Jeepers Creepers

It’s pretty much Thanksgiving. That is cuckoo. Who, what, why, where, when HOW!? My lanta (my slanta) I just can’t believe we are like a month away from 2020. Sad/happy/excited. So many feelings this time of the year.

I am super excited that Harry is at such a fun age right now though and is totally into this whole holiday thing. I wanted to do elf on the shelf but I think he’s a tad too small for that. He has really enjoyed checking out the Christmas lights my mom hung on the stairs and he LOVES the Grinch puppets that sit atop the piano. My little Christmas boy.


So what’s new here since a month ago? Well, we officially sold our house and are living in my childhood bedroom now. It’s pretty neat. We have sort of started looking at houses in the area but are not in a giant rush. Not having a mortgage is kind of sweet and we’re saving as much money as possible right now.


We also took a nice trip to Denver for Sam’s cousin’s wedding. It was very relaxing and we stayed in the most amazing AirB&B. Let me tell you though, running/working out in Colorado is toughhhhh. My lungs burned after the 2 runs I went on. Fun!

Speaking of working out/running….once again I have been unmotivated! I haven’t actually lifted a weight since Wednesday. My gosh what’s going on…I did have a 24 hour bug Wed-Thurs and tossed my cookies so that was cool….not. Puking is THE WORST. I went for a tiny run yesterday and have been doing a lot walking with Harry and Ruthie. Walking is nice. My goal for next week is to lift 4 times and go for 2 shorter and 1 longer run…wish me luck LOL.


Those goals might be tough to reach actually because Friday AM I’m hopping on a plane to FL for my cousins wedding. CAN’T WAIT!!!! I guess we can count walking around Epcot as a workout right? Perfect. I’m hoping to find a cute pair of mouse ears for Harrison.

Other than adjusting to life at my parent’s house we’ve pretty much been working, sleeping, and eating. My mom makes the most amazing meals and our bellies never feel empty. I’ve also gotten to enjoy a couple baths with my CBD bath bombs and it’s amazing.

One thing I’d like to do more is start reading again. I will take any and all book recommendations you have.

Well, that’s all my brain can think of for now. Nice catching up, chat again in a month.




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