Protein Packed Saturday

I had a decaf caramel macchiato from Starbucks today and I swear it just puts me in the best mood. Harry and I (we tried to get Ruthie to come but she said she’s on a no caff diet right now) went at 5:30 this morning because the child wakes up at 5 everyday. It was so fun.

2018-11-17 06.34.33 2.jpg

Decaf duh

So, yesterday afternoon I went to a class at Alchemy (haven’t been for a while) and it was a blast. I went to the A10 since I’m just getting back into it and it kicked my bum. The workout had pull ups and I haven’t attempted a pull up since about March. Oofdah. But I gave it a shot and it wasn’t all that terrible. Except today. I def feel it today. I forgot how much I love working out in a class setting!

Today has been a busy day. After coffee, I came home and prepped my fave protein pancake recipe.

2018-11-17 06.34.31 2.jpg

Protein Pancake essentials

It’s really simple and so yummy. You take a cup of egg whites (I always add one whole egg), 1/3 cup of oats, a dash of baking powder and whatever spices you want. Sometimes I add tumeric. Today I went with cinnamon. You can also add protein powder, cocoa powder…the options are endless. Then you pour all that into a hot pan oiled with coconut oil and cook. I suck at flipping the thing because it’s giant so it always turns into a giant blob. But eating blobs is the most fun.

2018-11-17 06.34.29 2.jpg


The topping options are endless as well. Today I went with a little PB, some jam, a few dark chocolate chips, and some local honey. I might have licked my plate after. Only Harry and Ruth were here to judge me so that’s whatever. Oh, and whipped cream. Ruthie recently discovered her love for whipped cream as well and I always have to give her a little taste.

2018-11-17 06.42.06 2.jpg


After downing my cake, I wanted to take Ruth for a run. But she was protesting the cold so I went by myself. I don’t know how far I went and I sure as heck didn’t go fast. I just took my time and enjoyed the snowflakes falling on me.

Next on the agenda, muffins! I found a box of Kodiak cakes muffin mix at Target yesterday and decided to try that with my fave easy muffin recipe. All you need is a box of cake mix, a can of pumpkin, and mini chocolate chips. Seriously, so simple.

2018-11-17 09.28.11 1.jpg


All you do is mix the cake mix with pumpkin and about 1/2 cup of water…add your chocolate chips and bake at 350-375 for 12 ish minutes.

2018-11-17 09.28.09 1.jpg

I love these muffins because they are so moist. I usually underbake them a tad so they are gooey in the middle. I offered Sam one but he politely declined. The options with these are also endless. Sometime I do a spice cake mix and rasins, or a white cake mix and white chocolate chips. YUM!

2018-11-17 09.59.19 1.jpg

True Beauty

I eat these for breakfast and dessert ūüôā

The rest of our Saturday was spent lamp shopping (fail), eating, going for a walk, drinking Coconut La Croix, snuggling, and eating Chipotle.

PS there’s a new Hallmark movie on tonight and we can’t wait to snuggle in with our muffins and a cup of decaf mocha.

Have yourself a merry night!






Help! I don’t know what to make for Dinner!

Another day, another dolla…isn’t that¬†what they say? For me, it’s like another day to spend dollas because lately I’ve been¬†wanting to shop like a mad¬†woman. Good thing I live¬†with Sam because he usually talks some cents (hehe) into me.

Deja Vu, it’s Sunday again. Harry has not been sleeping much during the day lately so I’ve been trying to entertain him, feed him (he’s had a shitty few days of feeding and I’m stressed about it but he’ll be fine), and¬†watch him smile. This morning¬†while feeding him, he smiled at me then did this creepy old man laugh. I almost spit out my¬†water…anyone else down the¬†water¬†while breastfeeding? It’s like as soon as the kid latches on, I become extremely parched and need some H2O.

Pause. Lets go back to yesterday because Sam and I¬†went out to lunch by ourselves and it¬†was fun yet very odd not to have Harry (shoutout to Grandma Lynn for¬†watching him yesterday. You’re the bees knees!). I missed him and it¬†was only like 4 hours¬†without him.

I¬†was able to go for a nice hike¬†with my dad (hello chilly¬†weather), get a haircut because my hair has been absolute shit since giving birth, and go to my favorite restaurant…Barkers!

