Crouper Trooper

2020 is off to a bang in the Wakefield household.

Harry has not been his usual self for over a week now. Monday night he did not sleep…well he maybe got 3 hours…total. For a baby, that’s not good.

Tuesday rolls around and the poor kid can hardly breath because his nose was so plugged (yeah babies can’t blow their noses yet). He was running a slight fever. Then, the cough began. Not just a normal cough. A barky cough. A cough that made the poor bug cry. It made me cry seeing him cry.

I tried taking him to the minute clinic but word to your mother…they do not see children under 18 months (which I totally understand). Being that it was around 4 pm, we took him home, sat in the steam, drank some pedialyte, had a bath, put on new jammies, and tried to make Harry as comfy as possible in hopes he’d feel better this morning.

Welp, this morning rolled around and he seemed worse. He was uncontrollably drooling. His breathing was raspy. His cough now legit sounded like a seal. You know it’s the worst feeling when all you can do is hug your child tight when they are sick.

After having a weird feeling in my gut, I took Harry (along with my amazing mother-gosh you really are the best) to the kids clinic at Allina. PS we love this place. They are insanely amazing.

Poor baby was MiSERABLE. He wanted to sleep so badly but could not get comfortable. His eyes were watering and the drool was still coming. His fever was now almost 102. I’ve never felt more helpless than when the Dr. put the tiny oxygen tracker around his toe and he went ballistic. I may have shed a tear.

After taking a look at him (we had to hold him down on the exam table to get a look at his throat and ears) the Dr. said Harry has croup. He was given a steroid shot in his thigh to help with the swelling in his trachea. They then gave him a nebulizer. This freaked me out and I thought for sure Hare would want nothing to do with this. But he was so exhausted he took it like a champ and even dozed off.

After being observed for about 40 minutes, we were released. Thank God. There was a possibility of a hospital stay but the Dr. said Harry was good enough to go home 🙏.

Feeling so sad for my buddy, I grabbed him a kids smoothie on the way home. He drank some, read some books, played with his duck, took his pants off, then finally fell asleep.

I’m SO glad we took him in. He’s not by any means healed but he’s on the mend and that’s what matters. Listen to your gut. It’s probably right.

In other news, I’ve been feeling meh lately. I think having a sick child, lack of sleep, and pregnancy hormones has a lot to do with it but still…I’m just kind of blah. I’m trying to keep eating healthy but my appetite is slowly going bye bye and all I want is a Wendy’s Frosty or popsicle.

My workouts are happening just slower/less intense. Running has been out of the picture for a week but here’s to getting back into that…🤞🏼. One of my goals for 2020 is to stop being so hard on myself. Let me tell you, this is really fricken hard for me.

I can’t just let things go. I’m trying. I told myself to relax if I miss a workout or eat an extra donut. But I still get those thoughts of failure pretty much daily.

So today, I put on my big girl leggings, went for a 2 mile jog, and hopped into the bath with the most amazing Bathbomb. I’m not perfect and never will be. I’m a work in progress and I’m trying.

Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for your support.



2020 +1

I’m so mad. I had this entire post ready to go this morning and then poof, it was gone. So here we are back to square 1.

Happy New Year. 2020 started out with a barf explosion from my 15 month old last night at 7:30 pm. I have never felt more helpless or sad for a little human. He was just sitting in his crib crying actual tears (which for Harry is weird). I started crying, hugged him tight, tossed him in the bath and then laid next to him until all hours of the night.

He is so tired today but is keeping fluids down so here’s to hoping the sickness has passed! Sam was also sick this week, my mom had it… I’m taking all precautions to keep this bug away!

So, last Friday Sam and I traded in our two smaller, less reliable vehicles for a larger, more reliable vehicle because…

We’re expanding! Most people are excited for 2020 because it’s a fresh start, time to hit the gym, eat more salads, etc. We’re excited because we’re growing our family by one tiny human…did you think I was going to say Subhouse? Gotcha!

I am 14 weeks today so the lil munchkin is due July 2nd 2020. Harry could care less right now and he’s going to have to share the spotlight come July but he’ll get over it 😂

Let me tell you. Being pregnant the second time is a complete 180 from the first one. Everyone says it’s got to be a girl. Even my Doc.

With Harry I felt pretty much normal the entire time. I never had Morning sickness, worked out up until the day I gave birth… the only thing that bothered me was the thought of buffalo chicken anything.

This time around I’ve felt nauseous pretty much every day. I don’t want sweets just salt AKA chips, burgers, potatoes, oh and French Dressing. Wut.

My motivation has flown out the door. I run maybe 2 miles twice a week…three if I’m feeling frisky. I aim to workout 4-5 days a week but that normally ends up being 3.

