Week 32/33

Well hello again. I’m having a serious Deja Vu because I’m currently sitting in the exact same spot as last night as I type this…except I feel as if it’s a lot warmer because I am sweating and I don’t remember sweating last night. #HERMONES

I realized I kind of skipped week 32 (nothing that exciting happened anyone except the trip to South Dakota) so I’m just going to leave it at that and say week 32 flew by.

Lets move on to the current week…week 33. Yeah, wow. My work threw me a baby shower/going away party today and it was lovely. There was an ice cream sundae bar complete with all the toppings and a delicious pickle pasta salad. My team even had some gifts for me to open and it was so sweet. It took everything not to cry. What a fun afternoon.

I had my 33 week Dr. appointment today (they are kind of fun because they always give little gifts at them) and I got to make sure everything with the little guy is going swell. Today I found out in 3.5 weeks he will be considered “full term” and safe to come out if he decides. I’m crossing my fingers he stays in there til his due date though. He’s wiggling non-stop and sometimes I can see little body parts moving around…FREAKY.

2018-08-15 06.37.24 1.jpg

People keep telling me it looks like there’s a basketball in my shirt…NO, it’s a human!

I weighed in at 150 pounds (yee haw) and the doc says everything is right on track. That’s great news! I also found out Sam and I can schedule a tour at the hospital to see what it’s like and see where I’ll be pushing out that lil babe. I love that idea and will probably be getting that set up very soon.

Cravings have again been on the salt train…french fries, pizza, chips….and ketchup. Sam and I made a lovely dinner of steak, potatoes, and veggies in foil packs on the grill Monday and I’ve been eating them every day since. The oddest craving I had was for a foil pack with scrambled egg and ketchup for breakfast…yeah I know it’s weird but it tasted like a little slice of heaven.

2018-08-15 06.37.21 1.jpg

Gimmie that breakfast bowl

I’ve also been craving fruit. Peaches, green apples, and raspberries. For some reason, strawberries do not sound good at all.

It’s been really effing hot here lately so workouts have been getting done in the early morning. I went for a run Tuesday morning before work and it felt pretty good. I think I went about 3 miles at a 10 minute pace then took a huge poo after. I almost had to pull over into the woods but held it for the last block. #pooprobs

I went to the gym 2 times so far this week and did 2 at home workouts. I loved loved loved this morning’s workout. It went something like this:

20 min AMRAP:

300 meter run

7 push ups

8 hang to overhead

9 air squats

Then I did 5×10 Incline Bench/chest flies. SO FUN. I’ve been getting in some nice easy walks with the dog too. I love walking. I mean running still seems alright so I’ll continue tossing that in a couple times a week but walking is really enjoyable.

I haven’t really had any crazy dreams lately either…except I do keep waking up in the middle of the night petting Sam’s arm. That’s a little weird.

Alright people, my brain is all over the place right now and I need to catch up on Bachelor in Paradise (feel free to judge me), so I’ll catch ya on the flip side (week 34)!




Week 31

HOLY MOLY. 8 weeks to go…this is INSANE. I feel like there is still so much to do to get ready for this little guy (maybe get some more diapers? LOL) but Sam and I are getting more and more excited each day.

I had my 31 week Dr. Appt Friday and everything seems great. She did tell me to find a Pediatrician which I hadn’t even thought about yet. So my task this week is to find a few nearby and do some research. I’m not super picky, I just want my baby to be in good hands. The baby’s heartbeat was solid (YAY!) and he’s been moving like a dancing machine. They did freak me out a little with all this pre-term labor talk, but I’m pretty sure I’ll know what it feels like when I start going into labor right?

2018-08-04 05.52.12 1.jpg

31 weeks of bumps

This week was pretty swell. I actually felt better than the previous week. I do feel like one day my appetite is very small and the next day I’m ravenous for any and everything. Cravings this week have ranged from melon and egg breakfast sandwiches to pizza to chocolate cake. YUM. I am trying to eat as healthfully (is that a word?) as possible but I did manage to fit in a Butterfinger Blizzard, slice of cheesecake, hamburger, and pizza with sauerkraut this week. All good things happen in moderation people!

