tiny human through there so it’s probably getting ready for that. Fun!

2018-09-01 07.47.16 1.jpg

35 week bump

Last Saturday we attended our birthing class and it rocked. I seriously loved it and learned so much. Highly recommend a birthing class for any pregnant mom out there. I mean I feel like I knew a few things but I def didn’t know 1) you can go in the bathtub at the hospital while you’re waiting to push the baby out. 2) You can bring snacks! 3) I’m probably going to make some weird noises and that freaks me out but I’ll probably so in the moment I won’t care. 4) Sam might not make it through watching the actual birth (LOL he got so squeamish during the video clips of birth).

They also fed us Olive Garden which tasted amazing. Sam said we’ll probs only need to take that class once but I loved it so much I’d do it again.

Moving on. I think my belly has grown a lot more. My shirts are like belly shirts now but I don’t want to buy any more new clothes since I have 4 weeks to go. I did buy some postpartum leggings I’m very excited about….oh and some super cute postpartum undies that go all the way up to my belly button. Birth control? Probably.

This week I weighed in around 150. My appetite in the morning is literally gone except for chocolate milk and fruit. I’ve been having an apple and then eating a Clif bar around 11 and that’s all I can manage which sucks. However, my appetite seems to wake up around 2 pm and all I want is malts, brownies, cake, and pizza. COOOOOL.

My amazing mom came last weekend and brought her instant pot and made us some delicious Barbacoa shredded beef. It was better than Chipotle and I ate it every night for dinner. She also made this loaded mac n cheese with mushrooms and roasted red peppers. HOLY MOLY. Sam and I ate like royalty last week. Also, I need an instant pot. Now.

2018-09-01 07.47.20 1.jpg

Homemade Chipotle

This week I started getting ready to pack my hospital bag (just in case!) and ordered some fun things (thanks cousin Amber!) for after having baby boy. My cousin has been a gem and gave me a ton of good suggestions on things to have on hand like witch hazel pads, gripe water for baby gas, pee training pads for the bed (in case of leakage), epsom salts, and feminine wipes. Yay! I’m still unsure what outfits to pack for baby boy but I know they say to pack a newborn outfit and a 0-3 month outfit in case the kid is hugeeeeee.

As far as workouts go this week, I’m still trying to get to the gym a few times a week and do some at home workouts. I got in a 2 mile run and some interval running/walking on the tread at the gym. However, running right now makes me have to take the biggest poops and it gets real uncomfortable so I’m only doing a little bit.

I’ve been real into strict presses, lunges, and thrusters. A fun at home workout I came up with early this week looked something like this:

15 minute AMRAP

50 Backward stepping lunges

40 Bent Over Rows

30 Push Press

20 Single Leg Deadlifts (10 per leg)

*Finish with as many Strict Press as possible*

SO fun! I make sure to take plenty of breaks for water and don’t let my heart rate get highter than 130/140.

Really hoping these workouts help with the birthing process.

Lastly, I stopped at the farmers market Thursday and bought the most beautiful flowers. I used to hate flowers but now I love them. They make me so happy. I also got some fresh green beans since nothing in my garden is ready to harvest yet.

2018-09-01 07.47.18 1.jpg

Flower Power

Okay, that’s all for this week. Really excited for a nice long weekend. Sam and I have a lot of housework to do but we might toss that aside and hit up the MN State Fair. I need some mini donuts and cheese curds.

Have a safe and adventurous weekend!






Week 27

I wanna be a cool mom. So I’m currently sitting on our cement slab listening to the New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify and drinking water from a bubba keg. Cool Hale, real cool.

Today is about half way through week 27 and things are going pretty swell. Besides the fat my feet feel swollen and I can feel my hips getting wider (which has been keeping me up at night). I also haven’t gone #2 for like 2 days which kind of worries me because I really don’t want hemorrhoids…but I hear most people get them so maybe I shouldn’t be worried? Also, who knew there were 2 h’s in hemorrhoids? Learn something new every day.

Sam got his wisdom teeth out today and was a real trooper and didn’t get put under because we are having a kid and kids are expensive. Poor guy can’t talk and keeps drooling…I guess he’s like a little baby right now. Don’t worry, he’s all stocked with soup, applesauce, ice cream, and liquid snacks.

So back to week 27. My mom had her party and it was a blast and a half. The whole fam was in town and my brother treated the gals to pedicures. I stepped outside my comfort zone and went with a lovely green color. The lady who did my toes was very curious about how I can still run while being pregnant. IDK ma’am, you just go slower and take walk breaks and stuff. Pretty sure she thought my feet were gross. But she was very kind and told me to come back for the pregnancy pedi.

2018-07-06 05.11.45 1.jpg


My mom also had Costco cake at the gathering and sent me home with a bundle…I’ve been trying to limit myself to a slice a day…or two.

This week we also started getting stuff ready in the baby’s room. I ordered some super cute cactus wall decals and can’t wait to get them up. FYI I wanted cactus and southwest (BISON) theme before it became so popular…trendsetter. Also, I’m very torn on what color to paint the room…I was thinking a nice teal color but now I’m leaning toward a greenish color. Thoughts?

2018-07-06 05.11.46 1.jpg

I hope he likes Cacti

I really haven’t had many cravings this week except for like cheese and salads. BORING. I want to crave something cool! My mom did have the best burgers at her party so I’ve continued my burger obsession and had one over the weekend. A chedda bacon burger. They are from the local grocery store and seriously the best.

