Hey, Hello, Hi

Hey. It’s the middle of September and I had a breakdown this week. Just ask Sam. He went to hug me and I had so much snot running out of my nostrils I ran away. Gross. I just have those days ya know…everything seems like it is going in the wrong direction, Harry is almost one year old, our house hasn’t sold yet…I just started panicking and next thing I know I’m a puddle. But Sam is the best and calmed me down and while I’m still having moments, I feel loads better. Nothing wine, a good workout, puppy cuddles and baby kisses can’t fix right? Sorry for unloading but that felt good 🙂

So moving on…have you tried the Pumpkin Cold Brew from Starbucks yet? I have, I’m obsessed, and I slightly wish I never tried it because now I’m throwing all my extra “bucks” (get it) to the mermaid. Oh well, YOLO. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me show you.

2019-09-07 08.43.53 1.jpg

Fall in a cup

Speaking of fall, this week was rainy and cold and I kind of loved it. I need to get some fall clothes real fast before this weather is here to stay.

As the weather changes, all I want to do is drink coffee, journal, online shop, and bake. If I could just do those things all day that would be stellar. Thanks.

Other things from this week…I’ve been trying to get to the willow once a week to go for an 8 ish mile trail run. It is something I really look forward to and I’m kind of sort of training for a race in October. The leaves are already changing and it’s so beautiful out.

2019-09-02 07.22.00 1.jpg

Best Place.

I got some great squat workouts in this week and hit a new PR in my 10 rep back squat. That was really cool and made me feel super strong. #roadto150

I also feel like I didn’t eat as many sweets this week which is cuckoo for me so I’ll probably eat a big bowl of ice cream or a piece of cake or something later tonight since my sugar intake is probably low hehe.

Now I’m hungry.

I’m off to take a salt bath-I got this CBD oil bath bomb thing and I’m super curious as to what it is. I’ll update you next time.

Have a great weekend!



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