But, I’m just trying to embrace the fact I’m lucky enough to grow another child. Harry also keeps me busy as he’s nonstop nutso tornado kid.

When I found out in October, I told Sam we were going to keep this a secret for at least 12 weeks…yeah, that lasted long. The following week we flew to Denver for his cousins wedding. When we arrived to the AirB&B his mom had a full glass of my fave wine waiting. Instantly I shouted…” I can’t! I’m pregnant!!!!” Hey, that was the longest I’ve ever kept a secret.

I’m going to try to do my weekly updates like last time so follow along if you please. Here’s to a fun filled 26 weeks and a growing belly. PS the baby is the size of a treasure troll.

Peace, love, and babies.


Jeepers Creepers

It’s pretty much Thanksgiving. That is cuckoo. Who, what, why, where, when HOW!? My lanta (my slanta) I just can’t believe we are like a month away from 2020. Sad/happy/excited. So many feelings this time of the year.

I am super excited that Harry is at such a fun age right now though and is totally into this whole holiday thing. I wanted to do elf on the shelf but I think he’s a tad too small for that. He has really enjoyed checking out the Christmas lights my mom hung on the stairs and he LOVES the Grinch puppets that sit atop the piano. My little Christmas boy.


So what’s new here since a month ago? Well, we officially sold our house and are living in my childhood bedroom now. It’s pretty neat. We have sort of started looking at houses in the area but are not in a giant rush. Not having a mortgage is kind of sweet and we’re saving as much money as possible right now.


We also took a nice trip to Denver for Sam’s cousin’s wedding. It was very relaxing and we stayed in the most amazing AirB&B. Let me tell you though, running/working out in Colorado is toughhhhh. My lungs burned after the 2 runs I went on. Fun!

Speaking of working out/running….once again I have been unmotivated! I haven’t actually lifted a weight since Wednesday. My gosh what’s going on…I did have a 24 hour bug Wed-Thurs and tossed my cookies so that was cool….not. Puking is THE WORST. I went for a tiny run yesterday and have been doing a lot walking with Harry and Ruthie. Walking is nice. My goal for next week is to lift 4 times and go for 2 shorter and 1 longer run…wish me luck LOL.


Those goals might be tough to reach actually because Friday AM I’m hopping on a plane to FL for my cousins wedding. CAN’T WAIT!!!! I guess we can count walking around Epcot as a workout right? Perfect. I’m hoping to find a cute pair of mouse ears for Harrison.

Other than adjusting to life at my parent’s house we’ve pretty much been working, sleeping, and eating. My mom makes the most amazing meals and our bellies never feel empty. I’ve also gotten to enjoy a couple baths with my CBD bath bombs and it’s amazing.

One thing I’d like to do more is start reading again. I will take any and all book recommendations you have.

Well, that’s all my brain can think of for now. Nice catching up, chat again in a month.




Jeepers Creepers

I’ve been up since 4am. Can’t sleep. No good. Maybe it’s because I was in bed at 7:45 last night? Perks of a baby going to sleep at 6:45 pm eh? Looks like I’ll be going to bed early again tonight.

This past month was nuts. So much happening, time has gone too fast. This past weekend we packaged up our house and moved everything to my childhood home for the time being. It’s exciting but also a little weird. I stood in Harry’s empty room and cried thinking of all the memories we made in there. We’re also excited to start looking for a new home closer to our families and our business. For now, we will enjoy living with my parents, playing lots of yahtzee, and eating like kings and queens (my mom is an insane cook and just this week made lasagna, pot roast, chicken pot pie, apple crisp, cookies, and breakfast casserole…looks like I might put on a few lbs LOL).

Harry chilling in his new yard

Now that we live in WI we live about 10 minutes from my fave State Park rather than 45. SCORE. My pal Katie and I met up for a beautiful run Saturday and it was just the best. We have known each other for 25 ish years which is just nuts to me! We also chatted about some fun winter races to sign up for so motivation is running high right now. Nature does wonderful things for the heart, soul, and mind.

We also celebrated my cousin’s wedding not last weekend but the weekend before. It was Harry’s first wedding and first hotel stay and I’d say he had a blast. He especially loved the cheese tray and the lime from my gin and tonic. Sam better watch out…Harry might be my new fave wedding date…JK Sam will always be #1.

Speaking of Sam, he shocked the shit out of me for my 30th Birthday. It was Friday October 11th. My employees at Subhouse had already made it a pretty fantastic day with a bag full of Bath and Bodyworks soaps, candles, and lotions (they smell like pumpkin marshmallow OMG), and a caramel malt from Culvers (WUT).