2018-11-04 07.57.55 1.jpg

I¬†wanted to chop it all but Sam said he likes my hair long…

Back to Barks…They have the best french fries on the planet. Our food came and I downed the fries before Sam even took a bite of his¬†wings…I’m sure our¬†waitress judged me for cleaning my plate but IDC because I need all the cals right? Plus, I left a little ketchup so it’s not like my plate¬†was 100% cleaned.

Oh, and I had half a margarita and felt like a Goddess. Funny¬†what alcohol does to your mind ūüôā Every time I drink margaritas I get all these great ideas of things I’m going to do…like move back to Hudson (someone find us a cute little house on some land¬†with chickens!), become a lunch lady so I can take care of Harry and have summers off, run 5 marathons…you get it. I believe they call it liquid courage? Maybe I’ll follow through¬†with some of those things…except run 5 marathons because I think I’m done¬†with road marathons…trail running is¬†where it’s at people!

2018-11-04 07.57.57 1.jpg


So now it’s Sunday…my fave day of the¬†week currently especially¬†when it’s rainy out because it makes me feel like I don’t have to do much. Except I’ll probably do a lot. Sunday’s are always for meal prepping in my house. I have like 5 tabs open right now of¬†what to make. There’s a ranch pork chop, creamy¬†white chicken lasagna soup, chicken florentine lasagna, french onion grilled cheese (current lead), and beef stroganoff. Give me your vote and I’ll make it! I have the¬†worst time making decisions and I’ll probably just end up eating salad. LOL. NO.

Sunday’s also mean I get to go to the actual gym because Sam is home and can take care of Harry if needed. Due to daylight savings, Harry ate at 4:30 am¬†which¬†was perfect because that meant I got to the gym around 5:30 and I love getting there early. Thanks buddy for cooperating.

This morning I did the following¬†workout (I’ll try to explain it better for you Aunt Lori):

5 sets of 3 reps: Squat Cleans (Used 65 pounds)

Superset: 5 sets of 12 reps: Single arm swing snatch (used a 20 lb dumb bell)

Then…15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):

5 banded pullups (used the most assisted band because my pullups are no¬†where near to¬†where they used to be…but that’s OK, I like a challenge)

10 pushups on a box (because my boobs hurt too much to touch the floor)

15 slamball hang to overhead

20 slow air squats

*I ended with a minute of box step ups just for funsies*

Then I did 4 intervals on the rower of 90 seconds row + 30 seconds arms only row

Then I¬†went home and downed some coffee and oatmeal. Oatmeal has been my jam for breakfast the past couple days¬†with skim milk, rasins, and brown sugar…keeps me regular ya know? It also brings me back to childhood because I swear my dad used to eat it like that but that could be a made up memory.

2018-11-04 07.57.51 1.jpg

That’s a dumb bell

I really hope to organize the house today and get up our bathroom mirror. I need to get rid of some kitchen stuff¬†we don’t use and go through my closet. I think I’m going to put my maternity clothes in a separate closet but that sounds like a lot of¬†work right now.

I also¬†want to order more holiday scented candles (like I said above, I¬†want to spend $) from Amazon but I don’t think Sam¬†will be too thrilled¬†with me. I’ll keep you updated on my candle sitch.

Okay friends, that’s today’s update on my super exciting life. Let me know your vote for dinner.

Thanks for tuning in…until next time ūüôā


-A very caffeinated and endorphinized Haley



Give Yourself Credit

Hello. Here¬†we are again, Friday. Sweet because then Sam gets to be home all¬†weekend but also not sweet because time is going¬†way too fast and I’m already getting anxious about going back to¬†work. Just live in the moment right? But that’s freaking hard. Since Harry came a¬†week early, I get to go back to¬†work on Christmas Eve day (I should be thrilled to have a job to go back to) and I’m already crying thinking about leaving my son the day before Christmas. Any helpful tips on how to transition¬†would be greatly appreciated ūüôā

So, yesterday Harry and I¬†went to Gramma Dee and Grandpa Fletch’s house for a little visit. Since¬†we still don’t have laundry, I brought along a couple loads and my mom (she’s a literal angel) prepped us a couple meals. Hello instant pot pot roast, chicken pot pie, and these bars!. Our little fam is so lucky to have you mom!

Anyway,¬†while at their house, I got super anxious about little Harry not eating enough. He has some super great feedings¬†where I’m like, “man,¬†we got this down.” And then he has a bunch of shitty feedings¬†where I’m like “I suck, he’s going to lose¬†weight and have to go to the hospital. I’m going to just start feeding him formula.” It seriously stresses me out every single day. I try to remain calm and tell myself he is eating enough since he’s pooping and peeing and he’s not asking for more. But how can I be sure? I just¬†want to¬†weigh him every day to make sure he’s going in the right direction.

