4 weeks to go

Yikes-4 weeks until baby wakey’s due date. I mean yikes but also Yay! I’m getting so excited to meet the little peanut and feel much more ready than a couple weeks ago.

I had my dr appt yesterday and yes-got the strep test done where they poke you in the bum hole. It didn’t seem as terrible as my blog post during Harry’s pregnancy said. Maybe after giving birth nothing seems that bad anymore lol.

I’m weighing in at 145 lbs (was 153 with Harry) but that makes sense because this gal is a tad bit smaller than he was. They think she’s about 5 lbs 9 oz right now and in good position for birth. Yippee skippy.

My hospital bag is packed and we have the infant car seat ready to go…so basically we just chill till she decides she’s ready to enter the world 😊

It’s been warm here and Sam is pretty much done scheduling me at work for now so I’m just cleaning, relaxing, and taking in time with Harry until our fam grows. He loves swimming so we have been trying to get in some pool time. It makes him super hungry and also super tired. He’s eating like a grown man but also sleeping 11 hours a night. Win-win.

I have been feeling alright lately. My body is getting really sore and tired and I told Sam this morning that my hips feel like Barbie doll when you’d rip her legs off (no, that was just me that did that)? I have been running a little bit lately-about 1.5 miles-and it feels good but I’m also thinking that’s why my hips feel like this?

I’ve been trying to read more at night before bed and that has been fun. I just finished A Million Little Fires and thought it was an entertaining book that kept my mind occupied.

I am craving cheese burgers and fries, cucumber salad, cheese-it’s (crushed a whole bag yesterday), and frozen limeade. Also-fruit. Berries, cherries, grapes…give me that fruit.

On Sunday for my moms birthday we took a convertible ride to Taylor’s Falls. It was beautiful, Harry picked me a flower, and we all had a picnic near the river.

My mom wanted a DQ cake for her birthday so we ordered her one…funny thing is, so did my dad. We finished cake #1 yesterday and are on to cake #2 today LOL. Harry loves the cake though and usually ends up eating half my piece…rude.

Well I really don’t have much else to say because we have really only been hanging out here and playing Yahtzee.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend and I hope you can spread love and kindness.



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