As far a workouts go, they were actually pretty fun this week. I got in a couple nice runs  (getting harder as the days go by but hoping to run for a couple more weeks) and some good walks with lil Ruthie. I did 3 workouts at Anytime which involved some wall balls, swings, step-ups, rows, 400m runs, and a few other things to keep it interesting. The 4:30 am ladies refer to me as the “Anytime Fitness Baby” which gives me a good chuckle.

So this week, I had a mini breakdown to Sam (I’M SORRY!). I was stressing about all the things we still need to do such as paint the nursery, put up the wall decals, decorate, find daycare, wash the sheets, clean the bathroom, vacuum the house, blah, blah, blah. I made a list and sent it to him. He’s the best and did most of the house chores before I got home from work Thursday. Then he helped me put up the wall decals.

It was SO easy. Sometimes I just stress myself out when really, there’s nothing to be stressed out about. Back to the decals. You literally tape them on the wall, remove the backing, and rub them on with this little scrapey tool. I think Sam and I really bonded over this project 🙂

2018-08-05 06.15.56 1.jpg

Cacti wall

If you didn’t know, I have had an obsession with Bison and the southwest stuff since I was a wee one. I blame my parents for taking us to South Dakota every Labor Day and driving us past the roaming herds. So when we started thinking about baby rooms, I instantly knew it had to be bison/southwest theme (Sam wanted MN wild but I said no…sorry sir). It just so happens that right now everyone must be obsessed with this theme because there are bison and cacti in every store. Trendsetter. Anywho, my sister came this weekend to help me paint and decorate. My design sense sucksssssss so I am very grateful for some help as I wanted this room to be extra special.

Molly and I spent Friday night painting the wall behind the crib a nice dark green (my other options were turquoise, or a bright green which after looking at, were just too much. Plus I like dark colors). Saturday morning we did some touch-ups and called it a life on the painting. PS painting is fun too but beware, your hand might start cramping. Also, shout out to Pittsburgh Paint for going on so smooth and looking luxurious.

The rest of Saturday was spent shopping, getting decor, and organizing the room (yeah, I was exhausted by the evening). I really wanted one of those cube organizers from Target instead of a book shelf because I thought we could do more with it (like store books & toys…genius). At our first Target stop we found what we thought to be the perfect cube organizer when really it was basically made for ants. It was so tiny (made for holding shoes) so my sister returned it and got the one of my dreams.

2018-08-04 05.52.08 2.jpg


I am so in love with this room. I hope baby boy likes it as much as his mom. All that’s needed now is a great bison photo for the wall and I think we’ll call it good. Perfect timing actually because my parents, sister and I are taking a trip to yes…South Dakota next week. I’ll be on  the lookout for all things bison.

Lastly, some cute pics of our dogs who behaved SO well this weekend.

2018-08-04 05.52.10 1.jpg

Sleepy Puppers

2018-08-05 06.15.55 1.jpg

Ted and Ruth…the Best of Friends

Have a splendid Sunday. Toodles!


Week 27

I wanna be a cool mom. So I’m currently sitting on our cement slab listening to the New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify and drinking water from a bubba keg. Cool Hale, real cool.

Today is about half way through week 27 and things are going pretty swell. Besides the fat my feet feel swollen and I can feel my hips getting wider (which has been keeping me up at night). I also haven’t gone #2 for like 2 days which kind of worries me because I really don’t want hemorrhoids…but I hear most people get them so maybe I shouldn’t be worried? Also, who knew there were 2 h’s in hemorrhoids? Learn something new every day.

Sam got his wisdom teeth out today and was a real trooper and didn’t get put under because we are having a kid and kids are expensive. Poor guy can’t talk and keeps drooling…I guess he’s like a little baby right now. Don’t worry, he’s all stocked with soup, applesauce, ice cream, and liquid snacks.

