Lol 16 Weeks to go

Lol. Remember like 12 weeks ago when I shared that Sam and I are expecting and I’d be blogging my weekly updates like last time ? Well, I’m doing super well so far and have only posted one update. Pregnancy #2 has been a little more hectic with a one and a half year old. But I love it.

So here I am to update you on everything from the past few months. Harry is the funniest little child I know. He loves breakfast.

He loves saying his animal noises. He’s becoming quite the little artist. His love for cars is nuts. He names every car we see whether it be driving by our front window or on one of our walks. He loves being outside and he loves wearing shoes. He also likes finding every bug or speck of dust. Quite the character he is.

He does not like chocolate. He still hates going to bed. He hates having to come inside. I love him and my heart grows bigger each day. I never knew a tiny human could make me grow so much as a person.

Now for this little girl that’s cooking. Yes, she’s a girl. We have some names picked out already but I’m keeping them secret.

She’s v active. She kicks a ton and is growing like a weed. I’ve packed on about 8-10 lbs thus far but feel pretty good overall. I mean I’m a lot more tired and lose my breath more quick…oh and I have terrible cramping in my low back and left hamstring but can’t complain too much.

I’m aiming for 4 workouts a week and 3 runs to stay active. It really helped with Harry’s delivery process so I’m hoping the same goes for baby #2. We walk a ton and get outside as much as possible. Can’t wait to start swimming as the weather gets nicer.

My cravings this time have really not been much. I guess I crave more sweets than I did with Harry but that’s typical with girls am I right? I try to eat as healthy as possible but it’s hard whe. You own a sub shop with fresh baked cookies and the best sandwiches around 🥴

I bought some maternity overalls the other week and they finally arrived and they might be my favorite purchase ever for maternity clothes. Also, give me all the sweatpants and tank tops cuz hot flashes are for real this time.

Not much else is new I suppose. Just staying busy, working, and trying to get as much sleep as possible right now (it’s tough cuz I have to pee like 2-3 times a night).

Hope you’re having a swell start to 2020 and are having the kind of weather we are having today. It’s gorgi and I’ll be outside until 7pm.

Thanks for tuning in. See ya in 4 weeks 🙂



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