Girls Can Do Pullups, Bro.

Good morning!

Little Hare Bear stayed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house last night so Sam and I could do some house chores/paint/relax on account of a very busy time in our lives currently. Of course when I asked my mom this morning how the little monkey slept she said he slept from 8-3 and 4-7 am. HARRY! He never sleeps that long with us. Must be grandma’s magic touch and grandpa’s rocking skills. They also got him this cool play thing and it sounds like he started scooting around it. My lil bear is so grown up.

2019-01-20 07.38.48 1.jpg

Harry! Read your newspaper!

Harry also had his first taste of oatmeal cereal this week. He was very unsure of the stuff and cried a lot while I tried to spoon feed it to him. That’s OK, I’d probably cry too if I went 4 months just drinking my food then all of a sudden had someone shoving a weird shaped object into my mouth with a new taste. Sam and I will keep trying…he’ll eventually learn that this stuff is good and keeps his belly fuller right?

So it’s currently like 6 below zero or something so I plan on staying inside all day. Ruthie won’t walk when it’s this cold and I don’t blame her. Her little feetsies freeze so she pretty much stays snuggled in the recliner all day. She has daycare tomorrow though so that will get her some exercise and tire her out.

I’m getting better at my latte making skills as well. I learned the key is to fill the milk compartment up all the way because DUH a latte is steamed frothy milk and espresso. I was only putting a little milk in at the beginning and getting baby lattes. Now I’m getting grown up lattes. My next latte adventure is sure to include a lavendar latte.

2019-01-20 07.38.49 1.jpg


I feel like this week my workouts have been shit. I mean that’s not completely true but Sam and I have been so busy with a “project” (I’ll share more late this week) and I’ve been a tad stressed to say the least. I think I made it to the gym like 4 times but have had zero motivation/energy to do much. I do try to get 10,000 steps each day so there’s something.

I also went to the gym yesterday afternoon after consuming a cookie for energy and was feeling pretty good. I was doing some “kipping” pull ups when right during the middle of my workout some guy stopped me. He said “are you ‘trying’ to do kipping pull ups?” Right away my mood soured. Trying? No sir, I am doing.

He continued to lecture me on how kipping pull ups can tear all the ligaments in your shoulder blah blah blah. He said he’s done a lot of reading on them and that I should stick to pull ups with straps. OK. Thanks. How do you know I can’t do pull ups without straps first off. Second off, I’ve been doing kipping pull ups for years and am pretty sure all my shoulder ligaments are still in tact. Thirdly, I am not critiquing you on your workout (bicep curls do nothing for you so no I will not take your advice) so please let me do mine. I don’t know why but I got super upset at this encounter. Of course my mind immediately thought…”it’s because I’m a girl isn’t it?” Girls aren’t supposed to do pullups. B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

He kept trying to talk to me while I continued pushing through my workout and ignored him. Thanks for the concern but I’m fine.

Phew I can feel myself getting heated again. This is why I workout at 4:30 am because no one talks to you or interrupts you or gives you un-asked for advice.

So yes, on top of my already stressful week, this man made me feel not great about myself. So I did some sprints on the treadmill, went home, took a bath, then ate a large ice cream sundae topped with a brownie.

So lets talk about stress. It’s a nasty thing. I can always tell when I am stressed because I start getting zits, I get these nasty headaches between my eyeballs, I crave fast food/sugar, and I feel like I got run over by a large school bus.

This time around I know I’m really stressed because my typical daily bowel movements have ceased to exist since Thursday. That can really mess a girl up ya know. Now on top of having zits (I used to pop them but then realized how disgusting that is) I feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Yes. I’m stressed. But it’s all for good reasons. And I’m trying to keep it under control by writing down my stresses, making lists on how to complete each task in front of me, taking baths, drinking lots of water (and the occasional sweet treat), and talking things through with Sam. I also have to remind myself to take deep breaths and know that everything is going to work itself out in the end. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Relax. You got this girl.

Looking at pictures of Harry and Ruthie also release some of these stresses because they are pretty much my reason for everything. And Sam šŸ™‚

Okay, busy week ahead so I’m going to pick up Harry, do some meal prep with my mom, get a good workout in without any unwanted advice, snuggle my dog, maybe eat some Raising Cane’s, go to bed early, and wake up energized and ready to take on the world.

Happy Sunday my friends. Do something cool today.


-One Stressed but excited Hale

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