So back to week 27. My mom had her party and it was a blast and a half. The whole fam was in town and my brother treated the gals to pedicures. I stepped outside my comfort zone and went with a lovely green color. The lady who did my toes was very curious about how I can still run while being pregnant. IDK ma’am, you just go slower and take walk breaks and stuff. Pretty sure she thought my feet were gross. But she was very kind and told me to come back for the pregnancy pedi.

2018-07-06 05.11.45 1.jpg


My mom also had Costco cake at the gathering and sent me home with a bundle…I’ve been trying to limit myself to a slice a day…or two.

This week we also started getting stuff ready in the baby’s room. I ordered some super cute cactus wall decals and can’t wait to get them up. FYI I wanted cactus and southwest (BISON) theme before it became so popular…trendsetter. Also, I’m very torn on what color to paint the room…I was thinking a nice teal color but now I’m leaning toward a greenish color. Thoughts?

2018-07-06 05.11.46 1.jpg

I hope he likes Cacti

I really haven’t had many cravings this week except for like cheese and salads. BORING. I want to crave something cool! My mom did have the best burgers at her party so I’ve continued my burger obsession and had one over the weekend. A chedda bacon burger. They are from the local grocery store and seriously the best.

Sam and I also started a summer ice cream tour bucket list. So far we’ve been to Grandpa’s in Fridley (I’d say it was about a 6 out of 10) and last night we stopped at the Big Dipper in North Oaks (I’d say it was a 9.5 out of 10). I liked the Big Dipper better because it was cheaper and they had more flavors to pick from. I went with blueberry cheesecake and chocolate oreo. Sam selected Snickers and something else I can’t remember because pregnancy brain. Ruthie got banana. She ate hers faster than I did. Lucky girl.

Funny thing though…it was very warm out and we had about a 10 min drive to get home with our ice cream. The ice cream started melting so I put it between my feet to keep it out of the direct sun. Sam turned a corner and the ice cream tipped and went all over my floor mat and pink sandal. I was of course very emotional about this and told him he needed to give me proper warning when sliding around corners. LOL.

2018-07-06 05.11.40 1.jpg


I also started a new book this week thanks to a recommendation from my sista and am already loving it. I just love reading so much lately. Especially when you can sit outside with an ice cold lemonade and get carried away to an imaginary world. #nerdsunite

2018-07-06 05.11.42 1.jpg

As far as working out goes…I’ve had little to no motivation this week. I did make it to the gym twice so I’ll chalk that up as a win. This morning I did a fun little diddy:

4 Rounds: 3 min on, 1 min box step ups (cuz pregnant ladies shouldn’t do box jumps!):

6 dumbbell thrusters

8 push ups on a box

10 alternating muscle snatch

12 air squats

It was actually pretty enjoyable and went by super fast.

Tuesday AM I did another fun trail run/hike at the State Park. I forget how hilly it is but I enjoy the hills right now because those are my walking breaks!

2018-07-06 05.11.43 1.jpg

I tried to go for a run Thursday am and at mile 2.5 my feet arches and calves started cramping so I said eff this and walked it in.

I did an abundance of swimming this week and that is my most fave thing to do right now. My sister and I spent a good 30 minutes playing this game where you both go under water. One person screams something and the other person has to decipher what the heck they are saying. One time she said “Jalapeno Cream Cheese” and all I heard was “I like pinot cheese.” LOLz. I was pretty exhausted after that game.

Now it’s the weekend already so I’m sure there will be some hiking, swimming, and eating…lots of eating.



The 25th Week

Annnnnnnd we’re growing! Every time I look in the mirror I swear the bump is growing. I also feel like it’s not very circular…more like a square or rectangle? I guess that’s okay though because my belly is now the perfect size for a little table. I can set my water glass there, my phone, my computer, Ruthie’s head…the options are endless.

