Crouper Trooper

2020 is off to a bang in the Wakefield household.

Harry has not been his usual self for over a week now. Monday night he did not sleep…well he maybe got 3 hours…total. For a baby, that’s not good.

Tuesday rolls around and the poor kid can hardly breath because his nose was so plugged (yeah babies can’t blow their noses yet). He was running a slight fever. Then, the cough began. Not just a normal cough. A barky cough. A cough that made the poor bug cry. It made me cry seeing him cry.

I tried taking him to the minute clinic but word to your mother…they do not see children under 18 months (which I totally understand). Being that it was around 4 pm, we took him home, sat in the steam, drank some pedialyte, had a bath, put on new jammies, and tried to make Harry as comfy as possible in hopes he’d feel better this morning.

Welp, this morning rolled around and he seemed worse. He was uncontrollably drooling. His breathing was raspy. His cough now legit sounded like a seal. You know it’s the worst feeling when all you can do is hug your child tight when they are sick.

After having a weird feeling in my gut, I took Harry (along with my amazing mother-gosh you really are the best) to the kids clinic at Allina. PS we love this place. They are insanely amazing.

Poor baby was MiSERABLE. He wanted to sleep so badly but could not get comfortable. His eyes were watering and the drool was still coming. His fever was now almost 102. I’ve never felt more helpless than when the Dr. put the tiny oxygen tracker around his toe and he went ballistic. I may have shed a tear.

After taking a look at him (we had to hold him down on the exam table to get a look at his throat and ears) the Dr. said Harry has croup. He was given a steroid shot in his thigh to help with the swelling in his trachea. They then gave him a nebulizer. This freaked me out and I thought for sure Hare would want nothing to do with this. But he was so exhausted he took it like a champ and even dozed off.

After being observed for about 40 minutes, we were released. Thank God. There was a possibility of a hospital stay but the Dr. said Harry was good enough to go home 🙏.

Feeling so sad for my buddy, I grabbed him a kids smoothie on the way home. He drank some, read some books, played with his duck, took his pants off, then finally fell asleep.

I’m SO glad we took him in. He’s not by any means healed but he’s on the mend and that’s what matters. Listen to your gut. It’s probably right.

In other news, I’ve been feeling meh lately. I think having a sick child, lack of sleep, and pregnancy hormones has a lot to do with it but still…I’m just kind of blah. I’m trying to keep eating healthy but my appetite is slowly going bye bye and all I want is a Wendy’s Frosty or popsicle.

My workouts are happening just slower/less intense. Running has been out of the picture for a week but here’s to getting back into that…🤞🏼. One of my goals for 2020 is to stop being so hard on myself. Let me tell you, this is really fricken hard for me.

I can’t just let things go. I’m trying. I told myself to relax if I miss a workout or eat an extra donut. But I still get those thoughts of failure pretty much daily.

So today, I put on my big girl leggings, went for a 2 mile jog, and hopped into the bath with the most amazing Bathbomb. I’m not perfect and never will be. I’m a work in progress and I’m trying.

Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for your support.



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