6 weeks post partum

And just like that 6 weeks has come and gone and here we are. Crozzy D is 2 weeks away from being 2 months old. Harry is almost 2. My babes are growing so quickly and I’m sad but also happy because they are such joys to be around.

Crosby loves pooping, tummy time (weird right), her brother, and being held. She does not like napping in her crib still or being cold.

Harrison loves being by his sister and recently developed an obsession for holding her. He will also lay next to her during tummy time and likes to read books with her.

Harry is obsessed with dump trucks, trains, and the sprinkler. He loves washing everything he can with the hose including himself.

These two crack me up daily and I’m so thankful I like my kids. They are everything to me.

6 weeks postpartum and I’m feeling real good. Running has been a dream-it’s my 60 minutes of me time and let’s me reflect on all that’s happening in life. It lets me check in with my body and actually makes me super relaxed. I’ve been doing some longer trail runs and recently discovered an obsession for interval runs thanks to my chiropractor.

I warm up with 5 minutes of an easy pace then dial it in for the next 25 with intervals of 1:00 on, 90 seconds recover. It’s fun, I feel faster, and the time flies by. Give it a try!

Also been doing some fun workouts like this…quick, spicy, and makes me feel strong!

Workouts must be quick these days cuz I’d rather be snuggling my babies.

In other news I’ve been eating way too much ice cream because it’s hot AF here and drinking way too much iced coffee because #momlife. Who cares, YOLO.

Oh I also started to wean off breastfeeding and pumping and while it feels odd and sad, it’s also nice. Now anyone can feed her anywhere and our lives feel a little more flexible. I have about 60 bags of milk saved and am mixing in a tiny bit of formula so she gets used to that. Since I go back to work in a week and can’t really pump, we will be switching to formula when the milk runs out. Part of me feels like a bad mom but the other part of me says screw that, we are doing the beat we can. She’s happy and healthy and that’s all that matters. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing a bad job or doing it wrong. Everyone is different. Do what’s best for you.

I leave you with a Crozberry smile.



-Hales and Croz

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