The Final Countdown

Started from 0 now we’re here…wut. 28 long weeks ago a little tiny human started growing in my belly. That tiny human is now about the size of a rollerblade (LOL) and loves to throw raging dance parties all night. If that’s any indication what she’s going to be like on the outside…we’re in trouble.

Life has been as good as it can be right now with everything that is going on. I try to stay positive and happy but sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be when parts of the world are struggling so badly. It’s just weird trying to carry on as we normally would when times are def not normal. At least the sun has been showing it’s face this week because the vitamin D is def helpful!

Harry loves being outside so on the nice days we try to stay out as long as possible. He likes running around the yard and going on nature walks. He also enjoys picking up sticks and throwing rocks…a true boy.

With everyone home, Ruthie has been getting like 2-3 walks a day. I’d say she loves it. She’d probably say it’s alright. Sam secretly loves our family walks too, I just know it.

I had my diabetes test on Thursday where you drink that sugary drink then get blood taken. With Harry, that drink didn’t bother me one bit. This time around I had to choke it down and felt naseaus the rest of the morning. But the results were negative so that is fantastic.

I also had to get my RHOgam shot since I have weird blood (RH -) and a tetnus shot that made my arm feel like The Rock punched me 12 times. PS this time around the put the RHOgam shot in my booty and it was so awkward…maybe more awkward than childbirth? I also discovered they put a bandaid on my butt after the shot…never had a bandaid there before. But all is well and baby girl is growing and v healthy according to her heart beat! Feeling grateful and lucky for a healthy pregnancy.

I am feeling pretty darn good these days. My nails actually look nice for once and my skin doesn’t feel so darn dry (I give credit to the facials and collagen spritz I’ve been using).

The chiro is keeping me balanced and less stressed and I truly think without her I’d be going crazy right now.

I’m still trying to get 2-3 runs in a week but it’s getting more difficult because this child is squishing my bladder and I constantly feel like I’m going to pee my pants (sometimes I do). 2 runs a week is great for me!

I’ve been doing a salt bath a day for relaxation and recover and am obsessed with Dr. Teals. I found some new flavors and they are amazing. I also am aiming for 3-4 workouts a week with two rest days featuring yoga and walks. For once in my life I’m ok with rest days and it actually makes me feel recovered and stronger!

Can you tell I don’t talk to as many people as usual LOL…I feel as though I’m blabbering on. Well I guess it’s time to take our daily family walk and then color Easter eggs for tomorrow. Wishing you much health, strength, and love during these times. Thanks for tuning in… until next time!


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