Sam told me we were going for drinks and then had a dinner res at 7:15. “FUN!” I thought. Also, we were “supposed” to go camping with my sister but they cancelled last minute due to my brother-in-laws work conference…anywho, as we were having beers and a birthday shot, my friend Laura (who I’ve also known for 25 years), said she had to leave to pick up her dog. I was sad but didn’t think anything of it as we had to head to our dinner shortly anyway.

As we entered the restaurant, Sam just kept walking straight past the host booth and I was like “uh, where are you….AHHHHHH!” As I turned the corner, my entire family (most of them) and best friends were gathered in the party area. I LITERALLY HAD NO IDEA. I immediately started crying like a baby. My sister was even there!!!! Laura was there! Everyone lied to me but I’ll let it go this time hehe. It was the best day and night ever. Sam’s gonna have a tough time topping this next year 😉

Oh, here’s a fun photo of me and my 2 besties. Cute.

The other big thing that happened this fall was my little boy turned 1! I just can’t believe he’s been here for an entire year already. So thankful for this little dude that brings so much joy, and laughter into my life. He’s really taught me how to be patient, how to go with the flow, and to not take anything too seriously.

We had a Baby Shark themed party for him and by the time we got to the cake (PS Costco cakes are the best), he wanted nothing to do with it and just wanted a nap. I’m not sure he inherited my sweet tooth as I would NEVER pass up cake.

He weighed in at 20 pounds 7 ounces and was 31 ish inches long. At his 1 year check up the doc said we need to try to get rid of the bottle, pacifier, and only do 1 nap. LIKE WHAT. I can’t just take away all of his favorite comfort thing ma’am. Turns out, it wasn’t that bad. We are pretty much down to 1 night bottle, 1 nap (yikes haha he’s been going to bed at like 6:45pm and waking up at 6:30 am), and pacifier only at bedtime. Like I say, every kid is different…find what works for you and run with it.

OH, I almost forgot. Right after Harry’s 1 year shots he got super sick. He was literally radiating heat and wouldn’t eat much. I thought at first it was his shots…turns out he got Hand, Foot, and Mouth…I do not wish this on any parent. It was his first sickness and it sucked. He got over it in about 7 ish days and is finally back to his normal self.

Can you believe there are just 2 months left in 2019? Nutso. At least they are the 2 2nd best months (after October…duh). My goal for the rest of the year is to take every day as it comes. Not plan too much just enjoy the holiday season with my friends and fam. I always print out those Holiday bucket lists from Pinterest and never accomplish them then feel sad. This year I’ll make a short list like bake cookies and watch Hallmark but that’s really it.

I hope to continue running through the winter ( I typically only run outside like once a week…wuss) and eating semi healthy.

Workouts lately have been alright. I keep snoozing my alarm and ditching my morning workout though….that means I’ve turned into a PM worker outer. It’s working with my schedule right now so I’m adapting! Woo!

We also hope to start looking for houses as soon as we return from Denver this weekend. Can’t wait for Denver, can’t wait to house hunt.

Well I think I’ve rambled long enough and my coffee is getting cold. I wish you a happy and healthy week and hope to check in in about a week 🙂



Here I am, looking out the window at the rain falling. It’s quite relaxing actually. Lots going on this week and I just needed to take a little time for myself this morning. PS I just licked the foam off my pumpkin cream cold brew and it tasted like pumpkin pie…YUM.

So, it’s already Wednesday which is nuts because seriously these days go by way to quickly. How does one make time slow the eff down? If you have the answer, please let me know. Thanks.

So, after a very rainy week last week, it finally stopped and I was able to take Ruthie to the State Park for a nice hike…she actually got 2 hikes last weekend….what a queen. She loves hiking as much as me (at least I think so). I really appreciate our time together now that I don’t get to spend as much QT time with her as we used to. She likes it too. I can tell because she gives me this look like “Yeah mom, girl time. Woo!”

Harry turns one on Tuesday. WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF. He’s a giant, he loves eating uncrustables and drinking milk, he loves bath time and music, he loves his dog, he loves walks, and he’s finally getting better at going to sleep.


2019-09-17 06.43.58 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with preset

We are throwing a little Birthday bash for him Sunday and I really hope he survives all the excitement haha. He’s not great with crowds and gets a little freaked out so I’m crossing my fingers he takes a good morning nap, eats cake, and is a little angel.

2019-09-14 04.37.43 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with preset

Today was leg day and I’m afraid to stand up as I can already feel my leggies are wobbly. I have been working on my back squat and did 1 set of 10 reps at 130 today and almost pooped myself from excitement (or maybe it was the coffee I chugged pre-workout).

Yeah, I use coffee as pre-workout. And for me, it works. Anywho, I feel like I’ve been doing more strength workouts lately than cardio/hiit workouts and that’s ok. I think I got kind of burned out/bored from those. Plus lifting heavy things makes me feel like a BAMF so I’ll take that.

