Third Tri Road Trip

I’m sitting on the front stoop as I reminisce (I can never spell that word) about last weekend’s road trip. You see, as a child, my family and I would travel to South Dakota every Labor Day weekend to see the Badlands, Mouth Rushmore, and the bison. Back in March, my sister and I planned to do this same trip and we picked August because I probs won’t want to do much besides eat ice cream and sit on the couch next month. My lovely parents came with too so we packed the 4 of us into their Suburban and made the 9+ trip out west last Thursday morning.

First off, I love road trips. My mom got us all Yeti’s for the trip and they rock. My dad controlled the music and we really enjoyed the Roadtrip channel on Sirius XM. Perkins was our first stop of course where we shared a cinnamon roll as a starter. I went with the banana blueberry pancakes and ate every last bit.

2018-08-15 06.37.33 2.jpg

Bumpin with dad outside Perkins!

After breakfast we hit the road again and made stops about every 2 hours because my bladder couldn’t handle much more than that. We arrived in South Dakota around 3PM Thursday and checked into our first cabin right in the Badlands (PS I never knew the Badlands were a National Park!). Let me tell you, the Bandlands always take my breath away even though I’ve seen them many times. After checking in, we unpacked, relaxed on the porch, then hit up the lodge for a yummy dinner of bison burger. Yes, I think it’s weird that my favorite animal also happens to be my favorite food. Oh well.

Everyone was pretty tired so we hit the hay nice and early. My sister and I woke up before sunrise to take a gorgi sunrise run to a really nice overlook. How romantical. Then we did a nice 40 minute hike through the Badlands before heading back to the lodge for breakfast and coffee. I love breakfast. I love road trips. I love bison.

2018-08-15 06.37.32 1.jpg

Badlands at Sunrise

After packing up our cabin, we made our next stop at Wall Drug. Yes, Wall Drug is an odd place but I feel like you have to make the stop if you are in the area. It’s a good place to buy crappy souvenirs except I did find a bison crossing sign for Baby Wakey’s nursery! PUMPED.

We left Wall Drug with and ice cream cone and all was well in the world. Our next stop was one of the best places ever. The Mount Rushmore KOA. It seriously is so nice there. There’s heated swimming pools, Basketball Courts, restaurants, ice cream, a pancake breakfast….sounds like a bowl full of fun if you ask me. It’s also about a 10 minute drive up to Mount Rushmore from the KOA. I just love it there.

After a delicious dinner of beef short ribs, we made our way up to Mount Rushmore to check on the President’s. Yeah, it’s still pretty cool to see those faces carved in the rock. Another must stop if you’re ever in the area.

That night we played 5 Crowns then fell fast asleep in our little camper cabin (NO AC but we survived!). Moll and I again woke up and took a nice little run around the KOA before heading to the all you can eat pancake breakfast. All of us could only fit our 3 pancakes and didn’t get to go back for seconds. BOO. But those pancakes…yum. So fluffy.

The rest of the afternoon was spent driving the Needles highway and through Custer State Park. This is where the Bison live! I was getting a little sad because we were almost to the end of the park when we turned a corner and holy shit there were probably at least 100 bison roaming the land. It was insane. They were blocking the streets, in the water…one even rubbed the side of the car. LIFE MADE.

That night we were staying at one of the coolest places ever…Sylvan Lake. Our cabin was right on the edge of a cliff and overlooking the mountains (I call them mountains…I guess they’re hills). It seriously is unreal the location of this place. The resort has a lake where you can rent kayaks (apparently we missed the cutoff for that though), and a fantastic restaurant. For dinner, we ate on the restaurant’s patio and it was glorious. Everyone had adult beverages but since I’m carrying a child, I ordered a chocolate milk. Best decision ever. It was like homemade chocolate milk. Topped with mass amounts of whipped cream. And a cherry. I could cry thinking about the beauty of that milk. I also must LOL at the fact that the children next to us who ordered chocolate milk did not get their’s in a fancy glass with whipped cream and a cherry…perks of being prego.

Dinner was amazing. Our appetizer of mango curry shirmps was devine. My bison stroganoff was one of the best things I’ve ever had. And to top it off, the apple pie was so good. Ugh, great last night!

2018-08-15 06.37.26 1.jpg

View from our cabin

After sitting by the fire for a while, I went to bed nice and early because I’m sleeping for 2. Sunday morning we woke up and were on the road by 6 AM to head back home. Oh, and we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast. I had an Egg McMuffin. I haven’t had an egg McMuff in years and it was just the icing on the cake to a fun trip.

It was a blast and I’m so glad my future son was along for the trip. Thanks mom and dad for the food, fun, and matching hats!

I leave you with a pic of my belly shelf. It’s the perfect size for the remote, a phone, or even my glass of water. How convenient.

2018-08-15 06.37.33 1.jpg

Belly Shelfie

2 more days til the weekend peeps. I’ll update you on week 33 later because I’m too tired right now.



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