Hello Fall

I was doing SO good with my posts… then life got cuckoo busy and I had to shove my passion aside for a moment. But I’m back and ready to roll.

Life has been a blur the past month. I went back to work. Harry turned 2. We moved. My mind has literally felt like a hamster spinning in its wheel these past weeks. But things are good-I’m not complaining…I’m just a hot mess mom.

Let’s start with Harry. He’s now 2 and I’m still emotional. He’s my best lil pal and is just a gem.

For his bday we went to the Apple orchard and picked apples and pumpkins and it was a blast. We are cheese curds and cake and had lots of laughs and smiles together.

He had his 2 year check up which stressed me out a tad. He’s tall…like gonna be 6’4” tall. But he’s skinny…so skinny he doesn’t have a BMI. So we’re watching that. But the kid eats! He just runs non stop from 7 am to 7 pm. He even runs in his sleep. He is also going to see an eye specialist and a speech therapist because he’s a little behind on talking (he can say mama, dada, ball, grandpa, dump truck, please, thank you…) so we’re trying to be proactive. Love ya buddy.

Crozzy D is so great. I love her so much. She basically eats, sleeps, poops, plays, and gets kisses from her brother.

She’s almost 3 months old! She’s working on her neck strength and has been seeing Dr. Shelby for some tight spots in her back. She loves Dr. Shelby as much as I do!

Me, myself? I’m doing fine. I’ve been trying to get in one long run, a couple short runs, a track workout, and three weight sessions a week. I am focusing on 1-2 rest days a week with a nice slow hike. My appetite has been MIA lately but I think that’s due to stress. I’ve been consuming donuts, subs, coffee, and water LOL. I’d say I’m thriving.

Subhouse has been so busy lately and I’m so grateful for it. Our days fly by and it’s really nice to be back and chat with other adults on a daily basis. I miss my kids a shit ton during the day but it Makes our time together that much more special.

We’ve been going to town on our house. I LOvE OUR ROOM. We upgraded to a king size bed and it was the best decision ever. Now the whole fam fits in the bed-my dream.

Ruthie girl is being the best noodle head ever. She is settling in nicely and loves having freedom to run around.

Today I am planning on cleaning, organizing, relaxing, and drinking a tall glass of red grape juice.

I hope you’re doing well and have a fab weekend.



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