5 weeks to go

I showed my mom a picture of me at 35 weeks with Harry compared to a picture of me right now and she is convinced baby #2 is a boy. My belly looks very similar to when I had Harry but Sam says I’ve been acting wayyy different which is a sure sign it’s a girl LOL.

The 35th week is upon us and my mind is blown that we now have 5 ish weeks to go until our newest addition joins the fam. It’s an odd time to have a baby but I’m getting more and more excited as the days go by.

I do wish I had a room to decorate for the baby but seeing as we still do not own a house, that’s going to have to wait. I think that’s why this pregnancy seems so different. With Harry, I was able to put things in his dresser. I made his little crib up, hung up clothes in his closet. This time around while we do have a new crib to setup, it just doesn’t feel the same. It’s also being set up in a room with baseball wallpaper soooooo hehe. But I’m incredibly thankful my parents have allowed us to invade their space. We have a roof over our heads and get to spend time together which these days is so precious.

I have a dr appt next week and will be getting an ultrasound so they can check the growth of the baby. I’m excited to see its lil face and arms and legs. So cute.

I’m starting to slow down as this pregnancy progresses. I find myself getting winded much faster. I’m trying to stick to my workouts but when I’m feeling tired or sore I’m giving myself a break (and a pat on the back for doing so).

Harry has been loving the summery weather and we’ve been relaxing by the pool and getting in loads of snuggle time.

The kids an eating machine lately. Must be all the swimming! The other night he crushed 2 whole hot dogs, a bun, two scoops of black bean salad, cheese, coleslaw, and a brownie. He’s been hard to get to bed and night and has been waking up extra early but I think it’s because he’s just so excited to go play outside.

He also got to go on his first convertible ride last week! Loved it. He just sat in the back and yelled VROOOOM!

He’s been giving his sister a ton of love lately and knows exactly where the BB is right now. Oh my little boy ❤️

As for myself, I mostly feel good. With the higher humidity I do feel like my feet are getting a tad swole so I’ve been trying to elevate them at night.

My cravings lately have been hamburgers and ice cream. Gimme all the DQ blizzards plz.

I did a fun workout yesterday that consisted of the following:

5×2 backsquat 5×20 step ups then I did some intervals on the treadmill. It’s been like 3 weeks since I’ve run and man did it feel lovely. I did 45 seconds on, 1:30 at a brisk walk. Cool.

Sleeping for me has been shit lately but that’s expected. I have to pee a lot and I always feel like I’m a million degrees.

Other than that just taking each day as it comes, trying to stay active, and trying to eat mostly healthy. PS my first purple carrot box just arrived and I’m so excited for some plant based foods.

I’m off to make myself another glass of ice cold water, have the best afternoon!



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