Mid week fun

I’m on my second cup of iced coffee and I’m having a lazy day. Well as lazy of a day as you can have with two kids and a dog LoL. It’s rainy and I’m in the mood to bake. I want to try my hand at homemade pop tarts but I can’t decide on a filling flavor…strawberry, lavender blueberry, or brown sugar? IDK!

This morning was super fun. I tried my hand at a 7 mile trail run and it was ok to good. I got real tired at the end and walked up the huge ass hill but my butt felt good and my legs strong!

I had to jump into the woods once to take a 💩 and someone came running by. I freaked and dove deeper into the woods so they wouldn’t see me and when I crept out I had forest all up in my hair. My hair is a whole nother story. I usually run with a braid or a bun. Today I forgot. It was humid. My pony tail exploded and I had the largest rats nest ever. Not good. Ripped out a shit ton of hair trying to remove said rats nest. Never again will I forget my braid.

Last night my parents took Harry camping in the front yard. I wanted to go but didn’t think feeding a baby at 3 am in a tent with my parents sounded great. It was kind of a test run for my birthday and it went well. Harry was SO excited. He was squealing like a pig and was super helpful setting up the tent.

We made him pick his fave books and stuffed animals to put on his air bed so he’d be comfortable. The air bed didn’t last long on account of he kept rolling off and running/jumping onto bah pas bed. Once they set the pack n play up all was well. I’d say he loves camping. Now just wait til he discovers s’mores!

Anyone else getting excited for fall? Just me? Cool weather, crock pot meals, pumpkin spice cold brew? My birthday lol. Sounds fun! We should be moved in to our house by then and I can’t wait to decorate! Ehhhhh good times ahead!

Thanks for tuning in. Have a great night!



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