So this is What 40 weeks feels like…

Well, I for sure thought I’d have another small human to take care of at this point but baby girl is just chilling in the womb. I sure hope it’s cold in there cuz it’s hotter than shit out here. I normally love the heat and humidity but not when I’m 40 weeks preggo. I can’t stop sweating.

We had our 40 week appointment this morning and got another ultrasound which was fun. She’s about 7 lbs 4 oz (crazy they can tell that), has plenty of fluid left and her head was so far down the tech had a hard time getting a good pic of her. So any day now!

PS 4D ultrasounds are insane! She’s got Harry’s nose and dad’s lips, that’s for sure.

So we will just wait it out for now and eat all the ice cream and lime popsicles. I can guarantee we will have a baby by next Friday though as we scheduled and induction for 7am.

In the mean time I’m just chilling like a beached whale hehe. Been spending some quality time in the pool because that is where I fee the best. Harry loves the pool too so it’s something we can do together. Sam also likes the pool so it’s just a big ole fam jam time.

Harry recently also discovered his love for the sprinkler. We ran through it for about 2 hours yesterday and he was just full of giggles and soaking wet. Ah, to be a child with no cares in the world. Makes my heart swell with love.

Sam came home with a 12 pack of White Claws yesterday and I was like WTF. He has never had them and said he needed something light and fruity for by the pool. I love the lime one and was like eff you because I currently can’t drink one. He better save me at least 1! Hehe.

My burger craving is back and stronger than ever. I feel like I could eat a burger a day. My dad grilled some insane bacon cheeseburgers last night and I can’t wait to eat one in about 5 minutes for lunch. I’m also craving lasagna which is stupid cuz it’s 1000 degrees out. And butterfinger blizzards.

Last weekend I had two Culver’s Reese’s concrete mixers and one butterfinger blizzard and it was heaven. I should probably lay off the sugar but whatever.

I am shooting for 4 workouts a week and so far so good. Gotta get those squats in am I right! I keep telling myself doing a small workout a day is better than nothing right? We have also been going on plenty of family walks except for today cuz again, it’s 1000 degrees and I don’t want to give my fam heatstroke.

Well, I’m gonna take my swollen feet upstairs now and scarf down a burger.

Have the best 4th or July and drink a like white claw for me please.


A very pregnant Haley

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