Be Thankful

It’s snowing and it’s magical and all I want to do is decorate, drink coffee, and write down goals for the next 3 years of my life ūüôā

I hear today is like the biggest party day of the year since not many people have to work tomorrow (if you do, I’m sorry, that’s shitty…unless you like it, then it’s great!). I will be enjoying a grasshopper for sure tonight with my fam. Can’t wait for some minty goodness.

Since Sam has been on break from school this week, I’ve been able to get to a few classes at Alchemy and it’s been so nice. My bod is def slowly getting strong again and it feels so good to move. However, having a baby takes away any core strength I once had. I’m focusing on slowing down and building up those muscles one ab at a time.

This morning I did a super fun workout at Anytime to get in a good sweat before Turkey Day. I did a bunch of different squats mixed with some rowing and then finished off with the following:

5 sets of 5 reps: Power Cleans

Then…3 rounds as fast as possible of:

10 Box Jumps

9 Hang Power Cleans

7 Front Squats

5 Strict Press

I did this all with a 45 pound bar. I finished with 10 minutes of walking at an incline. So great. I got home an instantly downed 2 protein muffins complete with whipped cream and peanut butter and 2 eggs with avocado.

2018-11-21 06.34.35 1.jpg

My fave breakfast

So, what else have we been up to lately? Harry is the wiggliest little monster ever so I’ve been trying to find ways to entertain him. I’ve also discovered that every day he looks more and more like his dad. He’s a mini Sam and I’m 100% ok with that because I think Sam is pretty cute ūüôā

2018-11-21 06.36.49 1.jpg

Mini Sammy

I’ve also been trying to taste all the lavender lattes in MN and got one from¬†Spyhouse¬†yesterday and while it was $6, I’d get it again and again. So good, so lavender-y. I mean my homemade version wasn’t terrible compared to this one but I think I need to pull the trigger and get that espresso machine…especially if I’m going back to work in a month. Yikes.

2018-11-21 06.38.56 1.jpg

I like you a whole latte

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can’t effing believe it. My fave day of the year is already here and there’s SO much to be thankful for. I love going around the table and having everyone say one thing they are thankful for this year. Here are a few on my list:

  1. Healthy family
  2. Harry, Ruthie, and Sam
  3. A roof over our head
  4. The best friends who are always up for adventure
  5. The ability to dream big dreams
  6. A family that believes in me
  7. Food and coffee (duh)
  8. Having patience
  9. The ability to vote
  10. Living in a country where women are being more valued every day
  11. Snow, Hallmark, and Christmas music

OK, now I must go pack up Harry’s room as we get ready to head to my parents for a few days. I wish you safe, yummy, loving Thanksgiving. Stay cool ya Turkeys!





Week 37

Officially 2 little weeks and 4 short days until this baby’s due date. I am getting so so excited and trying to remain calm/not stressed. This¬†weekend I have my final baby shower and cannot¬†wait. It’s also hotter/humid-er than hell right now and my feet have finally started to swell. Swell.

I just had my Dr. Appointment and they said the baby’s heart beat is at 130 and perfecto. They also said he’s probs around 6 pounds…a good size. Nothing got shoved in my bumhole this time so that¬†was cool. Bumhole or rectum or anus? I’m not sure¬†what you call it and Sam¬†won’t tell me because he says I should know.

My belly feels bigger this¬†week and I seem to be slowing down a bit. I’ve also felt some contractions (I think??)¬†which is cray cray. Everything gets realllll tight but it doesn’t hurt yet. I¬†weighed 154 this¬†week and just¬†want to snuggle Ruth, arrange the baby room, and carpet clean.

2018-09-13 06.44.40 1.jpg

There’s a human in there!

Now, lets take a brief moment to talk about last¬†weekends diaper shower. Sam’s school held a gathering for us at a local restaurant and it¬†was fantastic. There¬†was good food, lots of chatting, and SO MANY DIAPERS. I¬†was shocked. The baby’s closet is literally overflowing¬†with diapers and¬†wipes and I could cry thinking about it. People are too kind and¬†we are so grateful for so many¬†wonderful people.

2018-09-13 06.44.42 1.jpg

Dipey Dipey wipey wipey

Now, this¬†week I’ve been having some¬†weird dreams. I dreamt that I¬†was¬†walking Ruthie by this big lake and¬†we came to a cliff and the lake¬†was full of golden retrievers. All of a sudden Ruthie got loose and took off and I thought she drowned in the lake. She ended up turning up a¬†week later from the¬†woods and I couldn’t stop crying. I’ve also only¬†wanted to snuggle Ruthie lately and pet her. Odd? IDK.

I also had a vision after a midnight pee run that I¬†would start to¬†write a book on my maternity leave…perhaps.

Cravings have kind of been back this¬†week. Salads, cottage cheese, malts, and donuts. OH AND PIZZA. All I¬†want right now is pizza. I just got a margarita pizza from Punch¬†with a Greco Salad. I ate half of it and am trying to pace myself. I’m guessing that pizza¬†will be gone before I go to bed tonight…just saying. Sam’s out of town this week so he can’t judge me.

My morning appetite is still absent so I’ve been trying to have an apple and string cheese at least to get something in my belly. I love cheese. I also had donuts twice this¬†week…sue me.

2018-09-13 06.44.48 1.jpg

Added some fruit for good measure

Sam said I¬†was starting to get feisty this¬†week and hissed at me like a cat…all because I didn’t¬†want to move over¬†when he came to join me on the front step. Sounds like his problem ūüôā

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the fun things I found at the Munchkin Market last Friday. I was shocked at how not busy it was when I arrived. I took my time and found some really great things. In total I spent $29 and got a snowsuit (that I saw on Poshmark for $50), a MN wild sleeper, a onesie, a cute little pant/sweatshirt set, and some blocks/cars. Sam and I washed everything and are ready to go.

2018-09-13 06.44.46 1.jpg

The baby snowsuit

Lets see,¬†what else has been happening this¬†week…I know¬†what hasn’t…workouts at the gym LOL. I did one on Tuesday and¬†was so over it. I did a 20 min run¬†Wednesday morning and¬†was also over that. So the rest of the¬†week I’ve been taking it easy and did a couple at home¬†workouts. I might hit the gym tomorrow and try something but I might also not. I’ve really loved¬†walking the dog in the morning before¬†work and she’s finally getting used to¬†walking in the dark. It’s our special time together.

That’s about all that’s happened this¬†week. I’m hoping to make some soups and stuff that¬†we can keep in the freezer so¬†when this little guy arrives¬†we¬†won’t have to¬†worry about cooking. Now I’m off to clean the basement carpet because it’s NASTY.

Catch ya later!