Jeepers Creepers

I’ve been up since 4am. Can’t sleep. No good. Maybe it’s because I was in bed at 7:45 last night? Perks of a baby going to sleep at 6:45 pm eh? Looks like I’ll be going to bed early again tonight.

This past month was nuts. So much happening, time has gone too fast. This past weekend we packaged up our house and moved everything to my childhood home for the time being. It’s exciting but also a little weird. I stood in Harry’s empty room and cried thinking of all the memories we made in there. We’re also excited to start looking for a new home closer to our families and our business. For now, we will enjoy living with my parents, playing lots of yahtzee, and eating like kings and queens (my mom is an insane cook and just this week made lasagna, pot roast, chicken pot pie, apple crisp, cookies, and breakfast casserole…looks like I might put on a few lbs LOL).

Harry chilling in his new yard

Now that we live in WI we live about 10 minutes from my fave State Park rather than 45. SCORE. My pal Katie and I met up for a beautiful run Saturday and it was just the best. We have known each other for 25 ish years which is just nuts to me! We also chatted about some fun winter races to sign up for so motivation is running high right now. Nature does wonderful things for the heart, soul, and mind.

We also celebrated my cousin’s wedding not last weekend but the weekend before. It was Harry’s first wedding and first hotel stay and I’d say he had a blast. He especially loved the cheese tray and the lime from my gin and tonic. Sam better watch out…Harry might be my new fave wedding date…JK Sam will always be #1.

Speaking of Sam, he shocked the shit out of me for my 30th Birthday. It was Friday October 11th. My employees at Subhouse had already made it a pretty fantastic day with a bag full of Bath and Bodyworks soaps, candles, and lotions (they smell like pumpkin marshmallow OMG), and a caramel malt from Culvers (WUT).

Sam told me we were going for drinks and then had a dinner res at 7:15. “FUN!” I thought. Also, we were “supposed” to go camping with my sister but they cancelled last minute due to my brother-in-laws work conference…anywho, as we were having beers and a birthday shot, my friend Laura (who I’ve also known for 25 years), said she had to leave to pick up her dog. I was sad but didn’t think anything of it as we had to head to our dinner shortly anyway.

As we entered the restaurant, Sam just kept walking straight past the host booth and I was like “uh, where are you….AHHHHHH!” As I turned the corner, my entire family (most of them) and best friends were gathered in the party area. I LITERALLY HAD NO IDEA. I immediately started crying like a baby. My sister was even there!!!! Laura was there! Everyone lied to me but I’ll let it go this time hehe. It was the best day and night ever. Sam’s gonna have a tough time topping this next year 😉

Oh, here’s a fun photo of me and my 2 besties. Cute.

The other big thing that happened this fall was my little boy turned 1! I just can’t believe he’s been here for an entire year already. So thankful for this little dude that brings so much joy, and laughter into my life. He’s really taught me how to be patient, how to go with the flow, and to not take anything too seriously.

We had a Baby Shark themed party for him and by the time we got to the cake (PS Costco cakes are the best), he wanted nothing to do with it and just wanted a nap. I’m not sure he inherited my sweet tooth as I would NEVER pass up cake.

He weighed in at 20 pounds 7 ounces and was 31 ish inches long. At his 1 year check up the doc said we need to try to get rid of the bottle, pacifier, and only do 1 nap. LIKE WHAT. I can’t just take away all of his favorite comfort thing ma’am. Turns out, it wasn’t that bad. We are pretty much down to 1 night bottle, 1 nap (yikes haha he’s been going to bed at like 6:45pm and waking up at 6:30 am), and pacifier only at bedtime. Like I say, every kid is different…find what works for you and run with it.

OH, I almost forgot. Right after Harry’s 1 year shots he got super sick. He was literally radiating heat and wouldn’t eat much. I thought at first it was his shots…turns out he got Hand, Foot, and Mouth…I do not wish this on any parent. It was his first sickness and it sucked. He got over it in about 7 ish days and is finally back to his normal self.

Can you believe there are just 2 months left in 2019? Nutso. At least they are the 2 2nd best months (after October…duh). My goal for the rest of the year is to take every day as it comes. Not plan too much just enjoy the holiday season with my friends and fam. I always print out those Holiday bucket lists from Pinterest and never accomplish them then feel sad. This year I’ll make a short list like bake cookies and watch Hallmark but that’s really it.

I hope to continue running through the winter ( I typically only run outside like once a week…wuss) and eating semi healthy.

Workouts lately have been alright. I keep snoozing my alarm and ditching my morning workout though….that means I’ve turned into a PM worker outer. It’s working with my schedule right now so I’m adapting! Woo!

We also hope to start looking for houses as soon as we return from Denver this weekend. Can’t wait for Denver, can’t wait to house hunt.

Well I think I’ve rambled long enough and my coffee is getting cold. I wish you a happy and healthy week and hope to check in in about a week 🙂



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