OY! 3 weeks to go!

My due date is in 3 weeks but I feel like I could have this baby any moment. I just hope it doesn’t happen while I’m walking around the neighborhood!

I had my doc appt yesterday and baby is doing great. She’s dropped a bit, heart beat is around 145, and she’s head down. You go gurl. I’m only dialated to like 1 cm so nothing but man I feel like my hips are open.

Bending over is near impossible these days. I have to sit down to tie my sneaks. I walk up all the hills on my tiny jogs. I even lose my breath just getting in and out of the car. My belly is huge and round and got real sunburned Monday.

My mom and dad helped set up baby girls room yesterday and I got her a blanket and bath towel so I’d say we’re about ready for her to arrive 😁 Yes, she gets the baseball room for now, sorry Kyle.

I finally feel ready. I’m very excited to meet her and give her a name (we have three picked just like we did with Harry).

I’m done working now and have been laying low. Lots of time reading, walking, eating, drinking water, and sitting by the pool. Ah, relaxed as a mother. I’ve been getting meals from Purple Carrot and am obsessed. Yesterday’s meal was a curried chickpea bowl with millet, mint, lemon, and cucumbers in a cashew-yogurt sauce. Mind blown. Never would I have tried something like this! It. Was. Amazing.

Workouts have still happened but they are getting a little more difficult. I also feel as though I get instantly sore but I’m really trying to keep up on my squats.

I ran yesterday and it felt really great. Like I said, I walk up the hills and take my time. I also pee a little on the downhills but whatever.

Harry’s been a little angel lately and is seriously my best buddy. He’s hilarious, smart, caring, and devious. He loves to eat and play. He enjoys running. The other night he ate two hot dogs, a bun, baked beans, and macaroni salad. Then a piece of rhubarb cake. No clue where the little buggar puts it all. He also loves pool time. Oh, and diggers.

Well I’m sweating now so I’m gonna go wash myself then pick up Harry!

Have a swell weekend, we will catch up next week!



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