La La Lavender

I’m currently having a breakfast appetizer of banana bread as I wait for my steel cut oats to cook. This is my first time making steel oats and I didn’t realize they take 20 minutes to make! I’m used to my 90 second oatmeal but was in the mood for something a little heartier. I will probably top my oats with some milk and brown sugar…maybe a little coconut yogurt and a chocolate chip? LOL who am I kidding more like  5 chocolate chips.

I also went to Target yesterday to get more Almondmilk Creamer (have been obsessed with the Toffee Tidings flavor) and got distracted by the all the holiday flavors. I left with Sugar Cookie instead of the Toffee Tidings. Marketers sure know how to get me. Argh!

So it’s been cold. Freezing cold. It’s OK because I usually spend my day snuggled in a chair with Harry and Ruthie so we stay warm but we’re starting to go a little stir crazy staying inside all day. So yesterday Harry and I ventured out to do some errands and pick up ingredients for a lavender latte! I love lavender lattes and seeing the one in Duluth over the weekend made me want to make my own.

First things first. I had no clue where to get lavender buds…wtf is a lavender bud even? Target or Trader Joes do not have them. My next thought was whole foods but I didn’t feel like driving into the city. After fearing defeat, we drove past a little store called Fresh and Natural on our way home. Sure, what the heck. Might as well try, right?

BINGO. Fresh and Natural def has lavender buds. And many other fun/odd/cool things. The nice thing was that the buds were in the bulk section so you could take as many as you wanted. I love the smell of lavender and filled my little baggie up…the price per pound….$53! Thank god lavender weighs like nothing. I think my total for the lav was $3. I’ll be getting more of this stuff.

I also grabbed some decaf coffee (also in the bulk section) to make my latte because I’m trying to only drink one fully caff coffee a day (my morning cup with said Sugar cookie cream). Before leaving I tried looking for collagen because I am curious about the stuff and wanted a sample jar but only saw a large tub for like $40. Don’t need my hair and nails to grow that bad. Anyone have thoughts on collagen?

2018-11-13 02.22.23 1.jpg

Lavender ❤

Back to latte. I started by making the lav syrup in the recipe. I boiled the water and buds and let it simmer. It smelled amazing. I’m adding a small strainer to my XMAS list because all we have is a giant spaghetti noodle strainer and a handful of the buds made it into my drink which was fine but not ideal.

2018-11-13 02.22.21 1.jpg

Sup bud?

Next step was to boil water and sugar then add the boiled lav juice to the sugar water. Pretty sure I may have burned my sugar a tiny bit but it was still yummy.

2018-11-13 02.22.19 1.jpg

See the little buds floating?

Then you basically let the syrup cool, brew some coffee (I used my French Press), and pour that into a mug. Now for the coolest part…the milk. All you do is heat up your milk (I used Fair Life Non fat because I like this kind the best and almond milk has not been my fave lately) for like 30 seconds then give it a good ole shake. Bing. Bang. Boom. Pour that on top and you have a lovely lavender latte.

2018-11-13 02.22.17 1.jpg

I Love Lav

I really want to learn how to make a flower or something with my foamy milk but I’m guessing I need a fancy espresso machine for that. Anyway, I’d highly suggest this recipe! It will hopefully save me $100 in fancy lavender lattes hehe. Then I can put that $ towards a nespresso. I found one on sale at Sur La Table and am hoping Santa brings it…or maybe I’ll get it for Harry LOL.

So the website that has the lavender latte also has a recipe for PB cup coffee creamer. I might try to make that today. Oh and pumpkin bread because you can never have enough pumpkin.

PS what do I use extra lavender buds for?



Happy Halloween!


I think I got like 7 hours of sleep last night and feel like a gem. After feeding Harry the Zombie this AM I did a nice 20 minute workout then made one of my fave breakfasts.