2018-06-21 07.19.25 1.jpg

Baby bump or table?

Speaking of Ruth, she’s been a doll lately. I think she knows soon she’s going to have to share my love so she’s being extra sweet and is basically attached to my hip. Anytime I sit down on the couch she hops up next to me and puts a little paw (or as I call them hands) on my tummy. As soon as I hop into bed, she’s right there with me being the little spoon…I don’t even mind. She’s such a snuggler and it makes me so happy.

2018-06-21 05.23.32 1.jpg

She’ll always be our first child

So week 25 is here which means we could have 15 weeks left before little wakey joins the world. Cool. I think he’s like 2 pounds right now or something which doesn’t seem like a lot. He’s kicking like a forward in the world cup AKA constantly but it’s pretty neat.

This week I finally signed Sam and I up for a breastfeeding class. I am so jazzed because honestly, I have no clue wtf I’m doing. I asked Sam if he thinks I’ll get to practice with a doll like in CPR class…he shook his head and walked away.

This week I also ate out 4 times for dinner…maybe 5 if I go out tonight. Better enjoy it I tell myself because soon I’ll be so busy there will be no time to eat a full meal…LOL.

Monday I went to Brasa with my gal pals and got the pork and over easy egg bowl and ate it all. Normally I have to get a box for this meal but clearly baby was extra hungry 🙂

Tuesday we went to Sam’s grandparents house for dinner. They grilled brats and it was lovely!

Wednesday we met my parents at a fun little place called LOLO in Stillwater, MN. None of us had ever been so it was a joy to try something new. Let me tell you, if you’re looking for a place with a fun selection of non-alcoholic drinks, go here. I chose the Tony Basil and enjoyed every sip of it. I was super fun to have some options besides water or lemonade. I almost got the root beer but was feeling spicy.

2018-06-21 05.23.31 1.jpg

Hey Tony!

2018-06-21 05.23.29 1.jpg

So many choices!

For a starter we went with the olives and their special…a bacon jam toast. Both were delicious and there were zero leftovers of either.


For the main course I obvi went with a cheese burger and fries. AND it was awesome. The fries were garlic and rosemary and I ate every last one. I think I blacked out because I started eating them and then looked down and they were all gone. My bad. I’ll def go back for more drinks and fries.

And I guess I only ate out 3 times for dinner…pregnancy brain at it’s best.

Wednesday night I had some strange dreams. I blame Tony Basil. My first dream was that my whole family was at a cabin. My mom and sister said they were going outside and then they disappeared for like 90 minutes. Turns out they went snowshoeing without me and I was not happy.

My second dream had to do with my most favorite animal…Bison. I was in a talent show and did like a puppet show with all my stuffed Bison from childhood. I remember being so nervous and then I woke up. LOL. I guess I’ll never know how I performed.

Cravings this week have been pretty low key. I feel like I am finally craving sweets non stop. I want donuts, bagels, brownies, ice cream, french toast, and chocolate…I don’t usually eat straight chocolate bars and this week I did. I also want spaghetti and pizza, salt and vinegar chips, and fruit…mainly peaches.

I also have zero desire to cook anything right now. If I didn’t have a gestational diabetes test coming up in a couple weeks I might just continue this eating out trend (holla TBELL).

As far as workouts go this week, I made it to the gym three times and did 2 at home workouts. My left calf keeps cramping and my hips feel like they are separating so I tried taking it easier but it’s hard (word to your mother…don’t do bench step ups in flip flops).

I tried incorporating shorter run intervals into workouts this week like 400m intervals or an easy 800m warm up/cool down jog. Running still feels good so I’m going to keep doing it. I also did incline bench and chest flies this week and that was a fun change up.

I’m hoping to get in a trail run/hike this weekend and some swimming at my parents house too. That sounds like a nice time. Maybe I’ll toss in a virgin margarita? Sounds exciting.

