3 Sleeps Til Santa Comes

Here we are…the last few days of 2018. Let me tell you, this year was great. It went way to fast but that’s to be expected now a days. See, I thought not having to work for 3 months/ having a schedule would make time slow down…ehhhhhh wrong. I feel like these last 3 months flew by even faster than the previous 9!

This was my last week on maternity leave so I made some donuts to lift my spirits. I’m not a huge fan of drinking egg nog (so thick, ewwwww) but I like it in my baked goods. Egg nog pancakes, egg nog rolls….egg nog donuts. Yes plz. I took a basic baked donut recipe and added egg nog into the batter.

2018-12-22 07.59.18 1.jpg


I added sprinkles before baking them because I was feeling extra festive. Sprinkles make everything better.

After baking I made a glaze and added egg nog to the powder sugar instead of milk. I also added a little (or a lot) of rum extract. Next time I’ll use real rum but I actually really liked the flavor of these donuts. Baked donuts seem to get pretty dense but these were def the best ones I’ve made yet. Next up, a fried yeast donut. Ow Ow.

I also got some good workouts in this week and am feeling sore to very sore. It feels good though and I’m finally back to my pre-baby weight. That actually shocks me on account of I feel like my sugar consumption has sky-rocketed. Just a few more days of indulging until it’s time to cut back on the sugary treats a bit…maybe 🙂

Back to the workouts. I’m a huge fan of planning out all my workouts Sunday and writing them down in my planner so I know what I’m going to do for the week/when my rest days will be. This week I got in a super nice run at the State Park (4 miles) and some fun workouts at the gym. One of my faves was the following…

EMOM for 6 min

Do 7 heavy thrusters

Then, as fast as possible


Squat Throws


Followed by 15 minutes on the tread of:

30 seconds sprint as fast as possible

90 second recover at 6 mph

Yowza that was a spicy one. Loved it.

The rest of the weekend is going to be spent setting goals for 2019, watching Elf, drinking hot chocolate, getting all the fam snuggles in, going for a run, eating cookies, driving around to look at Christmas lights, and setting out my work clothes so I don’t show up in leggings and a sweatshirt since that’s been my attire for the last 13 weeks.

PS Harry is getting so big and he’s really using his hands lately. He has started grabbing things and loves to touch different textures. He even started petting Ruthie and it was the sweetest thing.

2018-12-22 07.59.22 1.jpg

Sweet monkeys ❤

2018-12-22 07.59.08 1.jpg

Har Bear

Alright peeps, enjoy your weekend. I hope you get a few days off to enjoy Christmas with your loved ones.

Until next time,

-xo, Hales

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