41 weeks

Well today is the last day I will feel this baby kick my ribs. I am scheduled to get induced tomorrow at 7 am. I’m feeling good but it’s also a little weird knowing you can schedule the arrival of your child. I am just very excited to meet her. Plus, there’s literally no more room in my belly for her…my skin is literally stretched as far as it can go. Hang on lil girl, hopefully we will be holding you tomorrow!

I had to get tested for COVID yesterday and while the process was so easy and convenient, the test SUCKED. I might be a little emotional right now but man they shove that thing so far up your nose I thought my eyeball was going to pop out. My eye watered really bad but it went away after like 5 minutes.

Life this last week has been very chill. It’s been so hot that I’ve either been in the pool, in the air conditioning, or eating ice cream. My appetite has gone MIA but I blame the heat for that.

Harry has been just a hoot these past few days. He’s obsessed with dump trucks and only wants to play with them and read about them. He makes the silliest noises during dinner time and is getting more adventurous in the pool. Can’t wait for him to meet his sister.

Sam and I are hoping to do something fun with Harry tonight as a last hurrah as a fam of 3…I’m thinking a picnic by the river or ice cream and a walk. Other than that I plan to rest, relax, and maybe pop a few more squats as I won’t be working out for a while after tomorrow.

Thanks for following along on this extended journey-I will hopefully have a baby update post early next week.

Have a great weekend!



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