Oh! I also got my maternity leave set up so things are starting to feel real! I can’t believe Sam and I are going to be parents in a few short months. BAH! He also planned our baby moon which will be taking place in a month. Can’t wait for a couple relaxing days away!

Time to go eat a brownie and do some more weeding in my garden (Hey! I have 2 tomato buds! Yippee).

Have a fantasmic weekend friends. Eat a donut or 4 🙂





Currently I am sitting here with a 13 oz tiny human in my tummy. Cool. I just had my 20 week appointment and it was so sweet to see the little creature move around. Every time I see it, it looks more like a person. Sam and I decided we want to do a little gender reveal so we have the gender sealed away in an envelope (SO tough not to open) so stay tuned to Friday for an update on this.

Since the last post, my sister and I ran a trail 10 mile race. It was a blast and a half. It was a lovely 60 degree morning and we did the whole thing together which was super great. Our final time was 2:07. The fun thing about trail races is you can pretty much walk whenever you want and not feel bad about yourself like a normal road race. Together, we walked all the hills (and there were a lot of them) but pretty much ran the rest of the time. Our reward for the race…a super cool hat! The most fun swag ever. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

I’ve also gained about 12 pounds since getting knocked up so while running is still great, I’ve really been into hiking, biking, and walking. Ruthie loves to go for hikes at the same park we did the run at and I love it too because it tires her out for about 2 days. On Saturday, we did the 6 mile route with my parents. It is so beautiful at the State Park and I could probably hike out there every day.

Sam and I also took Ruth to the Long Lake Park nearby and let her go in the water for a little bit (until she came upon a dead floaty fish, GROSS). She was pooped yesterday and even more today after playing at dog daycare all day.

2018-05-14 04.34.28 1.jpg

The weather here has been pretty glorious lately…70’s and nice. I’ve been getting to the gym about 3-4 times a week now. I used to go every day at 4:20 AM but now that I’m a little more sleepy, 3 times is enough. On my non-gym days I’ve been running about 3 miles in the AM or taking the dog for a short walk before work.

I’ve also been trying to get in some outdoor workouts. I have this cool weight from the gym I used to work at and have been using that but it’s getting a little heavy so I might invest in some lower weight dumbbells. Getting a workout in in the sun is so much better than being stuck inside!

2018-05-14 04.34.33 1.jpg

I love nature

I haven’t had any odd dreams lately except my sister’s dog getting a retainer. That was actually pretty odd now that I think about it. I also woke up one night petting Sam’s face…must have thought he was the dog.

Cravings lately haven’t really been much-besides the ball park hotdog I was craving today. Like the thick footlong kind with all the toppings…onions included. I also have been craving berries and peaches. Things that don’t sound good are coffee (the smell makes me want to puke), and buffalo chicken dip (this has been since day 1). I did make some stuffed peppers last week with a side of corn bread (thanks to Trader Joes), and those lovely berries. It was sooooooo good.

2018-05-14 04.34.31 1.jpg


Last week I ate out like 5 times and felt like a lug so this week I’m hoping to do more cooking at home. If you have any fave healthy recipes/blogs, toss em my way.

One thing that this pregnancy has made me do is read. I had forgot how much I love to read. Last week I picked up “Big Little Lies” from the library and am almost finished with it. It’s the perfect book for summer and I can’t put it down. I think I currently have 5 books on my hold list at the library. The library might be my second fave place right now…behind the ice cream shop (can’t wait to try the new summer berry blizzard from Dairy Queen).

2018-05-14 04.34.30 1.jpg

This coming weekend I’m really hoping to start a garden. I’ve never really gardened before (Sam always brings up how I couldn’t even keep green beans alive in a pot) but how hard can it be. I think I’m going to do a raised bed and start small with carrots, potatoes, peppers, and some herbs. I’m also really hoping to plant some blueberry and raspberry bushes. How fun would it be to just go out back with a bucket for some fresh picked produce. Super fun.

A chocolate muffin is calling my name right now. Have a lovely night.