I Guess it’s August

Lately, all I want to do is shop. I have about 12 things in my online shopping cart at Gap kids. I have a ball pit and sports center in my Buy Buy Baby cart…and don’t even get me started on my Nordstrom’s cart. Sam would flick me if I purchased any of these items…but there are so many cute things out there for Harry. Yes, for Harry. I’m not even telling you about the things I have in the shopping cart for myself LOL.

Anyone else feel like this? I feel as though I’ve been doing a decent job of saving my cash money over the past couple months but now all I want to do is spend spend spend some more. SLOW YOUR ROLL CHILD. I blame Harry. And coffee. OMG I didn’t even think about getting Ruthie anything either…bad dog mom alert. I mean look at the little princess monkey. Yes, I call  my dog a “princess monkey.” Don’t know why or how that started but it did and she loves it.

2019-07-15 03.41.23 1.jpg

Get your paw out of my cupholder gurrrrrl

OK, moving on.  I just finished a fabulous run at the Long Lake park and feel like a million bucks…sort of hehe. My hamstrings are V tight and I can feel my tilted pelvis having an affect on my ability to run lately. Whatever. Girls gotta get those miles in before the Gopher to Badger half next sat. Yikes. I haven’t done a road race in quite some time and I’m nervous I’m going to have to poop.

You see the nice thing about trail running is that if you happen to have to drop a turd in the middle of your run you can just hop into the trees. I think they’d frown upon that in a road race. Dear bowels, hold yourselves together.

So this is my second time posting this week and I’m like shocked at myself. I’m sitting at this cute little coffee shop in my town that I’ve always wanted to go to but never have. Cheers to trying new things. I just downed an insane mocha and am wired.

Sam and I have been getting our house ready to list and yesterday my parents stopped over and helped us with some stuff. My dad powerwashed the shit out of our siding and it looks great. My mom helped me weed around the house…she’s an angel. Sam worked on finishing the fence, and Ruthie bathed herself in the sun. What a diva girl.

2019-07-30 04.50.49 1.jpg

I found lots of frogs and spiders in here…vom

Our hope is to get our house on the market next week. Part of me is super thrilled but the other part of me is a tad sad. We’ve been here for five years and this house holds so many mems. Our first house. We brought Ruthie home to this house (I’ll never forget her jumping into our bed on her first night with us. She has never left hehe).

Harry was conceived in this house (TMI-whatever), Sam turned 30 in this house…I drove my car into a flood in front of this house…the list goes on. House, I may have complained a lot about you but in actuality, you’ve been a great first house. I love you.

OMG I just realized I have a bag full of groceries in my trunk and should probably get going but I’m so comfy here at this table.

OK fine I’ll go. But here’s a pic of Harry before I do.

2019-07-29 03.16.51 1.jpg

Thanks for tuning in, catch ya next time!


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