I’m Still Here

Hello there. I have the day off today and it’s weird. Figured I’d catch up on some stuff around the house then realized I haven’t blogged in about hmmm 100 days so here we are. All feels right in the world.

I started my day with a GIANT mug of iced coffee then dropped the dog off at day camp so she can play with her besties. Then I zoomed over to the gym to get in a lil  workout. It was cool. I did the following:

12 min AMRAP:

3-5 pullups

10 push ups

15 air squats

20 heavy KB deadlifts…then…

5x 3 pause banded front squats (trying to work on my form so been using bands around my legs…also hello butt burn)

Superset 5×8 heavy backward stepping lunges

FUN. I’ve also been adding in more core work and my core is weak after giving birth 10 month ago. So I do stuff like planks, situps, hip thrusts…you get it. Anyway, going to the gym is finally fun again and I actually look forward to it…most days. Except yesterday hehe.

2019-07-29 08.19.36 1.jpg

Daily ice cream flowing through the veins

Speaking of that…I had no desire to go to the gym yesterday. I just wanted to hang out with my kid and dog. So I got creative. I put harry in a laundry basket, stuff some pillows around him, and began pushing him up and down the living room. My butt, shoulder, and core were on fire and Harry was having a blast. I’m learning to get creative and learning that it’s OK to skip the gym every once in a while 🙂

I’ve also been back to running! Trail running, running in the cities, and pushing Harry in the jogger are all the forms of running I’ve been doing. I can never go as long with the jogger on account of it’s hard. So hard. But it’s something my son and I can do together and I hope it’s teaching him how fun running can be. He and I have some great conversations on our weekly runs together LOL.

So lets chat Harry for a sec. He’s 10 freaking months old. In two months we will have a one year old and I’m not OK with that. These past months have been the best. They’ve also been emotional. Harry got his first head bump bruise (cuz the kid is non-stop) and I cried my eyes out. I also felt like a terrible mom at that point but have gotten over that.

He LOVES playing with any sort of ball…basketball, foam ball, soccer ball. He’s also very talented when it comes to throwing said ball. He enjoys avocado more than anything. I tried feeding him chipotle last week but the chicken was too spicy (another bad mom moment) and he spit it out.

2019-07-28 02.11.45 1.jpg

Kisses from my bebe

He’s great at giving kisses, loves being in the water, loves his sister Ruthie more than anything, and is overall a happy kid. Unless it’s bedtime. Then he’s a turd. But that’s okay. He’s a cute turd. I’m ready for another Harry though…maybe for my 30th birthday? Only time will tell 🙂

Summer has been a blast and Sam has given me every Wednesday off. I take these Wednesday’s as my time to rejuvenate, relax, and get shit done. I usually start with a trail run at the State Park followed by breakfast at Urban Olive and Vine or the MPC Bakery. Then Sam and I usually spend the rest of the day prepping our house as we are getting ready to sell or, on rare occasion, we golf.

My diet lately has been all over the place. Most days I try to eat “healthy-ish.” Been craving grilled chicken like non-other and hamburgers on the grill because summer. Also, a good ole all natural margarita. And this summer I’ve been drinking a lot of beer. I’m not a beer gal but the summer beers of 2019 have been swell. Mango blonde, shandy’s, mango cart…you get it. Also, ice cream. Give. Me. All. The. Ice. Cream. My night always ends with a big bowl of melty ice cream with chocolate chips. Holler.

2019-07-14 07.45.01 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

But in all seriousness, since fall is coming, my goal is to get back on the Sunday meal prep train. Hello overnight oats, instapot goodness, pot roast, soups, YES.

I feel like that is all for today. Harry and I are heading over to Long Lake Park for a run and swing capped off by his very first ice cream experience.

Have a lovely day and end of July!



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