Back to the Trails

Good morning!

It was a beautiful morning until the sun decided to hide. I got up at 5:30 am this morning because I don’t like running around people. So I wake up early to beat the crowds. Yes, I’m weird. BUT, I was legit the only human running at the State Park this morning. I saw human because I saw lots of deer, turkey, and bunnies on the trail.

I did a nice 6.5 mile run through the woods, prairie, past the waterfall, and up some steep ass hills. And it was the best way to start the day.

2019-05-29 06.05.14 1.jpg

Be one with nature

Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. We had some super nice weather Sunday which meant being outside all day. Sam, myself, and my dad went golfing and it was a blast. I thought we would be in the shade and accidentally forgot my sunscreen. Lets just say I won’t ever do that again.

The weekend also marked the first time Harry went swimming. We put him in his little float and he just hung out, kicked his legs, and smiled. He then proceeded to take a 3 hour nap. Summer, we love you.

2019-05-26 04.11.19 1.jpg

Photo cred: Grandma Dee

Harry also learned how to hold his sippy cup. He’s pretty cool. He told me for his birthday he’d like a car. I said you gotta wait 15 years for that buddy. He said, OK mom.

2019-05-25 09.59.10 1.jpg

Sippy cups and backwards hats

I sort of got back on the workout train again this week. I was doing really good last week and then the weekend hit and all motivation went out the window. I just wanted to drink shandy and sit in the sunshine. So, I put a reminder in my phone for Monday to GET BACK IN TO THE SWEAT game.

I did a workout Monday and ended with some Bulgarian split lunges and my legs are still sore. Like the insides of my legs. Like I can’t walk right. But that’s cool. I also really love squatting lately. It makes me feel super strong. Hoping to start a new squat program next week…my goal is to get to 170 pounds for 3 sets of 2. We will see. Here’s what my planner looks like on a daily basis…most days I follow it to a tee. Some days I cross things out and move them to another day.

2019-05-28 04.10.06 1.jpg

Be accountable

Well, I’m gonna go drink some water, eat a snack, and get myself ready for a day of subs. Have an excellent Wednesday!



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