Here’s a snap of my workout in case you’re looking for a fun at home option:

EMOM (Every Min on the Min) for 8 minutes: 8-10 Burpees (leave at least 20 sec of rest)

Then…Alternating EMOM for 12 minutes (hit each movement 4 times):

10 Alternating Snatches

15 situps (did these very slow)

20 Deadlifts

Cool down with stretching and coffee. You’re welcome.

Now, back to breakfast. You see, lately I feel like my sugar intake has sky-rocketed. I mean I’m not mad about it but I had been having sweet breakfasts (french toast, oatmeal with brown sugar) daily and then lots of snacks. I figured it was time for something savory. I popped 2 slices of bread in the toaster, made 2 fried eggs, and compiled some avocado toast with ham and a little bit of cheese because I love cheese (Ruthie always knows when I open the cheese up and politely asks for some…I can’t resist her). YUM. Hoping this keeps me full til at least 11 am 🙂

2018-10-31 07.50.35 1.jpg

Smashed Avocados

Also, I just finished my coffee so I’m guessing I’ll have to #2 v soon. HEHE.

Yesterday morning I had to cook for the first time since bringing Hare Bear home. Yes, I haven’t made a meal (besides cooking some spaghetti noodles) for 5 weeks. Sam and I have the best family/friends and people have been bringing us meals.

I clearly wanted something easy so I searched Pinterest for a crock pot chicken recipe and came across this!

Yes, it looks like barf in the crock but was so easy and cheap! My two faves when it comes to cooking. I probably spent $15 total on all the ingredients and it tastes amazing.

I served it up with a big ole salad because veggies and some mini Pillsbury croissants because they are so buttery and delicious and a girl needs a buttery treat once in a while. Highly recommend this dish if you’re trying to decide what to make this weekend. I could drink the liquid right out of the bowl (and might have).

So, it’s Halloween. I’m not the biggest Halloween fan (except I love the candy and pumpkins) and don’t usually dress up now that I’m almost 30. I did buy Harry the cutest Harry potter outfit but it’s gigantic on him so he will just wear his pumpkin onesie and pumpkin hat. Sam and I will hand out candy tonight and I’m hoping to watch some sort of Halloween movie (or maybe just Hallmark XMAS because we only get like 2 months to enjoy).

2018-10-31 07.50.42 1.jpg

My lil punkin

So, Happy Halloween friends. I hope you get lots of treats and few tricks!

The rest of this week is kind of busy. I’m getting my hairs did tomorrow and can’t wait. I think getting my hair colored is one of my fave things. Yay. Harry and I have a bunch of errands to run and then Ruthie and I will probably go for some walks/runs. So fun.

Have a great mid-week day and we shall catch up soon.


-Hale, Harry, and Ruth

PS My pits are so sweaty. Help.

Holy Buckets Harry’s 1 Month!

I know people say time flies when you have a kid but shoot, time REALLY flies when you have a kid. Hare Bear turns 1 month in 58 minutes and I’m crying inside. I can’t believe you’ve already been here for an entire month…what was life like without you little guy?

To celebrate, we went to Harry’s weight check this morning. I was hoping he’d be at least 8 pounds 6 ounces…he shocked me and was a whopping 8 pounds 10 ounces! He’s gaining weight finally and I couldn’t be happier. He’s also about 23 inches long and has a good sized head but even better sized appetite (just like his dad).

I am still feeding him about every 2-3 hours except now he’s started to give me noticeable cues for when he’s hungry instead of me choosing when to feed…much easier that way. I still am supplementing with a bottle after every feeding but he hasn’t been taking much from that. I only pump when my boobs feel enormous (ever other feed) or he drinks a ton from the bottle. So, feedings have basically gone from an hour to 25 minutes. Swell.

I did take a few pics of Harry today because, well, duh. He’s a month old and kind of a cutie.

I don’t really know exactly what Harry likes/dislikes because he doesn’t speak yet but here’s my guesses:

Likes: Milk (duh), car rides, walks in nature, his sister Ruthie, snuggling, his dad, pulling hair, being fed, reading stories, being held, and watching sports.

