Week 31

HOLY MOLY. 8 weeks to go…this is INSANE. I feel like there is still so much to do to get ready for this little guy (maybe get some more diapers? LOL) but Sam and I are getting more and more excited each day.

I had my 31 week Dr. Appt Friday and everything seems great. She did tell me to find a Pediatrician which I hadn’t even thought about yet. So my task this week is to find a few nearby and do some research. I’m not super picky, I just want my baby to be in good hands. The baby’s heartbeat was solid (YAY!) and he’s been moving like a dancing machine. They did freak me out a little with all this pre-term labor talk, but I’m pretty sure I’ll know what it feels like when I start going into labor right?

2018-08-04 05.52.12 1.jpg

31 weeks of bumps

This week was pretty swell. I actually felt better than the previous week. I do feel like one day my appetite is very small and the next day I’m ravenous for any and everything. Cravings this week have ranged from melon and egg breakfast sandwiches to pizza to chocolate cake. YUM. I am trying to eat as healthfully (is that a word?) as possible but I did manage to fit in a Butterfinger Blizzard, slice of cheesecake, hamburger, and pizza with sauerkraut this week. All good things happen in moderation people!

As far a workouts go, they were actually pretty fun this week. I got in a couple nice runs  (getting harder as the days go by but hoping to run for a couple more weeks) and some good walks with lil Ruthie. I did 3 workouts at Anytime which involved some wall balls, swings, step-ups, rows, 400m runs, and a few other things to keep it interesting. The 4:30 am ladies refer to me as the “Anytime Fitness Baby” which gives me a good chuckle.

So this week, I had a mini breakdown to Sam (I’M SORRY!). I was stressing about all the things we still need to do such as paint the nursery, put up the wall decals, decorate, find daycare, wash the sheets, clean the bathroom, vacuum the house, blah, blah, blah. I made a list and sent it to him. He’s the best and did most of the house chores before I got home from work Thursday. Then he helped me put up the wall decals.

It was SO easy. Sometimes I just stress myself out when really, there’s nothing to be stressed out about. Back to the decals. You literally tape them on the wall, remove the backing, and rub them on with this little scrapey tool. I think Sam and I really bonded over this project 🙂

2018-08-05 06.15.56 1.jpg

Cacti wall

If you didn’t know, I have had an obsession with Bison and the southwest stuff since I was a wee one. I blame my parents for taking us to South Dakota every Labor Day and driving us past the roaming herds. So when we started thinking about baby rooms, I instantly knew it had to be bison/southwest theme (Sam wanted MN wild but I said no…sorry sir). It just so happens that right now everyone must be obsessed with this theme because there are bison and cacti in every store. Trendsetter. Anywho, my sister came this weekend to help me paint and decorate. My design sense sucksssssss so I am very grateful for some help as I wanted this room to be extra special.

Molly and I spent Friday night painting the wall behind the crib a nice dark green (my other options were turquoise, or a bright green which after looking at, were just too much. Plus I like dark colors). Saturday morning we did some touch-ups and called it a life on the painting. PS painting is fun too but beware, your hand might start cramping. Also, shout out to Pittsburgh Paint for going on so smooth and looking luxurious.

The rest of Saturday was spent shopping, getting decor, and organizing the room (yeah, I was exhausted by the evening). I really wanted one of those cube organizers from Target instead of a book shelf because I thought we could do more with it (like store books & toys…genius). At our first Target stop we found what we thought to be the perfect cube organizer when really it was basically made for ants. It was so tiny (made for holding shoes) so my sister returned it and got the one of my dreams.

2018-08-04 05.52.08 2.jpg


I am so in love with this room. I hope baby boy likes it as much as his mom. All that’s needed now is a great bison photo for the wall and I think we’ll call it good. Perfect timing actually because my parents, sister and I are taking a trip to yes…South Dakota next week. I’ll be on  the lookout for all things bison.

Lastly, some cute pics of our dogs who behaved SO well this weekend.

2018-08-04 05.52.10 1.jpg

Sleepy Puppers

2018-08-05 06.15.55 1.jpg

Ted and Ruth…the Best of Friends

Have a splendid Sunday. Toodles!


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