Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. I love coffee. This morning I spiced mine up with some espresso powder and I really think that was an excellent idea. I will soon be bouncing around the house.

So on Saturday they said we were supposed to get a monster of a snow storm. I kept telling people I thought it was just a conspiracy theory to get people out to the stores to spend money. I mean I went to the grocery store at 9 AM on Friday and it was NUTS. I think it’s all a big plot to stimulate the economy. I mean I was kind of right? They kept saying we would get 10-12 inches…I think we got 3-5. Terrible estimate people.

2019-03-10 06.18.34 1.jpg

The snowbanks are taller than me. Good Bye winter.

Now it’s going to rain the next 5 days…we are in for another wild weather week. Yahoo.

Harry started teething. He wants to put everything in his mouth. He drools non-stop. And he’s not really into eating his baby food right now. I don’t blame the poor kid. My mouth hurts just thinking about teeth popping out of my gums right now. But he’s still mostly his happy, goofy self.

I’m wondering if maybe he’s hanging around Ruthie too much though. He’s starting to pant like a dog sometimes and likes to lick my face. I hope he doesn’t think HE’S a dog. That would be really weird. But funny.

2019-03-10 06.18.32 1.jpg

They LOVE each other

So last week I talked about how I was gaining motivation to get my butt to the gym. This week (yes, it’s only Tuesday) I feel a lot less motivated. I did get to the gym yesterday but barely. I did not want to get out of bed. I blame daylight savings time for my extra sluggishness. Today, I managed a 2.5 mile run outside (FINALLY!!!) but found myself wishing for the end. CMON Hale, get back in it. FOCUS. It’s just so hard to enjoy working out right now. I really just want to go for walks, eat cookies, and de-clutter my house. I feel like I’m nesting again. Is that possible? LOL. NO I’m not pregnant.

I’m rambling again. The caffeine is kickin in. Back to the gym. I really should go right now but I’m so content sitting on the couch watching the news. Then I tell myself I’ll go tonight…that usually turns in to meh I’ll go tomorrow. How do you stay motivated?? Maybe it’s time to switch up the ole routine and try something new? I need to get back on the trails. UGH. I’ll update you next week on how the rest of the week goes.

I also have not made a meal in like 2 months. My mom has been an angel and has been meal prepping for Sam and I. I seriously think I forgot how to make anything but oatmeal and subs. I have been eating a lot of Clif Bars and that’s cool. But I think this week it’s time to get back in the kitchen.

OK, that’s really all that’s going on over here except I have the travel bug and want to go on a road trip. Or to Vegas. I don’t know why but that sounds fun.

Have a great day, be smart, have fun!




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