To try to relieve some stress, I took myself to the State Park for a nice run/walk (FYI I am incredibly sore today…the hills really got me). The Park is my favorite place to go¬†when I need to chill the eff out because it is beautiful there and during the¬†week it’s pretty much empty. Just me and nature. Let me tell you, for the first half of my run-hike, I could not relax. I kept thinking…what if Harry is hungry (Haley, you left a bottle),¬†what if Harry is crying (Haley, he’s a baby, he’ll probably cry)…Haley, you left your 1 month son, you are a crappy mom (Haley, you are not a crappy mom, you can take an hour for yourself…Haley no you can’t). Yes, these are the exact thoughts that consumed my mind for the first 4 miles.

I even¬†worked myself into a nice headache due to this stress. Then¬†with about 2 miles left, I finally chilled the eff out. IDK¬†what it¬†was but something just changed and I felt calm. I knew Harry¬†was in good hands. He had everything he needed and he’d be alright for an hour.

I just don’t know¬†why I let myself get so stressed. It doesn’t make anything better at all. I feel like one minute I’m so confident in everything, and the next minute I’m in a panic, questioning everything. Ask Sam, he’ll tell you. One day I’m like “OMG Harry slept all day, he is growing!” The next day I’m like “OMG¬†why is Harry sleeping all day? He must be ill?” Or “Harry’s belly is growing, yay!” “Harry’s belly is full of gas, get it out!”

However, I feel like Harry can sense my stress and that stresses him out (I know Ruthie can sure sense my stress) so I need to keep reminding myself to settle down. Plus, I hate being stressed…I’m mean, I stinky sweat, I get headaches. STOP BEING A STRESSED LADY, LADY.

So, how does one not stress¬†with a baby? Take a stress relief bath? Drink a glass of¬†wine? Talk to my support system? Go for a¬†walk (LOL see above)?¬† Sure, these things might help temporarily but I don’t think it’s possible to not be stressed. But I’m going to try my best to remind myself that¬†we’re doing the best¬†we can.

This is all new territory and¬†we¬†will figure it out one hour, one day at a time. As long as Harry is fed, changed,¬†warm, and snuggled, he is OK. Being a mom is the most rewarding yet hardest thing I’ve ever experienced but us moms need to give ourselves some credit. Bringing a human into this¬†world is INSANE. This little being that¬†was growing inside is now on the outside and¬†we have so much to figure out together.

Here’s to all the mom’s out there. You are amazing. You’re doing the best job. Keep your head up because it’s not easy but it’s def¬†worth it.


-Mama Hales

The Babymoon

Another week has flown by, little dude is growing by the day, and I’m starting to slow down in almost every daily task. I still feel pretty darn good considering we have less than 10 weeks to go!

This last week I haven’t had much of an appetite but when I do, it’s a force. I’ve been craving pizza (hello Margharita from Punch Pizza), ice cream, and milk shakes. Also BBQ chips…weird because I’ve never loved that flavor.

Workouts this week have been pretty good. A good mix of full body stuff, weights, and some cardio…Although running is getting a little difficult… might give that a rest soon.

Now for the main topic of this post…Baby moon! Sam surprised me with a little getaway to a town called Bayfield, WI last week. We had the most lovely time and the weather was just perfect.

I kept a journal (per Sam’s request) and am thinking maybe one day I’ll publish a travel journal…LOL.

We left our house at 10AM Sunday morning and made a few pit stops along the way. It took us about 4 hours to get there but it was worth the drive. Bayfield is on Lake Superior and just plain gorgeous. Our motel was right on the water and the front desk lady was just the cutest.

We kept a pretty low key itinerary for the most part. We did a lot of walking around then sitting on patios with beverages (beer for Sam, H2O or lemonade for me).

We ate a ton of good food, especially our breakfast Monday morning. We hit up a little joint called The Fat Radish. I had the most amazing pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes and a lavender latte. OMG. I could eat that daily.

It was good to have all that fuel because right after breakfast we hopped on the Fairy to Madeline Island. The ride over was beautiful. We sat on the top deck and got some pretty amazing views of the lake.

Once we got on the island, we rented our selves some bicycles (Sam was voting for mopeds but I was not into that), and headed off on a 15 mile round trip to Big Bay State Park. We did a little Lakeshore hike there and scoped out the campground. I really wanted to rent kayaks but was too afraid I wouldn’t pass the safety test on account of my belly is the size of a basketball.

