Life Update #301

Guess what? I made it to the gym 3 days in a row. Normally that would be normal for me  but lately I find every excuse not to go. So this is a big deal. I think I have a lot of fuel from all the carbs I’ve been consuming lately. Most people are on a low carb diet…I’m on a high carb diet (last night for dinner I had 2 huge hunks of this amazing chocolate eclair cake my mom made…I just couldn’t stop eating it. I might have had a slice for breakfast too…HELP).

So this morning as much as I wanted to turn off my alarm at 5:20, I got up, put on my hat, and ran to the gym. Once to the gym I got in a nice little workout…I had planned on doing a 15 minute AMRAP but that sounded boring so I shortened it to 10 minutes. Here’s what I did:

7 Heavy Hang Power Cleans

7 Farmer Carry Tall Box Step UPs

7 Pull UPs

21 American Swings

Minute 11: As many backward stepping lunges as possible

Then…4 sets of 8 bulgarian split lunges per leg (THESE SUCK) with weight on back

Superset 4 sets of 8 single leg deadlifts per leg holding weight

YO. Twas a doozy. Hoping this nicer weather will bring some more motivation.

Speaking of nicer weather…it’s getting to be iced coffee season. HOLLA. I make this iced coffee that I could probably drink a pitcher of. It’s extra strong brewed coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and espresso powder.

I’m especially excited for it this summer because last summer when I was growing a human inside me, this was the last thing I wanted. Bring on all the coffee treats.

Moving on to Harry. He’s almost 6 months old and I just can’t believe it. He’s really at a fun age now where he’s starting to react to things, I think he knows his name, he can say mama (at least I think so), he’s almost sitting up, and he has abs of steel. Harry told me he wants a brother for Christmas but I think we’re out of time already to give him that gift. Maybe he’ll get another doggie?

2019-03-17 07.01.40 1.jpg

Those little feet

Harry and I have been staying at my parents once or twice a week because they live about 7 minutes away from the Subhouse. I don’t know why but whenever we stay there I just want to snuggle my little boy so I always sneak him in to the big king size bed with me in the middle of the night. Bad, I know but I put a barrier of pillows around him so he can’t fall off. And he holds my hand the rest of the night. Ugh. I seriously can’t get over his sweetness.

2019-03-17 07.01.38 1.jpg

Baby Shark do do do do

In other news my sister is getting married in 5 months and I have the honor of being her MOH. SCARY. I have to give a speech. I literally start sweating just thinking about this. I am no public speaker. I get really nervous and talk in a really high pitched voice and will probably say something really stupid…like Oh my gosh I think I’m going to pee. I asked her if I could just sing a song instead…she said my voice isn’t good enough for a show in public yet. Maybe I’ll just write a poem? OR do a magic trick? OR do a presentation on how to make a sub?

BUT, I do get to plan her bachlorette party and am so excited for it. I made these cute invitations and am so excited for everything plaid/buffalo check. The theme is lumberlady since my sister is very outdoorsy. I’m thinking a trail mix bar, lots of swimming…maybe we will sleep in the trees or something? I don’t think I’ve ever been in a wedding before so this whole planning thing is all new to me 🙂

OKAY, I better go straighten my bangs and get ready for the day. Sam and I work in the shop all day today and I’m so excited to spend the day with him. He might not be that excited to spend it with me…but I bet he is.

Catch ya later!



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