We bought a house!

It was worth the wait. After almost a year of looking, the perfect house fell right into place. Sam and I have purchased his childhood home and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Our dreams of having land and a place for our kids to run, play, explore, dirt bike, and make memories has come true. We will have 5 acres of privacy! The house has a deck which is literally my dream feature. It’s got a fire place (also a dream), a garage (Sam’s dream…plus his Plymouth Valiant is still in there lol), great windows looking out over the woods…I feel like we are in a dream and just can’t wait to move in. We are so thrilled we could keep this gem in the fam.

Let the house projects begin! I’ve never really been good at designing but this time around I’m trying a little harder. Pinterest has been a giant help and while we are taking it slow and doing necessities first, my house board is just loaded with ideas.

Our new carpet gets installed Tuesday and we just got a new washer and dryer. Hello adult hood. Nothing like a new appliance to make you giddy.

This laundry room makes me excited to actually do laundry too.

Harry’s room is going to be a construction zone. He might even get a bulldozer bed for his 2nd birthday. Crozzy’s getting a neutral rainbow room and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Here’s some fun wall art I framed for her.

For our room (also has a deck, heck yeah) I’m thinking a retreat. A calm, cool color, a cozy bed, lots of pillows and a plush comforter…LOL a girl can dream right. I told Sam we need to upgrade to a king size bed for movie nights with the kids and dog…he said he has to measure first.

My last project I’m in charge of is the coffee bar. Sam let me go for this one and I’m extremely excited to see this come together. I ordered a beautiful buffet to place the coffee maker, latte maker, and supplies in and am thinking I’ll use chalkboard paint to paint behind it so we can doodle and write love notes. Thoughts?

I think we are both super excited to have something to take our minds off everything that is currently happening in this world. We can’t wait to see this project come together and make this our forever home.

Maybe in 2021 we can have a housewarming party? TBD.

Thanks for tuning in…here’s to putting on my Joanna Gaines hat and making magic happen.



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