Dislikes: Being changed, hiccups/burping, beans, cold hands and feet, and the Vikings.

Now to celebrate everyone surviving having a baby for a month, I’m off to bake some Chocolate Chip cookies and spaghetti. Have a magnificent Monday night!



Baby Harry’s First 12 Days


Last night I got almost 7 hours of sleep (2.5 hours at a time) and am finally feeling pretty rested. Introducing coffee back into my life has been really cool and something I look forward to every morning (only 1 cup, don’t worry). I’ve washed myself every day so far except for one stretch where I went 3 days without washing my hair but a little grease is good for everyone sometimes.

Since bringing Harry (Harold?) home from the hospital, things have been pretty great. I’ve only cried 2 times (once because Sam asked me why I saved 1 egg, once because the dog looked so sad and depressed) and am adjusting to life with a tiny human, working husband, and jealous pup. Ruthie does seem to love Harry so much and is getting more adjusted every day. I try to give her lots of pets and kisses and even spoiled her with some new toys.

2018-10-05 08.14.49 1.jpg

The new norm

I’m trying to get us on a consistent feeding schedule and so far it seems to work best every 3 hours. Breastfeeding is tough stuff. Little Harry will latch on and suck for a little but then some times he’ll just sit there. He has been feeding about 30 minutes each time and def likes the left side better than the right (sorry your mom has an inverted nip buddy). Feeding time is so precious because of the little faces he makes and the baby toots he pushes out. I laugh so hard, he’s just so cute.

He did drop a bit of weight his first week (8 lbs 1 oz down to 7 lbs 3 oz) so I was feeding him then pumping, then feeding him what I pumped from a bottle (that could be a song…ya feed, ya pump, ya feed him that pump…whoop, go Harry, go Harry). That fattened him up to 7 lbs 9 oz…YAY! So now we are just trying to strictly bfeed but sometimes he still seems hungry so I give him a little bottle. Again, I’m trying to take each session as a win and remain calm/stress free. If the kid wants more food, give him more food.

The first few days I sucked at putting on diapers. He kept peeing through them (one time during a feeding and it dripped down my leg…how glam) and I couldn’t figure it out. Turns out I wasn’t putting them on high enough in the butt or closing them tight enough…I didn’t want to cut off his circulation but he seems just fine now that I’ve tightened them 🙂

Harry likes his Mama Roo and snoozing in the pack-n-play. He sleeps in his crib at night with his cactus night light and sound soother and I’m thankful we put him in there right away. His room is right next to ours so any time he wakes up we can hear him.

2018-10-05 08.14.47 1.jpg

My snoozing babes ❤

The weather here has been so fall so we’ve been doing some fall baking to stay busy. I made some homemade pumpkin butter and pumpkin donuts. I’m also going to whip up a batch of Grandpa Marion’s chili this afternoon. YUM. OH, I found a recipe for Tumeric Mocha Hot Chocolate I can’t wait to try this weekend. ALL THINGS FALL YO.

2018-10-05 08.14.45 1.jpg

Made frosting instead of Cinnamon Sugar sprinkle…oops!

Other things keeping us busy…visits with many friends and family (we are so thankful for you all and the meals and chats and snuggles you’ve given), walks with Chels and Milo at the park (so nice to talk to another mom), laundry (at least a load a day due to poop explosions and spitup spills), lavender baths, Target runs, vacuuming, walks with Ruthie, closet organization, and goal planning (I want write a book I think). I could get used to this mom life thing 🙂

I am trying to take it easy and stick to walks right now but am itching to get back into working out. I really want to take 6 weeks off to fully recover but it’s hard for me to rest that long. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

This weekend mom and dad are maybe going to go on a date…or maybe not. Sam has been so busy with work (school and his new check it out) so it’s nice to just hangout at home. I also want to have 1 small glass of wine but I’m SO nervous it will affect Harry! People have told me a glass is OK as long as you wait like 2-3 hours to feed but I’m still unsure.

