Week 29

Goooood Morning. This morning I woke up at 5:20 and was feeling pretty good so I ran to the gym and did a fast lil 20 minute workout. It was actually pretty busy…there were 3 other people there! After the run back home I was pretty ravenous so I made a large bowl of oatmeal and topped it with some pumpkin and frozen blueberries. YUM.

Speaking of blueberries, last weekend Sam and I picked some. There was this cute little blueberry farm (patch?) in Stillwater, MN and the bluebs were loaded. It was very warm while picking but I knew we were getting ice cream after so the heat was totes fine.

Sam and I picked about 2 pounds of berries from just 2 bushes! They were loaded and so tasty. I froze a bunch and made some pumpkin-oatmeal-blueberry pancakes for the week. Yes, I’ll admit, I ate 12 pancakes last week.

2018-07-21 07.17.16 1.jpg

Ruthie doesn’t even like blueberries

Also, I decided if I ever get another dog, I’m naming it Blueberry.

After the picking we hit up Nelson’s in Stillwater. You better come with an appetite or extra cup or something when you visit here because the serving sizes are insane. I got a kiddie size and Sam got a small. Neither of us finished our cream in one sitting. I chose Monster Cookie and Raspberry Truffle (FAVE), and Sam went with Cotton Candy.

2018-07-21 07.17.17 1.jpg

Kiddie Size

Sam also took the doors off his Jeep last weekend so we cruised around in that for a while. I told him I felt so cool riding doorless. It was also super odd getting out and not having a door to slam shut. Ruthie loved the no door thing too. No, we did not let her ride in it that way but anytime we went outside she’d just hop right in and chill in the driver seat.

2018-07-21 07.17.14 1.jpg

The Green Machine

So, I had another Dr. appt yesterday and everything is going swell. These checkups take about 15 minutes and they just make sure everything is normal. I still feel pretty darn good except I found out it’s getting harder to tie my shoes now. I also got a ton of sleep last week which was a real treat but I feel like I get tired way faster now-a-days. Good excuse to catch up on Very Cavillari.

Cravings are STILL salty. This week it was chips…I’m not usually a huge chip girl so this was kind of fun. And salads. I’ve really wanted salads. My appetite has decreased a little which is kind of annoying because I love food but I’m sure it will come back soon.

Sam made the most amazing dinner this week. He called it tacos on a stick…I call it kebabs. They had steak, pepper, avocado, tortilla strips, and corn on the cob. He even marinated the steak. THEY ROCKED. It was probs one of my favorite things he’s ever made.

2018-07-21 07.17.11 1.jpg

Belly want Kebab

PS grilled avocado is tasty.

Being active this week seemed to be a little bit of a struggle but I’m kind of in the “I don’t care as long as I go for a walk every day” mind set right now. I made it to the gym 3 times and did a fun at home workout. I also did another 7 mile hike/run at the State Park Sunday but found myself hiking more than running this time. That was 100% A-OK with me. I think part of it was I had a side ache because I had to poo but didn’t want to jump into the woods on account of the mosquitoes were horrid.

My mom and I also went for a nice 3 mile hike yesterday with the dog. It was a little humid so I got kind of tired by the end. So did Ruth.

2018-07-21 07.17.13 1.jpg

All Naturale

That’s about all that’s new for last week. I did order another Stitch Fix so I’m hoping there’s a lot of fun items in there.

Today, one of my best gal pals is getting married so I’m planning on taking a nap later so I can celebrate past 8 PM. SO EXCITED! Then Sam and I are hitting the road tomorrow to celebrate our “baby-moon” near the Apostle Islands. Also can’t wait.

Enjoy your weekend! Do something exciting!



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