Sam and I also started a summer ice cream tour bucket list. So far we’ve been to Grandpa’s in Fridley (I’d say it was about a 6 out of 10) and last night we stopped at the Big Dipper in North Oaks (I’d say it was a 9.5 out of 10). I liked the Big Dipper better because it was cheaper and they had more flavors to pick from. I went with blueberry cheesecake and chocolate oreo. Sam selected Snickers and something else I can’t remember because pregnancy brain. Ruthie got banana. She ate hers faster than I did. Lucky girl.

Funny thing though…it was very warm out and we had about a 10 min drive to get home with our ice cream. The ice cream started melting so I put it between my feet to keep it out of the direct sun. Sam turned a corner and the ice cream tipped and went all over my floor mat and pink sandal. I was of course very emotional about this and told him he needed to give me proper warning when sliding around corners. LOL.

2018-07-06 05.11.40 1.jpg


I also started a new book this week thanks to a recommendation from my sista and am already loving it. I just love reading so much lately. Especially when you can sit outside with an ice cold lemonade and get carried away to an imaginary world. #nerdsunite

2018-07-06 05.11.42 1.jpg

As far as working out goes…I’ve had little to no motivation this week. I did make it to the gym twice so I’ll chalk that up as a win. This morning I did a fun little diddy:

4 Rounds: 3 min on, 1 min box step ups (cuz pregnant ladies shouldn’t do box jumps!):

6 dumbbell thrusters

8 push ups on a box

10 alternating muscle snatch

12 air squats

It was actually pretty enjoyable and went by super fast.

Tuesday AM I did another fun trail run/hike at the State Park. I forget how hilly it is but I enjoy the hills right now because those are my walking breaks!

2018-07-06 05.11.43 1.jpg

I tried to go for a run Thursday am and at mile 2.5 my feet arches and calves started cramping so I said eff this and walked it in.

I did an abundance of swimming this week and that is my most fave thing to do right now. My sister and I spent a good 30 minutes playing this game where you both go under water. One person screams something and the other person has to decipher what the heck they are saying. One time she said “Jalapeno Cream Cheese” and all I heard was “I like pinot cheese.” LOLz. I was pretty exhausted after that game.

Now it’s the weekend already so I’m sure there will be some hiking, swimming, and eating…lots of eating.



Week 22

Do you ever find yourself browsing Pinterest then next thing you know it’s been an hour and you’re like “wtf did I just spend an hour of my day doing?” Yeah, that just happened. Also, do people even use Pinterest anymore? I know I do. It’s got everything you could ever imagine. I found tons of recipes to try this week, baby room ideas, homemade dog treat ideas…you get it.

Welp, here we are again…Friday. I swear my belly grew overnight. I now def have a defined bump and outtie belly button. Sssssssscute. 4 months from tomorrow Sam and I could possibly have a little baby in our arms…that’s INSANE! Time flies when you’re having fun pregnant. Also, I hate taking belly pics with a passion.

2018-06-01 02.32.28 1.jpg


This last week brought some of Baby Wakey’s firsts. He got to go swimming for the first time at my parent’s pool and play his first round of golf…really hoping he likes that sport. Sam will be thrilled if we have a little golfer. Also, the pool was glorious considering it was 95 degrees out. So refreshing. I know where I’m going to be all summer…right on that popsicle float.

2018-06-01 02.32.31 1.jpg

2018-06-01 02.32.29 1.jpg

Golfing with Grandma and Grandpa

I also felt the little bugger kick for the first time. I’m pretty positive it was a kick. Even if it wasn’t I’m still going to say it was. And I’ve felt it a few more times since…so it had to have been a kick. Regardless, it was cool and fascinating and exciting all at once.

Last week also brought about some new cravings…I felt like eating a hot dog daily (didn’t get one yet but that’s on my list for the meal prep). I’m talking ball park, all beef, all the toppings (even onions), hot dog. I’ve also been craving really good french fries, cheese curds, MILK (wtf), ice cream and popsicles, and potato salad. I’ve obviously had like none of these items (except milk and popsicles) at home so those are all I’ve caved to thus far. Oh and a cute sprinkle donut my dad bought me last weekend. BUT, like I said, I’m grocery shopping tomorrow…this could be interesting 🙂

2018-06-01 02.32.32 1.jpg


I’ve also been experiencing some leg cramping. I know it’s due to being pregnant but I’m also blaming the hot humid weather we’ve been having. I get these cramps in my hips/IT bands and my right calf. I woke up Wednesday night with the worst cramp I’ve ever had in my calf. YUCK. I think I’m drinking enough water but I’ve started adding bananas into my diet even though I H8 bananas. Sam says I need Gatorade but I don’t like that stuff unless I’m running a marathon. It gives me gut rot.

I haven’t had any odd dreams or bodily functions (I’ve been constipated this week though and that just made me uncomfortable and crabby…sorry mom and dad for being a little baby at dinner Thursday night). Also, I can’t get enough AC. My mom told me about how they didn’t have AC when she was pregnant with my older sister and it was like 100 degrees daily. She’s superwoman I tell ya. I would have thrown fits every day.

I’ve also been super unmotivated when it comes to working out. I did an at home workout Tuesday night, then went to the gym Wednesday and Thursday mornings but that’s been it for weights this week. I did go for a nice run this morning with my super fancy LED arm band. That was fun. Other than that I just really want to swim and hike. Oh, and golf. Golfing is so fun.

2018-06-01 02.32.24 1.jpg

I’m probably gonna go get a McFlurry now. Have a super fun rest of your weekend. Stay cool and drink a margarita or 5 for me.