After the bike ride we stopped at The Beach Club for a snack and a drink. We then took a nice walk to the Marina and stopped at a little Pub where the waitress specially made me a fresh strawberry and soda water. She was a doll. Everyone on the Island was so friendly and I’ve never gotten so many congratulations on my belly.

The waitress told Sam he could take his margarita in a to-go cup because apparently you can walk around like Vegas on Madeline Island. So fun!

We hopped back on the Fairy around 3PM then hit up a rooftop for some more hydration.

Since it was our last night, we decided to do dinner then dessert. We had dinner at the MannyPenny Bistro (Great chicken fajitas), followed by an insane dessert at the Pier Plaza (I think this was the name). I went with the monster carrot cake because duh and because I’m feeding a growing boy. Sam chose the chocolate lava cake. We were both very satisfied with our choices and it was the perfect ending to a super fantastic Baby moon.

This week I’m hoping to paint the nursery and get up the cacti decals! Other than that, I’m just cooking. and cleaning, and hanging by the pool with my mom.

Have a lovely summer weekend!



Week 29

Goooood Morning. This morning I¬†woke up at 5:20 and¬†was feeling pretty good so I ran to the gym and did a fast lil 20 minute¬†workout. It¬†was actually pretty busy…there¬†were 3 other people there!¬†After the run back home I¬†was pretty ravenous so I made a large bowl of oatmeal and topped it¬†with some pumpkin and frozen blueberries. YUM.

Speaking of blueberries, last weekend Sam and I picked some. There was this cute little blueberry farm (patch?) in Stillwater, MN and the bluebs were loaded. It was very warm while picking but I knew we were getting ice cream after so the heat was totes fine.

Sam and I picked about 2 pounds of berries from just 2 bushes! They¬†were loaded and so tasty. I froze a bunch and made some pumpkin-oatmeal-blueberry pancakes for the¬†week. Yes, I’ll admit, I ate 12 pancakes last¬†week.

2018-07-21 07.17.16 1.jpg

Ruthie doesn’t even like blueberries

Also, I decided if I ever get another dog, I’m naming it Blueberry.

After the picking¬†we hit up Nelson’s in Stillwater. You better come¬†with an appetite or extra cup or something¬†when you visit here because the serving sizes are insane. I got a kiddie size and Sam got a small. Neither of us finished our cream in one sitting. I chose Monster Cookie and Raspberry Truffle (FAVE), and Sam¬†went¬†with Cotton Candy.

2018-07-21 07.17.17 1.jpg

Kiddie Size

Sam also took the doors off his Jeep last¬†weekend so¬†we cruised around in that for a¬†while. I told him I felt so cool riding doorless. It¬†was also super odd getting out and not having a door to slam shut. Ruthie loved the no door thing too. No,¬†we did not let her ride in it that¬†way but anytime¬†we¬†went outside she’d just hop right in and chill in the driver seat.

2018-07-21 07.17.14 1.jpg

The Green Machine

So, I had another Dr. appt yesterday and everything is going swell. These checkups take about 15 minutes and they just make sure everything is normal. I still feel pretty darn good except I found out it’s getting harder to tie my shoes now. I also got a ton of sleep last¬†week¬†which¬†was a real treat but I feel like I get tired¬†way faster now-a-days. Good excuse to catch up on Very Cavillari.

Cravings are STILL salty. This¬†week it¬†was chips…I’m not usually a huge chip girl so this¬†was kind of fun. And salads. I’ve really¬†wanted salads. My appetite has decreased a little¬†which is kind of annoying because I love food but I’m sure it¬†will come back soon.

Sam made the most amazing dinner this¬†week. He called it tacos on a stick…I call it kebabs. They had steak, pepper, avocado, tortilla strips, and corn on the cob. He even marinated the steak. THEY ROCKED. It¬†was probs one of my favorite things he’s ever made.

2018-07-21 07.17.11 1.jpg

Belly want Kebab

PS grilled avocado is tasty.

Being active this¬†week seemed to be a little bit of a struggle but I’m kind of in the “I don’t care as long as I go for a¬†walk every day” mind set right now. I made it to the gym 3 times and did a fun at home¬†workout. I also did another 7 mile hike/run at the State Park Sunday but found myself hiking more than running this time. That¬†was 100% A-OK¬†with me. I think part of it¬†was I had a side ache because I had to poo but didn’t¬†want to jump into the¬†woods on account of the mosquitoes were horrid.

