Da UP yah


My, time flies. Can you believe tomorrow is already March? Bring on Spring, man. I think everyone in the midwest is ready.

So, each February my whole fam takes a trip to Michigan to partake in snowy activities. My brother flies in from New Yawk, my sister and her fiance drive in from Duluth, and my parents and Sam and I head over from the cities area (this year my parents took Harry with them a day early and broke up the drive so he didn’t have to sit in a carseat for 6 hours…how kind).

I always look forward to this family weekend. Since we’re way up in MI, you hardly get cell service. Nobody really looks at their phones, we play loads of Yahtzee and five crowns. My mom makes a ton of amazing food and we just relax and enjoy the company and fire. It’s seriously the best.

This year the snow was insane. It was prime snowshoeing snow. Fluffy and deep. I think we snowshoed every day. The fresh air is the best medicine for the winter blues. Harry even got to snowshoe.

On Saturday afternoon, we took a wooded snowshoe hike through the woods. Everything was going great until I was trekking along and suddenly found myself deep in a hole. I tried pulling my snowshoe out but it was caught under a huge tree branch. I panicked. Luckily Sam and Molly (my sister) were there to calm me down. They helped me remove my shoe and assisted me out of the hole. That was a close call LOL. The only other tragedy that happened over the weekend that scarred me…as I let out a little toot (due to large amounts of baked beans) I accidentally tinkled. I blame Harry for giving me a weak bladder.

Anyway, back to snowshoeing. The whole family took a nice hike up to the ski hill on afternoon. My dad and brother brought along these wine skins full of wine and we enjoyed a toast after all our hard work. I love my family.

2019-02-28 04.04.09 1.jpg

Everyone minus Alison!

I can’t believe the weekend is already over but I am so glad everyone made it home safe. The weather the day we left was v sketchy and there were a couple times I wondered if we’d make it home. Thank goodness Sam is a calm driver 🙂

So, what else is new? Not much. I smell like a sub every day but I don’t mind. I feel so lucky to finally have a job I like going to. Like they say, it’s not work when you like it. Can’t believe we’ve already been in this thing for a month. Thankful for every day of being a small business owner. I also discovered I really enjoy creating new sub recipes. Like this one…peanut butter, and bacon. Next time I’m adding our cran dijon sauce. Don’t knock it til you try it.

2019-02-28 04.04.11 1.jpg

A little sweet, a little salty

Hey guess what!? I got a good workout in today and feel refreshed. I seriously have been in a slump lately. NO motivation. I just want to work and come home and snuggle my babies. I told Sam starting March 1st I’m getting back on the motivation train. I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow hehe. I already have my alarm set for 4:30 and everything. woof. All I have on my mind are Subhouse cookies. Maybe that explains why my face has been itchy and I’ve been getting zits. TMI.

2019-02-20 12.07.36 1.jpg

I have a sugar addiction. HELP.

OK I’m rambling and you’re probably bored. So here’s one word of advice before I go make a real dinner that doesn’t involve deli meat and bread…if you’re wanting to try something new, shit, go for it. I mean what have you got to lose? Maybe a little money? Maybe a little bit of your free time? I swear it’s so worth it. Just give it a shot. At least you’ll know you tried.

That is all. Goodnight.

-Hales the Sub maker

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