7 weeks to go

And we still don’t have a house. It’s starting to stress me out finally. The last 33 weeks have flown by and I kept telling myself “we have so much time.” Well, here we are, 7 weeks away from Baby’s due date. Wake up and smell the coffee chica. Oh and my gut is telling me she’s gonna be early. So let’s just say we really have 6 weeks to go 🤦‍♀️

You could say the stress is starting to add up. I am a pretty positive person but I am not the greatest at handling my stress. I’m not gonna lie-yesterday was a really hard day for me. I had a breakdown at the Chiro and could not stop crying. Sam came to pick me up and was like “what happened to you?” Haha looking back it’s kind of funny but at the time I wanted to punch him.

Yesterday was weird. That’s the only way I can describe it. WI overturned the governors safe at home order and suddenly it hit me-with everything opening up, I feel like the odds of getting this virus are way higher. I thought about my Family and my unborn child. Shit, I’m scared. Running a small business right now is tough. I’m a people pleaser and it’s hard to please everyone right now. I’m also 33 weeks pregnant and an emotional roller coaster. Sam is amazing and the best support system so I’m just trying my best to control what I can control l, remain calm, and keep smiling. PS did I mention I could really go for a margarita?

Well, today has already been leaps and bounds better than yesterday. Sam went on a 3.5 mile hike with my mom, myself, and Ruthie this am at 7:30 and it was amazing. If you know Sam, you know he is not a morning person. Not does he enjoy exercising in the morning unless it’s golf. So it meant a ton that he came with.

I also got some quality time with Harry last night and that kid is seriously the best medicine. He makes me laugh so freaking hard.

I took a melatonin bath, ate a bowl of ice cream, did a Sudoku, and fell asleep. This morning after the hike I visited our fave coffee hut and got the most delicious protein shake. I have the day off so I’m trying to balance being productive with having a self-care day. So far I’ve been stuck in my chair in the yard catching rays with Ruth. That productivity will come later…maybe 😊

Moving on. This girl in my belly is kicking up a storm again. I caught live footage of her the other night and it’s creepy but cool.

Other than yesterday I’ve been feeling good. I get in two walks most days and am working out like 5 day’s a week. I’m trying to keep up with my squats because I feel like that’s what helped me through Harry’s birth. Really strengthening that pelvic floor yeah?

Food-I’ve not really been craving a darn thing lately…except a burger here and there or a taco salad. My appetite is kind of MIA but I know stress does that to a person. We did get some amazing food for lunch on Tuesday and I’m still dreaming of the lettuce wrap tacos I downed.

I’ve officially gained 20 lbs lol but whatever, I’m pregnant.

Oh we finally picked up some baby diapers and got the crib mattress for her. Lol we’re really cutting this close.

My mind is wandering and looking at that picture or food is actually making me hungry sooooo I guess it’s tome for lunch. Thanks for tuning in to my life update. Have a lovely weekend and drink 7 margaritas for me!



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