My mom and I also went for a nice 3 mile hike yesterday with the dog. It was a little humid so I got kind of tired by the end. So did Ruth.

2018-07-21 07.17.13 1.jpg

All Naturale

That’s about all that’s new for last¬†week. I did order another Stitch Fix so I’m hoping there’s a lot of fun items in there.

Today, one of my best gal pals is getting married so I’m planning on taking a nap later so I can celebrate past 8 PM. SO EXCITED! Then Sam and I are hitting the road tomorrow to celebrate our “baby-moon” near the Apostle Islands. Also can’t¬†wait.

Enjoy your weekend! Do something exciting!



The 25th Week

Annnnnnnd¬†we’re growing! Every time I look in the mirror I swear the bump is growing. I also feel like it’s not very circular…more like a square or rectangle? I guess that’s okay though because my belly is now the perfect size for a little table. I can set my¬†water glass there, my phone, my computer, Ruthie’s head…the options are endless.

2018-06-21 07.19.25 1.jpg

Baby bump or table?

Speaking of Ruth, she’s been a doll lately. I think she knows soon she’s going to have to share my love so she’s being extra sweet and is basically attached to my hip. Anytime I sit down on the couch she hops up next to me and puts a little paw (or as I call them hands) on my tummy. As soon as I hop into bed, she’s right there¬†with me being the little spoon…I don’t even mind. She’s such a snuggler and it makes me so happy.

2018-06-21 05.23.32 1.jpg

She’ll always be our first child

So¬†week 25 is here¬†which means¬†we could have 15¬†weeks left before little¬†wakey joins the¬†world. Cool. I think he’s like 2 pounds right now or something¬†which doesn’t seem like a lot. He’s kicking like a forward in the¬†world cup AKA constantly but it’s pretty neat.

This¬†week I finally signed Sam and I up for a breastfeeding class. I am so jazzed because honestly, I have no clue¬†wtf I’m doing. I asked Sam if he thinks I’ll get to practice¬†with a doll like in CPR class…he shook his head and¬†walked away.

This¬†week I also ate out 4 times for dinner…maybe 5 if I go out tonight. Better enjoy it I tell myself because soon I’ll be so busy there¬†will be no time to eat a full meal…LOL.

Monday I¬†went to Brasa¬†with my gal pals and got the pork and over easy egg bowl and ate it all. Normally I have to get a box for this meal but clearly baby¬†was extra hungry ūüôā

Tuesday¬†we¬†went to Sam’s grandparents house for dinner. They grilled brats and it¬†was lovely!

Wednesday¬†we met my parents at a fun little place called LOLO in Stillwater, MN. None of us had ever been so it¬†was a joy to try something new. Let me tell you, if you’re looking for a place¬†with a fun selection of non-alcoholic drinks, go here. I chose the Tony Basil and enjoyed every sip of it. I¬†was super fun to have some options besides¬†water or lemonade. I almost got the root beer but¬†was feeling spicy.

2018-06-21 05.23.31 1.jpg

Hey Tony!

2018-06-21 05.23.29 1.jpg

So many choices!

For a starter we¬†went¬†with the olives and their special…a bacon jam toast. Both¬†were delicious and there¬†were zero leftovers of either.


For the main course I obvi¬†went¬†with a cheese burger and fries. AND it¬†was awesome. The fries¬†were garlic and rosemary and I ate every last one. I think I blacked out because I started eating them and then looked down and they¬†were all gone. My bad. I’ll def go back for more drinks and fries.

And I guess I only ate out 3 times for dinner…pregnancy brain at it’s best.

Wednesday night I had some strange dreams. I blame Tony Basil. My first dream was that my whole family was at a cabin. My mom and sister said they were going outside and then they disappeared for like 90 minutes. Turns out they went snowshoeing without me and I was not happy.

My second dream had to do¬†with my most favorite animal…Bison. I¬†was in a talent show and did like a puppet show¬†with all my stuffed Bison from childhood. I remember being so nervous and then I¬†woke up. LOL. I guess I’ll never know how I performed.

Cravings this¬†week have been pretty low key. I feel like I am finally craving sweets non stop. I¬†want donuts, bagels, brownies, ice cream, french toast, and chocolate…I don’t usually eat straight chocolate bars and this¬†week I did. I also¬†want spaghetti and pizza, salt and vinegar chips, and fruit…mainly peaches.

