Donut Girl

Oh hi. I just ate 2 donuts (and a salad duh) and am so happy. I love donuts so much and haven’t had any for a long time so today I decided to treat Harry and myself to a field trip to one of my favorite shops in the Twin Cities.

2018-12-05 10.40.13 1.jpg

Don’t mess with the Mojo

Harry and I hit up Mojo Monkey this morning and I may gone a little overboard on the donuts but YOLO because like I said last post, I’m enjoying the rest of 2018. There were so many festive donuts to pick from I wanted more but decided not to be selfish. I chose 4 apple cider donut holes (they gave me a free one!), 2 maple cruellers, a creme brulee (chosen by the head baker), and a bismark.

2018-12-05 10.40.10 1.jpg

Donut ask me to share

Not gonna lie, I popped 2 donut holes in my mouth once I reached the car and they were delicious. I also ate the bismark and one maple crueller…whoops. At least I saved a couple for Sam hehe.

Harry and I also made a stop at Cafe Astoria. I have had this place on my coffee shop list for a while and decided to make the stop today since we were already so close. It was a super cute little cafe and I went with Leah’s Happy Place for my beverage. It was a matcha, lavendar, and pistachio drink and it was amazing. I drank it way to fast but whatever. I’d def go back. Also, it was only $4.75 for a schmedium which is cheaper than Starbucks. I’m in.

2018-12-05 10.40.15 1.jpg

Leah’s Happy Place

Over the weekend we got our Christmas tree and it was very exciting. Sam said we could get a real tree this year for Harry’s first Christmas and it smells so good in our house. Let me tell you though, taking care of a baby AND a Christmas tree is tough work. You can’t forget to water that darn tree or it will get v dry (like my skin currently) and die. Yikes.

Harry likes the lights on the tree. He also likes Christmas music 🙂

2018-12-05 06.55.00 1.jpg

Hare Bear and a Tree

Harry also recently discovered how to grab on to things and it’s adorable. He loves holding my fingers and his toy dog. I try to make him pet Ruthie but he’s not super into that yet. He also likes to smile, make sad faces, poop, eat, and lay in his tee-pee. Ah the life. Enjoy it little dude.

2018-12-05 10.40.17 1.jpg

My Sweet Monkey Boy

Now excuse me while I go paint my right hand nails. I started painting them this morning and only had time for the left. I for sure will smudge them and probs end up just removing all the polish because I’m not patient enough to let them dry all the way.

Hope you’re having a fab week. Catch ya later gators.

PS Stay tuned for a fun workout post tomorrow 🙂



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