No matter what time of day that damn baby shark song is always in my head. I start singing it out loud and Harry just starts laughing…he’s either laughing at the song or my attempt to sing the song…so I got him some shark PJS to go along with the shark theme in his life. PS tell me you’re not humming along in your head right now…baby shark do do do do do…

2019-06-16 06.44.14 1.jpg

Harry has been a good little boy lately. He recently discovered he can crawl super fast, chase Ruthie, and grab her tail. It’s his most favorite activity and they spend countless hours playing together now.

I have started introducing some human foods like avocado and banana and gave him half of a coffee donut to celebrate Father’s Day. He liked the donut (a boy after my own heart) but was a little unsure of how to eat the banana. I’ll keep trying. I also accidentially gave him a tiny sip of my sour Kool Aid Jammer…lets just say the kid does not have my obsession for sour snacks.

2019-06-16 01.33.57 1.jpg

Father’s Day boys

The one thing Harry still doesn’t like is napping. He won’t take naps during the day. He then sleeps from about 7:30 PM-6 AM so I guess I’ll take that instead. Nutso boy just always on the go.

So lately all I’ve been craving is Summer Shandy (any brand), sour candies, and pickles (I know what you’re thinking…). I guess I need some salt, and sour in my life. I used to hate summer shandy and now I just can’t get enough of it. The perfect summer treat. PS I told Sam yesterday that I’m over donuts…then proceeded to eat 2…He goes…”I thought you were over donuts?” I said, “I lied.”

Last week my sister had her first wedding shower and it was so great. It was lovely to see family, eat good food, and play some fun games. A lot of people hate the games at showers but to me, they are the best part. After the shower we had to make a stop at our favorite ice cream shop, Brick’s. Molly and I both got zebra cones…seriously THEE BEST.

2019-06-13 08.16.09 1.jpg

Ice Cream or bust!

So workouts lately have been ight. I’ve enjoyed doing burpees in the grass, that’s fun. I did a fast lil thing this afternoon and literally had to lay on the floor after on account of I thought I was going to pass out. It involved tread sprints, cleans, and bar facing burpeees and it was a goodie. For some reason, fast-heaving lifting workouts are my jam right now with fast bursts of cardio. Otherwise I find myself getting uber bored.

I also just signed up for the harder n heck half marathon on the Superior Hiking trail. Some new trail shoes came in the mail Saturday so I’m super motivated now 🙂 Also, summer trail running as the sun rises is my jam. Also, toast and jam sounds so good right now. Yes, I’m hungry.

I just realized Harry turns one in about 3 months and might have started crying so I’m off to drink my sorrows away in wine and chocolate. I also turn 30 in about 4 months and am SO excited. I think 30’s are going to be a thrill of a time.

Have a fab night peeps.



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