Is it Fall?

I LOVE this weather! SO much. I do think it’s a little goofy that the PSL’s and all things pumpkin are out already since it’s technically still fall BUT, it’s here so lets embrace it? OK.

Also, I’m super pumped right now because I got my son down for a nap. I can never get him to sleep so I just cave and let him stay awake. But today, I got him…mwah hahahaha. Sucker.

That gives me about 60 minutes (if I’m lucky) to do laundry, dishes, make some overnight oats as I’m trying to eat better, drink coffee, and catch up on some trashy reality TV. Oofdah. Time is not on my side.

2019-08-30 06.15.46 1.jpg

Patio Baby

So speaking of healthier eating…lately I have not had much of an appetite. I usually have coffee for breakfast, a sub or salad for lunch, and by the time dinner rolls around (usually at 8 PM after the kiddo is asleep), I have no energy to make anything. I typically eat a cookie and call it a night. Not good.

Last week I did make some rice and chicken and that was all I wanted. I tossed it all in a bowl, topped it with cottage cheese and mustard, and devoured that stuff. MMM. Now that’s all I want.

I’m made some protein pancakes this morning (Harry loved them) and am about to mix together some pumpkin overnight oats. Getting back on that meal prep train! Choo Choo.

I’m reading a book about building strength and it talks about how important it is to eat protein before and after a lifting session so I’m also trying to get better at that cuz currently I usually eat nothing before working out and just drink coffee post workout. Grow muscles grow!

So these past two weeks I have had ZERO energy. I have snoozed my alarm and layed in bed an hour past my alarm was set for. All I want to do is snuggle up with Ruthie and hide under the covers. what the heck. I’ve missed about 4 workouts I had planned and that just led me to feeling bad about myself.

So this week I’m vowing to get back to my normal routine. I just feel so much better when I workout first thing in the morning. Today I got up and did the following.

20 minutes: 100 Burpees as fast as possible then…As many rounds as possible…

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 deadlifts

20 air squats

And holy moly that was a fun one. I’m hoping to get in a good trail run/hike tomorrow and go from there. Here’s to being healthy and being good to yourself. I also plan on taking a nice long epsom salt bath tonight. EEE.

2019-08-28 07.18.36 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with preset

So Harry turns 1 this month and I’m really struggling with this. I feel like his first year of life went by so fast. I wish I had more time to spend with him at this age. I know I have 17 years left until he doesn’t need me anymore but I just want to do all the things with him like go to the zoo, the pumpkin patch…you get it. It’s super tough though when Sam and I are usually working weekends now. I feel like we can’t do much as a family and it’s been really hard. I’m probably just being dramatic but I’d love any suggestions on how to balance work/family life. Thanks šŸ™‚

OK, time to go make my oats. Have the best day.





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