Life Update #203

Holy cats it’s been a hot minute since I blogged. I love blogging. Blogging is fun. But sometimes life gets busy and you have to make choices. I choose to put blogging on the back burner because some things (Harry, Ruthie, Sam, family, work…etc) are more important. You get it.

2019-05-13 06.01.59 1.jpg

Mom, why you so busy?

But here we are, back at it. Man, how the h is May already half over. I just don’t understand. Ruthie is almost 5. Harry is almost 8 months old. I just cannot handle my two pals getting older. But one thing I can handle is how much they love each other. Harry will be sad and the moment Ruthie walks into the room he just lights up and starts laughing. It’s adorable and melts my heart.

I also just learned that this exact day last year we found out Harry would be a boy. Man, sometimes I miss being pregnant on account of nobody judges you for anything (eating all the ice cream, using your belly as a table, going to bed at 7PM…). I’m so thankful for my little boy every day.

So where to begin. I ran a 10 mile trail run a couple weeks back. I did the same one last year when I was growing a human inside me. I shaved off 32 minutes and felt a ton lighter. Trail running rocks.

I am currently on my couch with Ruth after consuming a ginormous bowl of Chipotle and a Mexican Coke. OK, what is it about Mexican Coke that is SO MUCH BETTER than American coke. IDK but I love it.

I haven’t had much time to meal prep lately and I just for the first time ever, ordered food to be delivered to my house. I feel like a failure for this but I also thoroughly enjoyed not having to pack up Harry to go get myself a meal. I’ve been living on subs, cookies, salads, Key Lime LaCroix, blackberries, and coffee. Healthy? Meh.

I have really been into running over everything lately when it comes to being active. For some reason it’s been incredibly difficult to wake up at my usual 4:30 am to get in a workout. Also, if I don’t do it in the AM, I most likely won’t do it after work…so I’ve pretty much been shooting for 3 gym days a week (girl, work dat booty), 3-4 runs, and 1-2 at home workouts. Sprinkle in many walks with the dog, kid, and hubby, and I’m getting around 20,000 steps a day. I’ll take that as a win!

Oh, also, my sister-in-law/nanny got us a Bob jogging stroller and it’s amazing. I call it the Cadillac of strollers. Anywho…have you ever jogged with a stroller? Talk about a workout. I literally ran a mile and was winded. Harry, on the other hand, LOVED it. I mean I loved it too but it was tough. Next challenge, running with Harry and Ruth LOL. I asked Sam to run with us and he laughed in my face. Okay, I’ll try again next year hehe.

2019-05-04 02.37.54 1.jpg

New best running buddy ❤

In other news, I have to get a root canal. I mean I don’t have to but let me tell you a story. In 8th grade, one day before getting my braces off, I got smoked in the face with a softball. My front tooth bent backwards. Thankfully, the braces kept my tooth from falling out. However, my tooth has been discolored ever since that day.

I went to the dentist 2 weeks ago and they did this test. They blew cool air on my good tooth and instantly I felt it. They blew cool air on Mr. Gray and I could not feel a dang thing. Turns out, he’s dead. He has probably been dead for years. RIP Mr. Gray.

Since that day in 8th grade, I have been super self-conscious about my tooth. I try to smile with my mouth closed because I can tell he’s gray and doesn’t fit it with his roomies. So, my dentist told me they can do a root canal and whiten it to match my others. I’m currently doing 10 days of whitening mouth guards and then I’ll go in for the procedure in June. I’m nervous but hopeful I will be able to smile with my teeth after this 🙂 Sam calls me a celebrity because I’m whitening my teeth. I just smile and suck up the saliva caused by my mouth guards.

OK, to be honest I’m very tired and brushing my teeth sounds like a chore right now. But I’m going to do it then jump into bed.

Have a fun night!



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