So, that’s about all that’s new with us. Hoping to get to my parents this weekend for a hike then next week Harry is going to take his first road trip to meet my aunts and uncles and grandparents. Can’t wait.

Have a splendid weekend my friends!


-Hales, Harry, and Ruth

Week 37

Officially 2 little weeks and 4 short days until this baby’s due date. I am getting so so excited and trying to remain calm/not stressed. This weekend I have my final baby shower and cannot wait. It’s also hotter/humid-er than hell right now and my feet have finally started to swell. Swell.

I just had my Dr. Appointment and they said the baby’s heart beat is at 130 and perfecto. They also said he’s probs around 6 pounds…a good size. Nothing got shoved in my bumhole this time so that was cool. Bumhole or rectum or anus? I’m not sure what you call it and Sam won’t tell me because he says I should know.

My belly feels bigger this week and I seem to be slowing down a bit. I’ve also felt some contractions (I think??) which is cray cray. Everything gets realllll tight but it doesn’t hurt yet. I weighed 154 this week and just want to snuggle Ruth, arrange the baby room, and carpet clean.

2018-09-13 06.44.40 1.jpg

There’s a human in there!

Now, lets take a brief moment to talk about last weekends diaper shower. Sam’s school held a gathering for us at a local restaurant and it was fantastic. There was good food, lots of chatting, and SO MANY DIAPERS. I was shocked. The baby’s closet is literally overflowing with diapers and wipes and I could cry thinking about it. People are too kind and we are so grateful for so many wonderful people.

2018-09-13 06.44.42 1.jpg

Dipey Dipey wipey wipey

Now, this week I’ve been having some weird dreams. I dreamt that I was walking Ruthie by this big lake and we came to a cliff and the lake was full of golden retrievers. All of a sudden Ruthie got loose and took off and I thought she drowned in the lake. She ended up turning up a week later from the woods and I couldn’t stop crying. I’ve also only wanted to snuggle Ruthie lately and pet her. Odd? IDK.

I also had a vision after a midnight pee run that I would start to write a book on my maternity leave…perhaps.

Cravings have kind of been back this week. Salads, cottage cheese, malts, and donuts. OH AND PIZZA. All I want right now is pizza. I just got a margarita pizza from Punch with a Greco Salad. I ate half of it and am trying to pace myself. I’m guessing that pizza will be gone before I go to bed tonight…just saying. Sam’s out of town this week so he can’t judge me.

My morning appetite is still absent so I’ve been trying to have an apple and string cheese at least to get something in my belly. I love cheese. I also had donuts twice this week…sue me.

2018-09-13 06.44.48 1.jpg

Added some fruit for good measure

Sam said I was starting to get feisty this week and hissed at me like a cat…all because I didn’t want to move over when he came to join me on the front step. Sounds like his problem 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the fun things I found at the Munchkin Market last Friday. I was shocked at how not busy it was when I arrived. I took my time and found some really great things. In total I spent $29 and got a snowsuit (that I saw on Poshmark for $50), a MN wild sleeper, a onesie, a cute little pant/sweatshirt set, and some blocks/cars. Sam and I washed everything and are ready to go.

2018-09-13 06.44.46 1.jpg

The baby snowsuit

Lets see, what else has been happening this week…I know what hasn’t…workouts at the gym LOL. I did one on Tuesday and was so over it. I did a 20 min run Wednesday morning and was also over that. So the rest of the week I’ve been taking it easy and did a couple at home workouts. I might hit the gym tomorrow and try something but I might also not. I’ve really loved walking the dog in the morning before work and she’s finally getting used to walking in the dark. It’s our special time together.

That’s about all that’s happened this week. I’m hoping to make some soups and stuff that we can keep in the freezer so when this little guy arrives we won’t have to worry about cooking. Now I’m off to clean the basement carpet because it’s NASTY.

Catch ya later!



