1 week to go

Well one week ago I thought I’d for sure be holding a baby by now but she’s still chilling in the womb. I hope it’s cold in there cuz it’s hotter than shit out here. I am totally okay with whatever happens…she’ll make her appearance when she’s ready!

Had my 39 week appointment this am and all is well in baby-land. She definitely dropped and is sitting right on my bladder. I have to pee like every 30 minutes which isn’t super great but there could be worse things. I’m dilated to about a 2.5/3 so we good there too. I feel ready and excited!

This week I was a little more anxious just because of the unknown. I’m a very scheduled and routine person so not having like an exact date and time of her arrival messes with me a little but it’s also good and forces me to just go with the flow. I’m just trying to stay relaxed, eat good food, and get rest when possible.

I’ve been walking a ton and doing some slower paced strength sessions to keep my fitness up. Harry has also been keeping me busy because he’s legit non-stop from the minute he wakes to the minute he goes to sleep.

Yesterday Sam had the day off so we took a lovely family walk by the river. To Harry’s delight we found 4 ducks. His day was made.

Also, I realized that when you have children, all privacy goes out the door. Harry knows how to open doors so the other day as I was going potty he barged right in with his book, sat on his potty, and joined me. It was actually pretty adorable so I didn’t mind.

I’m weighing in at about 149 which is like 5 pounds lighter than with Harry but I feel like my belly is def bigger. Weird. I also don’t really care haha.

I haven’t really had many cravings lately but am getting real sick of water. It just doesn’t satisfy my thirst like a fresh margarita would.

Well my sunscreen has soaked in so time to hop in the pool. Hopefully this time next week I’ll be updating you on our baby girl and what we chose for a name. Have a fab weekend friends!



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