2020 +1

I’m so mad. I had this entire post ready to go this morning and then poof, it was gone. So here we are back to square 1.

Happy New Year. 2020 started out with a barf explosion from my 15 month old last night at 7:30 pm. I have never felt more helpless or sad for a little human. He was just sitting in his crib crying actual tears (which for Harry is weird). I started crying, hugged him tight, tossed him in the bath and then laid next to him until all hours of the night.

He is so tired today but is keeping fluids down so here’s to hoping the sickness has passed! Sam was also sick this week, my mom had it… I’m taking all precautions to keep this bug away!

So, last Friday Sam and I traded in our two smaller, less reliable vehicles for a larger, more reliable vehicle because…

We’re expanding! Most people are excited for 2020 because it’s a fresh start, time to hit the gym, eat more salads, etc. We’re excited because we’re growing our family by one tiny human…did you think I was going to say Subhouse? Gotcha!

I am 14 weeks today so the lil munchkin is due July 2nd 2020. Harry could care less right now and he’s going to have to share the spotlight come July but he’ll get over it đŸ˜‚

Let me tell you. Being pregnant the second time is a complete 180 from the first one. Everyone says it’s got to be a girl. Even my Doc.

With Harry I felt pretty much normal the entire time. I never had Morning sickness, worked out up until the day I gave birth… the only thing that bothered me was the thought of buffalo chicken anything.

This time around I’ve felt nauseous pretty much every day. I don’t want sweets just salt AKA chips, burgers, potatoes, oh and French Dressing. Wut.

My motivation has flown out the door. I run maybe 2 miles twice a week…three if I’m feeling frisky. I aim to workout 4-5 days a week but that normally ends up being 3.

But, I’m just trying to embrace the fact I’m lucky enough to grow another child. Harry also keeps me busy as he’s nonstop nutso tornado kid.

When I found out in October, I told Sam we were going to keep this a secret for at least 12 weeks…yeah, that lasted long. The following week we flew to Denver for his cousins wedding. When we arrived to the AirB&B his mom had a full glass of my fave wine waiting. Instantly I shouted…” I can’t! I’m pregnant!!!!” Hey, that was the longest I’ve ever kept a secret.

I’m going to try to do my weekly updates like last time so follow along if you please. Here’s to a fun filled 26 weeks and a growing belly. PS the baby is the size of a treasure troll.

Peace, love, and babies.


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