It’s 7:30 PM and I just chugged some iced coffee…uh oh, could be a long night. Or not because coffee doesn’t really have an effect on me unless I drink it in the morning. So scratch that I’ll still probably fall asleep at 8:30 PM. Ruthie is currently at my feet chomping on a 3 foot long bully stick…the smell is awful but she’s happy so that’s all that matters.

Can you believe it’s already the 6th of April? I can’t. That’s nuts. Time goes faster every year and I hate that. Can’t we just live in slow motion for a little. Especially with Harry at this age. Gosh, he is the most fun. He’s a little over 6 months old, weighs in at about 28 pounds and is 28 inches long.

He LOVES music. He loves his bouncer. He loves smiling and screeching at a high pitched tone. He enjoys chicken and apple baby food. Or any baby food for that matter. Speaking of baby food, we tried the Aldi brand of baby food. They have great flavors and they are $0.79. Harry liked it so I’ll chalk it up as a win.

1969-12-31 06-1.00.00 6.jpg

Baby Baby Baby fooooood

He can say mama. He still doesn’t sleep through the night but that’s OK because I love snuggling him in the early morning hours…most nights. His hair is a natural mowhawk. He loves taking baths (crossing my fingers he like the swimming pool this summer).

1969-12-31 06-1.00.00 5.jpg

Eating Big Boy biscuits

So, Sam and I are trying to do some updates to our house. Tonight we painted our entire upstairs gray. Except it looks a hint of purple…maybe because we bought silver bullet paint? I think I like painting but I’m not 100% sure. My forearms get really tired. Sam says I push the roller down to hard…I think he’s wrong. Now I just want to keep doing projects.

Moving on. I am back on the motivated workout train…I think. The nice weather makes running outside SO MUCH BETTER. I even got Ruthie out for a run. She is fast…too fast for me.

I also made it to the gym 4 times last week. Cool. I am trying a new lifting program and feel stronger already…I think…well at least my butts been sore since Thursday so that’s cool. I have also been digging this place by work that makes protein shakes. They’re a little spendy so I try to limit myself to one a week but they have a million flavors and they fill me up til lunch. Friday I tried the cherry glazed donut. BOMB.COM.

1969-12-31 06-1.00.00 1.jpg

I live for sprinkles

I still have an addiction to sugar. I eat a cookie a day and this morning when I opened my backpack I had a cookie in one pocket and a brownie in the other. You know what they say…YOLO.

Okay I’m pretty tired so I’m going to get ready for bed. Have a fab night. Chat later.


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