2 week check in

Crozzy D has officially been living it up for two weeks. 14 days with this little peanut. Second time around I feel much more relaxed.

She eats way better than her brother ever did. This time around I don’t feel as guilty if I pump and feed her a bottle here and there. It’s nice to know exactly how many oz she is eating per feeding. I still try to breastfeed first but to me it’s freaking hard. She sleeps at night but is pretty much awake and alert from 11am to 8pm lol.

She had her two week check up yesterday and besides a very goopy eye, everything is swell. She weighed in at 8 lbs 4 oz (yay almost gained a pound since our last visit) and has grandma Diane’s lil peanut head. She’s 21 inches long. Neat.

She enjoys walks, her brother, milk, and her blanket. She does not enjoy napping in her crib. That’s ok, more baby snuggles for me!

Raising a baby in a pandemic is odd but we are making the most of it. She got to visit her lady friends at the bank yesterday and that was a real treat. We even got to take her and her brother out to breakfast the other morning. Family trips are just everything right now.

Well, I must go fold the biggest pile of laundry now, have a fab day.



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