Harry goes to the Zoo

Hello there-

It’s Thursday and I have the day off for a dad and daughter date. My dad and I are heading to the Science Museum this afternoon to catch the National Park movie at the Omni Theater and I am so excited.

This morning started with a glorious run with my pal Katie followed by a delicious latte and bowl of oats from one of my favorites: Cafe Alma. I wrote my Maid of Honor speech for my sister’s wedding and might have teared up a couple times. Get a grip…if I’m already crying I can’t imagine what I’ll be like at the actual wedding. HELP.

Harry got to go to the zoo on Tuesday and loved it. He even got to see his two faves…the bison and the sharks. A man after my own heart. I’m glad he likes animals and the outdoors.

1969-12-31 06.00.00 5.jpg

Baby Shark…doo doo doo doo

1969-12-31 06.00.00 4.jpg


Sam and I had a fun time celebrating Harry’s six month Birthday on Sunday. After a lovely morning coffee, we ventured to a nearby town for a mid-afternoon beverage and snack. I had a coconut water, rum, pomegranate drink that was amazing but probably not worth $12. Sam had a beer and we split this jalapeno bread thing that was delicious. Harry had some formula and was just really enjoying his time sitting like a big boy at the table.

1969-12-31 06.00.00 3.jpg

Fuzzy monkey head

Then we headed to Omni brewing in Maple Grove and really loved that place. The beer was good and cold. There were puppies everywhere which thrilled Harry. I could for sure go back there weekly. And I’m not even a beer person. I think I’m starting to see what all the hullabaloo is about this brewries. They sure are fun.

Other than that, life has been pretty much the same same same. Get up, workout, go to work, drink coffee, eat an occasional sub, drink coffee, come home, snuggle with the fam, go to bed. Repeat. Love it.

The weekend is slowly creeping up and I’m excited to make some baby food, work, and CLEAN the house. OMG it’s so dirty. I can’t wait to wash the floor, organize my closet. and go through all the small baby clothes Harry no longer fit in…I’ll probably cry again. Ugh, I’m so emotional!

1969-12-31 06.00.00 1.jpg

Beady baby

Okay, that’s all I got for today…i’m hyped up on vanilla latte and my mind is going a million miles and hour. Have a lovely day and do something nice for someone đŸ™‚




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