Friday Fun

Goooooood Morning. I’ve been up since 5 AM due to a hangry baby but that’s OK because I had a free drink from Caribou for my birthday and am feeling pumped for the day. Sam also let me go to the gym this morning and it felt so good…even if it wasn’t the most intense workout ever, it felt SO good to get out and move. I’m easing back into it and have done a few 10 minute workouts at home while the monkeys (Ruthie and Harry) sleep. Here’s a snapshot of what I did (used very light weight, don’t worry):

2018-10-19 07.34.43 1.jpg

I can’t believe it’s already Friday. Harry and I have our follow-up appointment with the lactation specialist this morning and I’m feeling very optimistic. His cheeks look chubbier to me and he’s been waking himself up to feed instead of me waking him up. After our visit Monday, he was up to a whopping 8 lbs 4 oz and they said they wanted him to gain an ounce a day so I’m really hoping he has. I feel like all I’ve been doing is feeding the little piranha so I’m hoping for good news on his weight.

2018-10-19 07.30.24 1.jpg

Ruthie always needs to be touching 

Sam is on MEA break from school right now and it’s so fun to watch him with Harry. He even taught me the proper way to swaddle him after watching a video on it. He’s such a good dad and it makes my heart hurt to see them together. He’s the goofiest dad and makes me laugh (harry too except he doesn’t show that yet).

2018-10-19 07.30.27 1.jpg

Just over here wearing the feeding pillow as a hat…

Other things keeping me sane this week:

A hike with Ruthie at the State Park (Thanks Grandma Lynn for watching Harry!)

2018-10-19 07.30.29 1.jpg

It’s been a while

Costco jumbo muffins (the pumpkin ones…2 packs for $7.99)


Ruthie Snuggles

Fall scented candles

Stress relief lotion from Bath & Body

Alright, off to the doc! Toodles!



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