2 weeks to go (LOL)

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’ll be less than 2 weeks until this lil gal joins us. Had my Dr. appointment this am and I’m dilated to 2 cm (Harry was a week early and I was only 1/2 cm at this point with him) and that things are looking ready 🙂

I’m excited to meet her and so excited (also a tad nervous) to see how Harry is with her. He for sure knows something is happening because he’s been extra clingy lately and cries any time we leave his room after putting him down for nap/sleep time. I just want to squeeze the little buggar and hold him close (it’s getting hard to do with my large belly).

Life this week has been as relaxed as possible. It’s been hot as shit here and while it feels glorious, my legs and feet don’t really care for it currently. Thank goodness my parents have a lovely swimming hole in their backyard-floating has been a lovely treat.

I’ve been trying to get on as many walks as possible as running is pretty much dunzo until like August. Got in a couple neat workouts this week but am really listening to my bod and taking it easy.

I’ve really been craving lasagna which is weird since it’s been like 90 degrees. I also can’t get enough Stretch Island fruit leathers, chocolate milk, plantain chips, and cheez-it’s.

I’ve had some odd dreams as of late too. One where Harry had a giant gash on his head when I went to get him out of his crib…so gross. The other one I remember was from last night. My hair was so snarly and I could not get it untangled. Hahaha WTF.

Lil girls room is ready and I bit the bullet and got her her own pink diaper genie 🤦‍♀️

I’m also contemplating a double stroller but I’m torn. Harry loves his jogger and I can probably carry her in a wrap in the beginning. Any recommendations would be lovely.

Harry’s just busy as ever. Sam brought him home his own lawn mower and the kid is obsessed with it. He also has this fascination with trying to escape down my parents giant hill. He’s so fast it’s hard for me to catch him and one of these times he might just roll all the way down.

He’s an eating machine and literally gobbles up everything we put in front of him. I swear he doesn’t even chew sometimes. Last night (after swimming) he ate like 2 full cups of pasta and sauce, broccoli, garlic bread, watermelon, and some pb puffs. No clue where the kiddo puts it all.

Well I’m sweating and going to flop into the pool. Maybe next time we chat it will be to introduce our daughter 🙂

Have a swell weekend.



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