2 Months

Hello and happy Monday. Can I say that? Happy Monday? I hope your Monday is happy.

Our morning started with Harry’s 2 month check up which meant…SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS. He got weighed (11 lbs 1 oz) and measured (24.5 inches) and I’m thrilled to know he is growing. He is in the 96th percent for height but a little behind on weight still but they aren’t worried. Looks like he’s a string bean just like his dad.

2018-11-26 08.24.43 1.jpg

My burrito babe

He did so well with his shots. He screamed for about 10 seconds making me get teary-eyed but then he stopped and was even smiley after the shots were done. I love this little boy so much and never knew my heart could grow so much each day.

So, Harry had his first overnight experience over the weekend. Gramma Dee and Papa Fletch watched him so Sam and I could get some rest and go on a date. It was so weird not to have the baby but we enjoyed each other’s company fully 🙂 Our night wasn’t too crazy…we went and looked at Christmas trees (didn’t get one because we took my little car hehe) then we went for beers and an app at the Tavern. Pretzels and mustard will always be my #1. I had 2 mich golden lights and they tasted like golend water…I know, real exciting.

2018-11-26 08.24.41 1.jpg

Pretzel and mustard

After our snack we started watching The Haunting of Hill House or whatever but I fell asleep about 30 minutes in. Real exciting night. It felt super strange to get 8 hours of sleep but I’m v grateful and feel refreshed.

Sunday morning I went to pick Hare Bear up then made some Christmas Sugar cookies with my mom because it’s that time of year. Since I only have a month left of leave, I’m trying to do all the XMAS things now to enjoy every moment of the season.

2018-11-26 08.24.40 1.jpg


I made a December bucket list that includes driving around to look at Christmas lights, decorate the tree, make Christmas cookies (check), and drink hot chocolate. Sam made fun of me for this one. Tis the season to eat all the cookies and drink all the drinks eh?

Oh, I almost forgot. On Friday my family went to the Chanhassen Dinner theater to see Holiday Inn and it was such a fun time. I’d highly recommend the dinner theater. The food was good and the show was so much fun. Great way to kick off the holiday season.

Now today, Harry and I are just going to chill. I might get out our fake baby xmas tree and put it up in his room or my room…I can’t decide. I’m also going to try out my new INSTA POT! YAY. I’ll post more on that another day.

It’s snowing so I’m going to get a gingerbread latte from Starbucks and be all Christmassy today.

Really wishing you a fantastic Monday and a joyous week.


-Hales and Hare


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