Third Trimester

Holy shamoley week 28 is almost complete and we’re officially in the third trimester! Little dude is moving around like crazy (especially at night) and we’re getting so close to meeting him…by close I mean like 11 weeks…but that feels close. I’m currently weighing in around 146 pounds (up 16 ish from my pre baby weight) and baby is 2 lbs 13 oz. He’s now in the 70th percentile for size instead of the 90th. Maybe he won’t make it to the NBA? That’s OK, after watching Wimbledon this week I’m hoping he takes to tennis.

2018-07-13 02.27.45 1.jpg

My belly button 

I had my glucose test on Monday and it came back negative for gestational diabetes (hallelujah). That drink they feed you is not great but sometimes you gotta suck it up and be a woman. Sam came with me and sat in while I got my blood taken because I wasn’t sure how much they’d take/if I’d pass out/throw up. None of that happened and it actually went pretty smooth.

I did discover I’m a- blood type so I had to get a shot for that. I also had to get a shot for whooping cough/hepatitis which will help protect baby wakey until he gets his shots. HOLY EFF my arm was sore. It felt like The Rock punched me a couple times.

Sam also sat in on my ultrasound and got to see the little guy wiggling around. My doctor also took some 4D pictures and they are INSANE. You can literally see the babies face and it got us so excited…however Sam still thinks he looks like a little alien. I say he looks like a cute little bundle of love.

2018-07-13 12.28.15 2.jpg

Our Boy!

As far as this week has gone, things seem pretty alright. Again my hip/calf cramps are still hanging out and I keep waking up at like 11:30 pm and can’t fall back asleep. Also my neighbor is like screwdriving something together right now (it’s 7:45 am) and it’s V annoying but whatever.

I’d say my back has started getting a little more sore and I can’t see my feet. Sam made me test this out by standing up and looking down. Def couldn’t see my little toesies until I showed him if I widened my stance I could for sure see them. He gave me an eye roll and walked away. Amusing I’d say.

Bending over to pick things up is getting just a titch difficult so soon I’m going to need like an extendable arm or Sam to just follow me around everywhere. Oh and my brain seems a bit loopy lately. I seem to be a little more forgetful. Yesterday I went to get a malt for lunch and ended up ordering a shake because I forgot I wanted a malt. Man oh man I tell ya.

Cravings this week have been salty and sweet. Like give me all the potato chips and Malts (or shakes). My family and I went to a MN Saints baseball game last weekend and my sister and I got chocolate malts and that’s exactly what started this downward spiral. I didn’t even get a hot dog because I was so into the malt I forgot (again, foggy brain).

Side note, the game was a blast. I’d probably go to a Saints game over a Twins game because they are smaller and felt more intimate. They also had a ton of kids activities which will be great for the future baby wakey. Oh, and not a bad seat in the place.

2018-07-13 12.28.16 1.jpg

Not a bad seat in the place!

Okay, back to cravings. Like I said, salty and sweet. I made a rhubarb crisp on Monday and since Sam still can’t eat solid food due to his wisdom teeth extraction, I’ve already consumed 3/4 of the 9×13 pan. YOLO.

I told myself to just enjoy these next 11 weeks and eat whatever I crave because soon, I’ll have to start being more mindful of what I put in my mouth. I also had a hamburger every day last week because my parents grilled about 25 pieces of meat last Saturday for 5 of us and my mom sent me home with a huge plate of leftovers. Again, blaming Sam for this one since he couldn’t help me eat any of it. I took it upon myself to finish off all the burgers 🙂 No waste here!

Friday for lunch I decided to indulge in a healthy meal of chocolate shake (which should have been a malt…see above) and a basket of sweet potato fries. This was the best combination ever and made me very happy.

2018-07-13 12.28.13 1.jpg

Extra whip plz

Being active last week was pretty alright. I got in a couple runs (did 3.5 miles this am!), some nice walks, an Alchemy class with my best gal pals, and a few great workouts at the gym. I did this little diddy yesterday and really enjoyed it:

4 rounds for time:

Run 400 m

20 wall balls (12 pounds)

20 Swings (25 pound KB)

Then I did some barbell work and called it a morning. Fun times at Anytime Fitness.

