Little Life Update

Man, I should change my blog name…because I have not been doing much running lately…more like running from the Subshop to the grocery store to the bank to pick up my child to go home to make dinner to pump to do a speedy at home workout to go to sleep then do it all over again.

Sam and I have officially owned the Subhouse for 3 weeks and it’s been the busiest but most rewarding 3 weeks of my life. I am so glad we took this leap and went for something we’ve always wanted to do. Let me tell you, it hasn’t all been rainbows and kittens. My third day in I broke down and cried to my mom and Sam. I wondered wtf I had gotten myself into. They calmed me down and since that day I’ve been taking it one day at a time.

The staff has been amazing and I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with. Thanks for following our small business journey and for all the support. Sam and I could not do this without you all 🙂

2019-02-17 06.56.35 1.jpg

It’s been a while since my last post on account of the above image. Sam and I now have an almost 5 month old and I cannot believe it. I have never loved anything as much as I love Harry besides my family and Ruthie…and maybe sugar.

He is really turning into a fine young man. He giggles, sucks on his hands non-stop, drools like crazy, enjoys eating peas and oat cereal, is really close to rolling over, has abs of steel due to all the leg lifts he does, and is really close to saying mama.

2019-02-17 06.56.33 1.jpg

Mama’s boy ❤

Here in the midwest we’ve had a crap ton of snow…in preparation for our annual trip to Michigan to snowshoe, we took Harrison out in his brand new sled last week. And he didn’t hate it! He just sat back and took it all in. He sometimes even opened his mouth to let the snowflakes in. Must be weird experiencing snowfall for the first time.


2019-02-17 06.56.31 1.jpg


The whole fam will be heading to the Porcupine Mountains later this week for our family vacation to ski and snowshoe and we are so so so excited for a few days in the wilderness with no phones, lots of wine, and snow.

So, I’ve been eating a ton of subs lately…the other day I even had 2…one for breakfast and one for dinner. I just love them so much. I’ve also been indulging in about a cookie or 2 a day and some fun lattes. HELP.

My motivation to get to the gym has just about flown out the window. I’ve been trying to get there 3 times a week and have been doing some at home workouts just to stay active. I have not been running at all (maybe 3-5 miles a week) but I blame the weather for that. I do get a ton of steps in at work so I count that as excercise hehe.

I’m not even mad about it though because at this point in my life there are far more important things than working out and as long as I can still enjoy a cookie or two and fit in my jeans I’m pretty cool with how things are right now. I’ll start working on my summer body about mid march I think? LOL

OK, I think I need more coffee and a pumpkin bar. I hope you have a lovely Sunday and get to do some fun things!



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