Raising Cane’s Is My Spirit Animal

I just realized I should change the name of this blog as I’m no longer running with a bump…at least not at the moment LOL.

Speaking of running, I went for a nice 7 mile trail run at the state park this morning after drinking a large mug of iced coffee. Good idea because I was full of energy and made it through the whole run. Bad idea because about 2 miles from the end I had to hop into the woods…nuff said. I only enjoy running while pushing Harry in the jogging stroller OR on the trails now. It’s just too fun.

So life has been chaotic lately and today is my first day off in about 10 days but that’s ok because chaos is cool. So today I’m doing a little work but trying to spend most of the time focusing on the almost 9 month old babe…because I love him and don’t typically get to spend a week day eating lunch with him.

Harry was sick all last week and it just broke my heart. To top it off, the kid got his first tooth. It’s just the cutest until he gives kissed and chomps down on your cheek. Thank goodness I have chubby cheeks.

2019-06-10 06.30.04 1.jpg

Clean baby

He loves bath time and anything involving water. He will just sit in the tub for 20 minutes and splash himself. I think he’s gonna be on the swim team. He also has recently learned that he can stand up and “run” if we hold on to his arms. He crawls a little but mainly wants to be on his feet. He’s always on the go and I’m questioning if me being active during pregnancy has anything to do with this. By bedtime Sam and I are both just wiped. But it’s all good because having a dog and a baby is probably the best part of life.

2019-06-02 03.48.14 1.jpg

I just can’t handle that little face ❤

So back to this morning. After the run, I was very very hungry. One of The Subhouse’s neighbors, Urban Olive and Vine has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been wanting to go there but have been stuffing my face with subs lately. Well, today was the day. I stopped in (it’s so cute), got a matcha latte (first timer here), and the ham and cheese nordic waffle. SO GOOD. SO GOOD. This is going to become a thing I think. YUM.

2019-06-12 09.14.21 1.jpg


Alright so moving on. Workouts. They’ve been much better lately. I think the nicer weather has something to do with it as I’m feeling 100 % more motivated and much less of a downer. I have been doing some outside workouts in the backyard as well as a couple gym workouts. I’m back to my trusty squat program and did 2 sets of 10 at 125 pounds yesterday. Ssssssofun.

I also discovered these fabric resistance band things (no clue what you call them) and did 150 air squats with them one day. Couldn’t walk for 3 days. But they are my new fave thing. You see, I enjoy being sore. It makes me feel like I worked hard and it makes me feel strong. Yep.

2019-06-10 01.54.25 1.jpg

Squats for days

I finally went to the grocery store this week but didn’t buy much because I forgot how to grocery shop for myself. I feel like last week I ate many salads (girl’s gotta get those veggies in), avocado turkey subs, cookies, Chipotle, Raising Cane’s, and clif bars. Get it together Hale and make yourself a real home cooked meal. Argh. PS Raising Cane’s is my spirit animal.

Well, wedding season is upon us and as the MOH in my sister’s wedding, I am so excited to get to accompany her to her bridal showers and throw her a bach party. We will be heading out tomorrow afternoon (probably after a trip to Culver’s) to her first shower with our aunts and cousins. YAY! So happy for her.

Tis all for now. Have a beautiful day.


-One thought-jumbled Hale

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