Ruthie has been extra tired lately due to the heat so I’ve enjoyed some snuggly moments with her. The other day I was relaxing on the couch and she hopped into my lap (mind you she’s a 50 pound Pitbull) and put her little paw right on my belly shelf. I melted. Ugh she’s such a doll.

Now what’s on tap for this lovely Saturday? Sam and I are going to go blueberry picking in a little bit and then hit up the most amazing ice cream shop Nelson’s! I am so excited I could tinkle. They have the best flavors and the kid size is literally a cup that has probs 6 scoops of ice cream in it. OMG I’m so excited. Third stop on our tour of ice cream. I will probably get Monster cookie and birthday cake. Or maybe the raspberry chocolate truffle flavor.

Sam and I also are hoping to get our wall decals up in the baby’s room so we can figure out what color paint to get. I’m leaning towards a nice teal color. Sam also started building a chain link fence for Ruth (lucky girl) yesterday so he’ll probs work on that later while I mow the lawn sit in the sun and finish my book (HIGHLY recommend Into the Water).

Have a really great weekend! Eat some ice cream and have a margarita for me!



Week 24

Well hello. Normally I like to write these posts on Friday’s on account of I get home early but I went out of town last weekend and just ran out of time. So here we are, Monday evening. I’m almost at week 25 (HOLY MOLY how did that happen!?) but lets just recap week 24 anyway cuz it’s fun.

First off, I feel like my belly is growing every day. I’ve officially gained 15 pounds and feel pretty good. I have been getting some cramps still in my hips/calfs during sleeping time which keeps me up some nights but if that’s the worst of it, I’m ok with that.

2018-06-18 05.04.27 1.jpg

He’s growing!

I had a strange craving this week. It happened to be pancakes with french fries dunked in maple syrup. Strange or it could be the most amazing combo ever. Sadly, I did not get to indulge in this one…yet. I’ve also been craving mashed potatoes sauced with ketchup (or basically ketchup on everything), Culvers, salad of Cesar,  hamburgers (always), and CANDY. I guess you could say there’s a variety. Oh and always apples. Red apples.

ALSO, big news…Baby had his first Quarter Pounder with cheese. I mean, have you seen the commercials for this lately? That’s what started this whole craving in the first place…kudos to you McDonald’s marketers. My first QP was (in Fergie voice) “tasty, tasty.” The fries however were mediocre at best…forever a Wendy’s or Culvers fry girl.

During week 24 I also whipped out the crock pot and made some delicious shredded chicken. You literally take 2 pounds of chicken boobs and put them in the crock with seasonings and a cup of chicken broth. Sam is weird and added cream of chicken but whatever, it worked. Then you just let that cook on low for 6-8 hours and shred it up. I used my chicken as homemade chicken burrito bowls and it was mighty tasty.

2018-06-18 05.05.25 1.jpg

Homemade Chipotle

During week 24 workouts seemed super fun and I seem to be gaining some motivation again. I did a nice 7 mile run/hike at the state park and some super fun outdoor workouts including things like lunges, elevated push ups, hang power cleans, bent over rows and bench step ups. I also did a few workouts at the gym including low weighted wall balls, box step ups, push press, swing snatch and more.

2018-06-18 05.04.29 1.jpg

There’s a turkey out there

I’ve been checking out lately because she posts some fun workouts that are easy to do at home or modify if needed. I’ve also been making sure to take plenty of water breaks to catch my breath.

Baby also got to take his first road trip to Duluth during week 24 and experience mom’s driving for an extended period of time. There was some bad traffic and we almost got hit by a tire that flew off a boat trailer in front of us but other than that we sang a lot of songs and drank a lot of water. It was pretty boring. Duluth was a blast though! It was Grandma’s weekend and my sister’s boyfriend and friend were running the half.