I also have zero desire to cook anything right now. If I didn’t have a gestational diabetes test coming up in a couple¬†weeks I might just continue this eating out trend (holla TBELL).

As far as¬†workouts go this¬†week, I made it to the gym three times and did 2 at home¬†workouts. My left calf keeps cramping and my hips feel like they are separating so I tried taking it easier but it’s hard (word to your mother…don’t do bench step ups in flip flops).

I tried incorporating shorter run intervals into¬†workouts this¬†week like 400m intervals or an easy 800m¬†warm up/cool down jog. Running still feels good so I’m going to keep doing it. I also did incline bench and chest flies this¬†week and that¬†was a fun change up.

I’m hoping to get in a trail run/hike this¬†weekend and some swimming at my parents house too. That sounds like a nice time. Maybe¬†I’ll toss in a virgin margarita? Sounds exciting.

Oh! I also got my maternity leave set up so things are starting to feel real! I can’t believe Sam and I are going to be parents in a few short months. BAH! He also planned our baby moon¬†which¬†will be taking place in a month. Can’t¬†wait for a couple relaxing days away!

Time to go eat a brownie and do some more weeding in my garden (Hey! I have 2 tomato buds! Yippee).

Have a fantasmic¬†weekend friends. Eat a donut or 4 ūüôā



Week 24

Well hello. Normally I like to¬†write these posts on Friday’s on account of I get home early but I¬†went out of town last¬†weekend and just ran out of time. So here¬†we are, Monday evening. I’m almost at¬†week 25 (HOLY MOLY how did that happen!?) but lets just recap¬†week 24 anyway cuz it’s fun.

First off, I feel like my belly is growing every day. I’ve officially gained 15 pounds and feel pretty good. I have been getting some cramps still in my hips/calfs during sleeping time¬†which keeps me up some nights but if that’s the¬†worst of it, I’m ok¬†with that.

2018-06-18 05.04.27 1.jpg

He’s growing!

I had a strange craving this¬†week. It happened to be pancakes¬†with french fries dunked in maple syrup. Strange or it could be the most amazing combo ever. Sadly, I did not get to indulge in this one…yet. I’ve also been craving mashed potatoes sauced¬†with ketchup (or basically ketchup on everything), Culvers, salad of Cesar,¬† hamburgers (always), and CANDY. I guess you could say there’s a variety. Oh and always apples. Red apples.

ALSO, big news…Baby had his first Quarter Pounder¬†with cheese. I mean, have you seen the commercials for this lately? That’s¬†what started this¬†whole craving in the first place…kudos to you McDonald’s marketers. My first¬†QP¬†was (in Fergie voice) “tasty, tasty.” The fries however¬†were mediocre at best…forever a¬†Wendy’s or Culvers fry girl.

During week 24 I also whipped out the crock pot and made some delicious shredded chicken. You literally take 2 pounds of chicken boobs and put them in the crock with seasonings and a cup of chicken broth. Sam is weird and added cream of chicken but whatever, it worked. Then you just let that cook on low for 6-8 hours and shred it up. I used my chicken as homemade chicken burrito bowls and it was mighty tasty.

2018-06-18 05.05.25 1.jpg

Homemade Chipotle

During week 24 workouts seemed super fun and I seem to be gaining some motivation again. I did a nice 7 mile run/hike at the state park and some super fun outdoor workouts including things like lunges, elevated push ups, hang power cleans, bent over rows and bench step ups. I also did a few workouts at the gym including low weighted wall balls, box step ups, push press, swing snatch and more.

2018-06-18 05.04.29 1.jpg

There’s a turkey out there

I’ve been checking out lately because she posts some fun¬†workouts that are easy to do at home or modify if needed. I’ve also been making sure to take plenty of¬†water breaks to catch my breath.

Baby also got to take his first road trip to Duluth during¬†week 24 and experience mom’s driving for an extended period of time. There¬†was some bad traffic and¬†we almost got hit by a tire that flew off a boat trailer in front of us but other than that¬†we sang a lot of songs and drank a lot of¬†water. It¬†was pretty boring. Duluth¬†was a blast though! It¬†was Grandma’s¬†weekend and my sister’s boyfriend and friend¬†were running the half.

Molly and I¬†were the support crew and it basically felt like¬†we ran also. The race started at the butt crack of dawn (6:15 am) so¬†we¬†were up and at em¬†with the birds. Our goal¬†was to see the runners as many times as possible and¬†we saw them 5 times so I’d say that’s pretty good. One time¬†we had to sprint 2 blocks to make it to them and I¬†was so out of breath it¬†was sad. But that’s OK because I’m running for 2.