Well, I’m gonna go shave my legs because they feel like carpet.

Have a fab Wednesday.



Hey, Hello, Hi

Hey. It’s the middle of September and I had a breakdown this week. Just ask Sam. He went to hug me and I had so much snot running out of my nostrils I ran away. Gross. I just have those days ya know…everything seems like it is going in the wrong direction, Harry is almost one year old, our house hasn’t sold yet…I just started panicking and next thing I know I’m a puddle. But Sam is the best and calmed me down and while I’m still having moments, I feel loads better. Nothing wine, a good workout, puppy cuddles and baby kisses can’t fix right? Sorry for unloading but that felt good 🙂

So moving on…have you tried the Pumpkin Cold Brew from Starbucks yet? I have, I’m obsessed, and I slightly wish I never tried it because now I’m throwing all my extra “bucks” (get it) to the mermaid. Oh well, YOLO. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me show you.

2019-09-07 08.43.53 1.jpg

Fall in a cup

Speaking of fall, this week was rainy and cold and I kind of loved it. I need to get some fall clothes real fast before this weather is here to stay.

As the weather changes, all I want to do is drink coffee, journal, online shop, and bake. If I could just do those things all day that would be stellar. Thanks.

Other things from this week…I’ve been trying to get to the willow once a week to go for an 8 ish mile trail run. It is something I really look forward to and I’m kind of sort of training for a race in October. The leaves are already changing and it’s so beautiful out.

2019-09-02 07.22.00 1.jpg

Best Place.

I got some great squat workouts in this week and hit a new PR in my 10 rep back squat. That was really cool and made me feel super strong. #roadto150

I also feel like I didn’t eat as many sweets this week which is cuckoo for me so I’ll probably eat a big bowl of ice cream or a piece of cake or something later tonight since my sugar intake is probably low hehe.

Now I’m hungry.

I’m off to take a salt bath-I got this CBD oil bath bomb thing and I’m super curious as to what it is. I’ll update you next time.

Have a great weekend!



Is it Fall?

I LOVE this weather! SO much. I do think it’s a little goofy that the PSL’s and all things pumpkin are out already since it’s technically still fall BUT, it’s here so lets embrace it? OK.

Also, I’m super pumped right now because I got my son down for a nap. I can never get him to sleep so I just cave and let him stay awake. But today, I got him…mwah hahahaha. Sucker.

That gives me about 60 minutes (if I’m lucky) to do laundry, dishes, make some overnight oats as I’m trying to eat better, drink coffee, and catch up on some trashy reality TV. Oofdah. Time is not on my side.

2019-08-30 06.15.46 1.jpg

Patio Baby

So speaking of healthier eating…lately I have not had much of an appetite. I usually have coffee for breakfast, a sub or salad for lunch, and by the time dinner rolls around (usually at 8 PM after the kiddo is asleep), I have no energy to make anything. I typically eat a cookie and call it a night. Not good.

Last week I did make some rice and chicken and that was all I wanted. I tossed it all in a bowl, topped it with cottage cheese and mustard, and devoured that stuff. MMM. Now that’s all I want.

I’m made some protein pancakes this morning (Harry loved them) and am about to mix together some pumpkin overnight oats. Getting back on that meal prep train! Choo Choo.

I’m reading a book about building strength and it talks about how important it is to eat protein before and after a lifting session so I’m also trying to get better at that cuz currently I usually eat nothing before working out and just drink coffee post workout. Grow muscles grow!

So these past two weeks I have had ZERO energy. I have snoozed my alarm and layed in bed an hour past my alarm was set for. All I want to do is snuggle up with Ruthie and hide under the covers. what the heck. I’ve missed about 4 workouts I had planned and that just led me to feeling bad about myself.

So this week I’m vowing to get back to my normal routine. I just feel so much better when I workout first thing in the morning. Today I got up and did the following.

20 minutes: 100 Burpees as fast as possible then…As many rounds as possible…

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 deadlifts

20 air squats

And holy moly that was a fun one. I’m hoping to get in a good trail run/hike tomorrow and go from there. Here’s to being healthy and being good to yourself. I also plan on taking a nice long epsom salt bath tonight. EEE.

2019-08-28 07.18.36 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with preset

So Harry turns 1 this month and I’m really struggling with this. I feel like his first year of life went by so fast. I wish I had more time to spend with him at this age. I know I have 17 years left until he doesn’t need me anymore but I just want to do all the things with him like go to the zoo, the pumpkin patch…you get it. It’s super tough though when Sam and I are usually working weekends now. I feel like we can’t do much as a family and it’s been really hard. I’m probably just being dramatic but I’d love any suggestions on how to balance work/family life. Thanks 🙂

OK, time to go make my oats. Have the best day.