Molly and I were the support crew and it basically felt like we ran also. The race started at the butt crack of dawn (6:15 am) so we were up and at em with the birds. Our goal was to see the runners as many times as possible and we saw them 5 times so I’d say that’s pretty good. One time we had to sprint 2 blocks to make it to them and I was so out of breath it was sad. But that’s OK because I’m running for 2.

I’ve never actually got to watch Grandma’s because I’m normally participating in it but this year was so fun. I actually really enjoyed being the support team and had no desire to be doing the run (I was afraid I’d get super jealous of every runner and end up super sad I couldn’t run-not the case). It was also incredible to see the elite runner zoom by. They are literally sprinting and it’s such a sight. Ok, enough about running.

Please excuse my scatter brain right now. There’s a lot going on. Sam’s cooking a pizza, Ruthie’s got zoomies, and I just really want some graham crackers with frosting.

I leave you with a funny picture of Ruthie.

2018-06-18 05.05.26 1.jpg

So seeeepy

Have an excellent night my friends! Someone have a margarita or Summer Shandy for me!







Currently I am sitting here with a 13 oz tiny human in my tummy. Cool. I just had my 20 week appointment and it was so sweet to see the little creature move around. Every time I see it, it looks more like a person. Sam and I decided we want to do a little gender reveal so we have the gender sealed away in an envelope (SO tough not to open) so stay tuned to Friday for an update on this.

Since the last post, my sister and I ran a trail 10 mile race. It was a blast and a half. It was a lovely 60 degree morning and we did the whole thing together which was super great. Our final time was 2:07. The fun thing about trail races is you can pretty much walk whenever you want and not feel bad about yourself like a normal road race. Together, we walked all the hills (and there were a lot of them) but pretty much ran the rest of the time. Our reward for the race…a super cool hat! The most fun swag ever. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

I’ve also gained about 12 pounds since getting knocked up so while running is still great, I’ve really been into hiking, biking, and walking. Ruthie loves to go for hikes at the same park we did the run at and I love it too because it tires her out for about 2 days. On Saturday, we did the 6 mile route with my parents. It is so beautiful at the State Park and I could probably hike out there every day.

Sam and I also took Ruth to the Long Lake Park nearby and let her go in the water for a little bit (until she came upon a dead floaty fish, GROSS). She was pooped yesterday and even more today after playing at dog daycare all day.

2018-05-14 04.34.28 1.jpg

The weather here has been pretty glorious lately…70’s and nice. I’ve been getting to the gym about 3-4 times a week now. I used to go every day at 4:20 AM but now that I’m a little more sleepy, 3 times is enough. On my non-gym days I’ve been running about 3 miles in the AM or taking the dog for a short walk before work.

I’ve also been trying to get in some outdoor workouts. I have this cool weight from the gym I used to work at and have been using that but it’s getting a little heavy so I might invest in some lower weight dumbbells. Getting a workout in in the sun is so much better than being stuck inside!

2018-05-14 04.34.33 1.jpg

I love nature

I haven’t had any odd dreams lately except my sister’s dog getting a retainer. That was actually pretty odd now that I think about it. I also woke up one night petting Sam’s face…must have thought he was the dog.

Cravings lately haven’t really been much-besides the ball park hotdog I was craving today. Like the thick footlong kind with all the toppings…onions included. I also have been craving berries and peaches. Things that don’t sound good are coffee (the smell makes me want to puke), and buffalo chicken dip (this has been since day 1). I did make some stuffed peppers last week with a side of corn bread (thanks to Trader Joes), and those lovely berries. It was sooooooo good.

2018-05-14 04.34.31 1.jpg


Last week I ate out like 5 times and felt like a lug so this week I’m hoping to do more cooking at home. If you have any fave healthy recipes/blogs, toss em my way.

