I don’t even know my childs age

Am I a bad mom for not knowing how old my kid is in weeks? I was just thinking about this…if you asked me how old Harry is today, I couldn’t tell you on the spot. I know he’s almost 7 months…is that good enough? Hope so!

1969-12-31 06-2.00.00 3.jpg

Hey there little buddy

All I know is that Harry is funny…he obviously got his sense of humor from me 🙂 He is very into putting things in his mouth right now…his feet, his hands, the dogs tail (yes, he tried this and I had to act fast to stop him), his toys, my hair…you get it. He also has the appetite of a 20 year old man lately. He LOVES all baby food. Tonight we tried mango, corn, yellow zucchini and turmeric. He ate the whole thing! Big boy.

He does not like loud noises very much like his grandpa cheering on Tiger at the masters or suddenly entering a room with a lot of people. He also doesn’t like sleeping much…he fights it until he no longer can and passes out in my arms. I don’t mind the snuggles.

My sister came to visit last week and Harry had a blast with her. They played the drums and xylophone, sang, danced, I cried when thinking about Harry being in choir (just the cutest vision in my head), and we played many games of yahtzee (Harry’s fave) and scrabble. FUN.

Other than that pretty much everything else is the same. I have been working a lot as we’re a little short on staff right now and I’m not gonna lie it’s tough. I feel like I’m missing out on so much with my family but I know it will be worth it…right? Any advice on how to get through the tough days as a small business owner would be greatly appreciated. IDK why but I just keep thinking about missing Harry’s first words or steps, or him not knowing I’m his mom (obvi he knows I’m his mom I’m just being dramatic), and I get tears in my eyes. OMG what’s wrong with me!? hahaha.

So workouts have actually been fun again lately. I started a lifting program and finally see some results. I got my back squat up to 130 for 7 reps and almost peed myself. I haven’t lifted that much FOREVER. It felt so cool but the next day my legs were literally like what the hell did you do to me. It’s OK, I actually like being sore because it makes me feel like I did something.

1969-12-31 06-2.00.00 5.jpg

Lift it.

I’ve also been into salads at work as I’m TRYING to cut down on carbs….APRIL FOOLS. Sort of. I am actually trying not to eat as many subs since I was eating like 1 or 2 a day…they are just that good. BUT, our salads rock too. I have been adding a scoop of our curry chicken salad and it’s just nuts. I could eat this every day…with a cookie on da side.

1969-12-31 06-2.00.00 1.jpg


Speaking of cookies, I finally made some homemade cookies Saturday night. I use my mom’s recipe and they are the best. They have both chocolate and butterscotch chips and a shit ton of love baked into them and I make them small so I can eat 4 and not feel like a heifer. I’m contemplating making these at the shop and selling them…maybe I’ll do a test run soon.

1969-12-31 06-2.00.00 2.jpg

Hey cookie.

OK, now I need to get some cookies that I’ve started talking about it. But, it’s lifting day tomorrow so I need the extra carbs. I’ll try to limit myself to 2…who are we kidding, I’m for sure having at least 3.

Have a freaking cool night.

Catch ya on the flipside.


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