I’ve never actually got to¬†watch Grandma’s because I’m normally participating in it but this year¬†was so fun. I actually really enjoyed being the support team and had no desire to be doing the run (I¬†was afraid I’d get super jealous of every runner and end up super sad I couldn’t run-not the case). It¬†was also incredible to see the elite runner zoom by. They are literally sprinting and it’s such a sight. Ok, enough about running.

Please excuse my scatter brain right now. There’s a lot going on. Sam’s cooking a pizza, Ruthie’s got zoomies, and I just really¬†want some graham crackers¬†with frosting.

I leave you with a funny picture of Ruthie.

2018-06-18 05.05.26 1.jpg

So seeeepy

Have an excellent night my friends! Someone have a margarita or Summer Shandy for me!





Week 23

23 down, 17 to go. YIPES! That’s not very many weeks. How fun! I have my 24 week check up Monday and am hoping to get Sam and I signed up for a couple baby classes in the next week. I’m really pumped (no pun intended) to take a breastfeeding class…Sam on the other hand…

The 23rd week brought a growing belly and even more protruding belly button. I can’t touch it, it freaks me out.

2018-06-08 01.58.23 1.jpg

Now we Bumpin!

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I feel like I’ve been a little more tired lately so I’ve been sleeping in in the mornings and doing my workouts outside  after work since it’s been a gem of weather lately. I’ve now been going to Anytime like 3 days a week and doing at home workouts the other 2-3 days of the week. I still feel pretty good but take breaks when I get super tired and try not to let my heart rate get above 135. I’m loving the at home workouts though because I can take my weights and go out to the backyard and workout in the sunshine. Ruthie likes it too because she usually gets a PB treat to keep her occupied for the 13-15 minutes I can’t pay attention to her.

Runs have been nothing more than 3-4 miles. I have been running to the gym which is a nice 1.15 miles one way and a great way to warm up/cool down. My running pace now is about a 10 minute mile. Pre-pregnancy I was doing around 8:10 min miles so I am taking it much easier and it feels really nice. Ruth and I even went for a nice run this week….I probably enjoyed it more than she did.

I’ve also been taking Ruthie on lots of walks/hikes. There’s this great 6 mile loop at the State Park we try to do once a week. It tires her out for a couple days which is nice. She’s just so snuggly and adorable when she’s tired. Ruth and I also went for a fun walk with my gal pal Chels and her 11 month old son yesterday. It was Ruthie’s first time meeting an 11 month old baby and I think she did pretty darn good. It makes me feel better knowing she likes being around kids.

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Little Snuggle bug

Cravings this weeks have been kind of odd. I craved a tuna melt every day and finally had one last night. It probably was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. I’m also craving Italian Dunkers (if you remember these from High School)/Punch Pizza, Rice Krispies with blueberries and sugar, tacos, and hamburgers. Cool. At least it’s a fun variety of things.

I did have a spectacular time meal prepping last weekend. My mom gets the most amazing cinnamon rolls from work (except not anymore cuz she is now a retired lady!!!!) and gave me half a case (whadup rolls). You just let them rise for like 2 hours then bake and frost them. They are seriously the best cinnamon rolls ever. Besides the ones from Sand Pedro Cafe in Hudson. But that’s besides the point. So I made the rolls and frosted them then ate almost all of them. I got a hungry baby inside my belly OK?

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Does eating rolls give you rolls?

I also had some fun picking fresh rhubarb from the plant in our backyard. I’ve never actually picked anything from my backyard and I felt so cool going out with a pail and getting about 2 cups of fresh rhubarb. I decided to try my hand at a rhubarb crisp but since I only had 2 cups, I added strawberries and apples. It was super simple to put together and really the only bad ingredients in the crisp were the butter and the sugar (but are they really that bad?). I also pretty much ate the entire crisp but again, whateves Bevs.

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Crispy Crisp

I asked Sam what I should make for breakfasts and he sent me a recipe for egg cups with a sweet potato crust. I was very shocked to see he sent me a recipe with sweet potato in it. I’ve also never made egg cups so I tried those out. They looked disgusting and some of the egg spilled into the empty muffin tin slots but they tasted like a dream. They had ham and pepper and eggs and cheese. I’d probably make these again and double the recipe since it only made 8 and I ate 2 at a time. Again, I ate all of these. I asked Sam why he didn’t have any and he goes…”I picked that recipe because I thought you would like it.”  Aww man, what a guy.

