3 weeks postpartum

I was talking to Crosby yesterday and apologized for bringing her into this world at the current times. It makes me sad what is happening in the world. Why is there so much hate? Why does the supposed leader of this country (LOL if you know me you know my thoughts on this) say and do things that creates a burning rage deep in my soul. Crosby will live her first months, maybe even years never seeing a facial expression because we are in a pandemic (wear your damn mask!). I’m all for the masks but it’s just tough thinking about your children in this world at this time.

Sorry rant over…at least she’s a baby and doesn’t do much yet. Harry on the other hand. He’s a busy boy and I feel like he’s missing out on so much right now. He can’t make friends. He can’t go to the library. He can’t play at the playground (well we go to the deserted playground by our house still and sanitize). It’s just tough. Thank goodness for family time and strollers because we’ve been going on a shit ton of walks. I must remember to focus on what we CAN do. Family time is everything.

Ok now rant over. It’s been 3 weeks already since the eve of Crosby’s birth. I. Cannot. Believe. It. I don’t do much these days but time seems to fly by even faster!

She’s a growing gal and def was cluster feeding yesterday. Lil snacks all day long. But she slept for 5 hour chunks at night and mom and dad were all for that!

She loves being held. She makes some pretty adorable faces. She’s already had like 4 poop explosions. And bath time is a real treat.

Harry is still loving on his sister which makes me so happy. They will be the best of friends, I’m hopeful.

So 4th trimester. Here we are. My mind is clear, my focus is on my children, and I’m doing the best I can. Let me tell you though, I have not cooked a meal since probably October 2019. YIKES. That’s when we moved in with my parents. I have forgotten how to cook. I baked muffins yesterday and they were so undercooked the insides were gooey. They still taste fab, I’ve just lost my cooking touch. Practice makes perfect so looks like I’ve got some muffin baking ahead of me.

I’ve been seeing the chiropractor 2x a week and am feeling great. Feeling so great I took a mini walk jog yesterday. While I did pee myself a little, it felt great to get out and move. I have also been focusing on strengthening my core (push ups, planks, kegels), and try to get in 1-2 hikes a week.

My belly button is poked out and I’m not sure it will ever return to normal but that’s ok with me. It reminds me I birthed two children and makes me smile. My boobs feel gigantic and every time I shower I turn into a milky mess.

BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way because mom life is my best life. I love my kids. I love my husband. I love my dog. I love being a mom.

Have a great weekend. You are strong. You are fierce. You can do tough things.



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