One thing that this pregnancy has made me do is read. I had forgot how much I love to read. Last week I picked up “Big Little Lies” from the library and am almost finished with it. It’s the perfect book for summer and I can’t put it down. I think I currently have 5 books on my hold list at the library. The library might be my second fave place right now…behind the ice cream shop (can’t wait to try the new summer berry blizzard from Dairy Queen).

2018-05-14 04.34.30 1.jpg

This coming weekend I’m really hoping to start a garden. I’ve never really gardened before (Sam always brings up how I couldn’t even keep green beans alive in a pot) but how hard can it be. I think I’m going to do a raised bed and start small with carrots, potatoes, peppers, and some herbs. I’m also really hoping to plant some blueberry and raspberry bushes. How fun would it be to just go out back with a bucket for some fresh picked produce. Super fun.

A chocolate muffin is calling my name right now. Have a lovely night.



I Had A Dream

Oh hi there. I’m sweating and it feels glorious. So last Friday I told you how I get done with work at 1PM every Friday…well this week all that changed. I now get done at 11:40 AM every Friday from here on out…hello productivity around the house and long dog walks (hence why I’m sweating).

First things first, this week, I am officially 18 weeks along. Yippee skippy. Less than 2 weeks to discover the gender of our new family member. Can’t wait. 18 weeks also means baby wakey is the size of a croissant! That’s like pretty big if you ask me. It also makes me hungry for one of those chocolate-filled croissants the fancy bakeries have. I’ll be getting one of those ASAP.

2018-05-04 01.10.20 1.jpg

I use the Ovia Pregnancy app and love it!

This week I haven’t really been craving anything. Sam and I did cook 2 meals together (brats and fried potatoes, & spaghetti and meat sauce) which was super fun. Sunday night we even packed our lunches together and he said we are for sure acting like a real family. I laughed. I did have a Butterfinger blizzard Sunday night which was a real treat. Other than that, I feel like I’m trying my best to snack on healthy-ish things like plaintain chips, yogurt, fruits, and veggies. My appetite does seem to be increasing but I’m so okay with that because I love food.

This week also brought some weird dreams. The one that stands out the most is me giving birth to our child at 18 weeks. In the dream, I was in the hospital. Nothing was happening so I went to sit on the toilet and whoops, out popped a beautiful little girl. She was a healthy weight (I find that hard to believe being born at 18 weeks) and she even smiled at us. Everything was so great until we got home and realized we didn’t have any supplies except a rocking chair…we’re talking no diapers, no crib, no bottles…a nightmare! Then I woke up and was like “OMG it was just a dream. Get your shit together and start preparing for the baby!”

I also feel like my bump is finally visible. I took a really fancy bathroom selfie yesterday. I don’t like sharing pictures of myself typically but in case you’re wondering what prego Haley looks like, wonder no more…

2018-05-04 01.10.42 1.jpg

Baby Dubs Bump

The rest of the week was filled with a few morning 3 mile runs since it’s been so lovely here, lots of dog walks and sitting outside in the sun. Our little Ruthie came down with some horrible allergies last weekend so Sam had to take her to the vet Monday for some strong meds. Poor gal was going nuts. She’s been pretty tired all week so I’ve enjoyed babying her and giving her lots of attention. I think she’s giving us practice for our future 🙂 She also keeps tooting and her farts smell like tuna fish. VOM.

2018-05-04 01.11.20 1.jpg

I’ve also been super into reading lately. I love the library! I finished every possible Harry Potter book and am now reading one called “The Library at the Edge of the world.” So far I really love it. If you have any good summer book recommendations, shoot them my way. I feel as though I might have a lot of time to read these next few months.

Now I’m off to Hudson to grill with the fam and prep for tomorrow’s 10 mile trail run. LOL I signed up for this before I knew I was carrying a baby in my womb but my sister is doing it too and I think we will have a blast. It’s at our fave state park where we grew up and I actually can’t wait. No way I will be able to run all 10 miles but who cares. It’s about having fun and making mems right? Oh and snacks. Don’t forget the snacks.

Have a lovely weekend/week and we will catch up soon.