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Getting J(eggy) with it

Other than that, my life has been pretty much same ole same ole last week. I did finish another book which was exciting and I currently have another waiting for me at the local Library. PS have I ever told you how much I love the Library? It’s the most magical place. You can get any book, movie, magazine…it’s pretty neat.

Sam also planned our baby moon road trip but is keeping it a secret. I am so excited!

I’m probably going to go vacuum or do something productive now. Have a swell weekend!





Currently I am sitting here with a 13 oz tiny human in my tummy. Cool. I just had my 20 week appointment and it was so sweet to see the little creature move around. Every time I see it, it looks more like a person. Sam and I decided we want to do a little gender reveal so we have the gender sealed away in an envelope (SO tough not to open) so stay tuned to Friday for an update on this.

Since the last post, my sister and I ran a trail 10 mile race. It¬†was a blast and a half. It¬†was a lovely 60 degree morning and¬†we did the¬†whole thing together¬†which¬†was super great. Our final time¬†was 2:07. The fun thing about trail races is you can pretty much¬†walk¬†whenever you¬†want and not feel bad about yourself like a normal road race. Together,¬†we¬†walked all the hills (and there¬†were a lot of them) but pretty much ran the rest of the time. Our reward for the race…a super cool hat! The most fun swag ever. Can’t¬†wait to do it again next year!

I’ve also gained about 12 pounds since getting knocked up so¬†while running is still great, I’ve really been into hiking, biking, and¬†walking. Ruthie loves to go for hikes at the same park¬†we did the run at and I love it too because it tires her out for about 2 days. On Saturday,¬†we did the 6 mile route¬†with my parents. It is so beautiful at the State Park and I could probably hike out there every day.

Sam and I also took Ruth to the Long Lake Park nearby and let her go in the water for a little bit (until she came upon a dead floaty fish, GROSS). She was pooped yesterday and even more today after playing at dog daycare all day.

2018-05-14 04.34.28 1.jpg

The¬†weather here has been pretty glorious lately…70’s and nice. I’ve been getting to the gym about 3-4 times a¬†week now. I used to go every day at 4:20 AM but now that I’m a little more sleepy, 3 times is enough. On my non-gym days I’ve been running about 3 miles in the AM or taking the dog for a short¬†walk before¬†work.

I’ve also been trying to get in some outdoor¬†workouts. I have this cool¬†weight from the gym I used to¬†work at and have been using that but it’s getting a little heavy so I might invest in some lower¬†weight dumbbells. Getting a¬†workout in in the sun is so much better than being stuck inside!

2018-05-14 04.34.33 1.jpg

I love nature

I haven’t had any odd dreams lately except my sister’s dog getting a retainer. That¬†was actually pretty odd now that I think about it. I also¬†woke up one night petting Sam’s face…must have thought he¬†was the dog.

Cravings lately haven’t really been much-besides the ball park hotdog I¬†was craving today. Like the thick footlong kind with all the toppings…onions included. I also have been craving berries and peaches. Things that don’t sound good are coffee (the smell makes me¬†want to puke), and buffalo chicken dip (this has been since day 1). I did make some stuffed peppers last¬†week¬†with a side of corn bread (thanks to Trader Joes), and those lovely berries. It¬†was sooooooo good.

2018-05-14 04.34.31 1.jpg


Last¬†week I ate out like 5 times and felt like a lug so this¬†week I’m hoping to do more cooking at home. If you have any fave healthy recipes/blogs, toss em my¬†way.

One thing that this pregnancy has made me do is read. I had forgot how much I love to read. Last¬†week I picked up “Big Little Lies” from the library and am almost finished¬†with it. It’s the perfect book for summer and I can’t put it down. I think I currently have 5 books on my hold list at the library. The library might be my second fave place right now…behind the ice cream shop (can’t wait to try the new summer berry blizzard from Dairy Queen).

2018-05-14 04.34.30 1.jpg

This coming¬†weekend I’m really hoping to start a garden. I’ve never really gardened before (Sam always brings up how I couldn’t even keep green beans alive in a pot) but how hard can it be. I think I’m going to do a raised bed and start small¬†with carrots, potatoes, peppers, and some herbs. I’m also really hoping to plant some blueberry and raspberry bushes. How fun¬†would it be to just go out back¬†with a bucket for some fresh picked produce. Super fun.

A chocolate muffin is calling my name right now. Have a lovely night.