SELF love and care

After a much needed visit to the chiropractor Tuesday morning (Sam and my date mornings…coffee and chiro) I am finding myself more at ease with baby #2 (for the most part). We talked about the 4th trimester and how important it is to take a little me time every day (more on this later). We talked about positive self talk and how important this is for the little ones.

I’ve been doing a bit of journaling about positive self talk and body image lately. I’ve always struggled with this topic. I was not kind to my body or my mind throughout high school (it actually started in 8th grade…how sad is that). It took a trip to London for a semester in college to let myself live a little and unlearn my previous behaviors.

I am working so hard on telling myself how strong I am right now. I just gave birth to a healthy little girl. It’s time to take time to recover fully. I told Dr. Shelby I was feeling good, maybe I’d start running soon. NO Haley. Chillax. It hasn’t even been 2 weeks. And you know what? I’m chillaxing to the max.

Hikes and walks have been so great and feel amazing. I am visualizing myself running in the future and I feel strong AF because I am letting myself fully recover. I’m trying to drink a shit ton of water, eat more fruits and nuts, and have a glass of wine here and there.

I’m also trying to get in naps, eat well (for the most part hehe), take a bath here or there, and check in with myself every so often to remind myself I’m a badass mother, strong as can be. If anyone can do it, why not me! You can steal that little diddy if you’d like.

We also talked about being conscious of the things we say about ourselves…especially in front of our kids. Harry is the sweetest, kindest soul and I want him to stay that way. I want him to look at himself as strong, kind, brave, compassionate, sensitive, emotional, etc. if I talk negatively about myself, he might start doing the same (this is where I shed a tear). I never really thought about that.

I also want Croz to grow up loving herself and treating herself with kindness. Again, it starts with Sam and I because we are who these kiddos look up to. Mind blown.

I am making a conscious effort to do better for my kids. I’m also making a conscious effort to take a little time each day for myself.

Times are weird my friends but there are so many things to be thankful for. My daily gratitude journal is reminding me just how beautiful this life is.

Be kind to yourselves, you’re doing amazing.



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